alternate readings (C. Stirling Bartholomew)

εν εφέσω (Mike Aubrey)

Ancient Hebrew Poetry (John Hobbins)

Aristotle’s Feminist Subject (Kurk Gayle)

BBB+ (non-translation comments on BBB posts)

Better Better Bibles Blog (Kurk Gayle)

The Bible Hunter

BLT — Bible * Literature * Translation (Theophrastus et. al)

Bob’s Log (Bob MacDonald)

CEB Blog (Paul Franklyn)

ESV Bible Blog

ESV Study Bible Blog

Evangelical Textual Criticism

Exegete77 (Rich Shields)

Gentle Wisdom (Peter Kirk)

God Didn’t Say That: Bible Translations and Mistranslations (Joel Hoffman)

Jerusalem Perspective


Kouya Chronicle (Eddie Arthur)

Lingamish (David Ker)

Mind Your Language: Never Mind the Tagmemics (Kurk Gayle)

New Living Translation Blog

NT Discourse (Steve Runge)

NT Gateway (Mark Goodacre)

NT Resources Blog (Rodney Decker)

Parchment and Pen

Participatory Bible Study Blog (Henry Neufeld) (Rick Brannan)

Perspectives in Translation

ricoblog (Rick Brannan)

SansBlogue (Tim Bulkeley)

Suzanne’s Bookshelf (Suzanne McCarthy)

The Voice of Stefan

This Lamp (Rick Mansfield)

Threads from Henry’s Web (Henry Neufeld)

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  1. Gordon Clason
    Posted August 7, 2012 at 7:09 am | Permalink

    Question: didn’t early Greek manuscripts eschew spaces between words? How do we know that 2 Timothy 3:16 says “pasa graphe theopneustos” instead of “pasa graphe theo pneustos”? That last one would make the English translation something like “God inflates every writing”.

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