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By training, I’m a Software Engineer.

By profession, I’m a Data Security Consultant currently working for one of the “Blues” in the health insurance industry.

By heart, I’m an amateur linguist who seeks, with the undeserved gifts God has so kindly given, to improve Bible translations. More than anything else I want Bible translations, when coupled with the humble attitude of those translating as well as those reading, to incarnate the Spirit of God into the lives of his people.

By family, I’m the happy husband of a wonderful wife, and the proud father of 6 children who span ages from learning obedience to old enough to live out their obedience.

May God be gracious to us all.

Being paid with what you got coming

Being paid is a good thing, right? Maybe. Depends what you’re paid with. Being given your just reward is generally not a pleasant thing. In an American idiom, “getting what you got coming” is not necessarily a good thing, either. Generally, the expression is rather negative and results in discomfort for the one given the…well…the […]

Some Drum Rolls are Bigger

On December 27th, 2004 we noticed something big.  It was an explosion.  A big explosion. It was 50,000 light years away.  Our Ionosphere reacted to it (it had happened a bit earlier, of course).  If you were looking at the right place at the right time, it was as bright as a full moon.  If […]

Little drum rolls

Katy Payne was standing in the Metro Washington Park Zoo in Portland, Oregon in 1984, watching the elephants.  She’s a Bioacoustics researcher, and she noticed something unusual.  Everyone else missed it.  In fact, everyone else always missed it.  Or, if they did notice it, they dismissed it.  ‘Dis’ or just ‘missed’, it was all the […]

“Pray without ceasing”

What’s the best translation for 1 Thessalonians 5:17? Pray without ceasing. Pray continually. Don’t cease praying. Something else? The Greek is, ἀδιαλείπτως προσεύχεσθε. Short. Sweet. To the point. What’s the point? For ἀδιαλείπτως, lexicons have glosses like ‘unintermitting’, ‘incessant’, even ‘continuously’.  ‘Incessant’, in English, means “to continue, seemingly without an interruption.”  Is that what the […]

Worship in spirit and truth–John 4:24 (Addendum).

I had mentioned here in part II I would give my own opinion regarding the real world referent of πνεύματι?  I mentioned I would be short.  O!, well. My reason for going down this pathway is simple:  the phrase “in [s/S]pirit” is not English and so there is no real referent for it.  And, by real […]

Worship in spirit and truth–John 4:24 (part II).

A frequent prayer of mine, for I don’t know how many years, is, “Lord, make me so I worship you in spirit and truth, whatever that might mean.” I know from John 4:24 that God wants that. If I don’t know what the prepositional phrase means, I want to know what it means in my […]

Worship in spirit and truth–John 4:24 (Part I)

Worship in [the] [s/S]pirit and [in] [the] truth. John 4:24. Huh? What does that mean? Don’t think of the Greek behind it. What does that “English” mean? Don’t analyze it, just read it. Doesn’t work does it? Many translations have variations of the above. Some have one or both articles. Some capitalize ‘spirit’. Some provide […]

“Worship the Lord in the beauty of holiness”

My son, age 8, is progressing through a workbook introducing him to Bible truths.  He came and asked me a question, since he was a bit puzzled how to answer the workbook’s question.  The topic in the workbook is “Giving God Glory.”  And it  references Psalm 29:2.  It asked, “What do you think it means […]

Accuracy–what is it?

Accuracy is incredibly important when it comes to Bible translation–I believe it is the most important measure of a successful translation project. But, what does accuracy mean? There are lots of opinions; they are varied and many overlap. So, how to even start the discussion is a discussion in and of itself. I’d like to […]

Chesterton means what he says

On November 25, 1905, in the Illustrated London News, G.K. Chesterton wrote (emphasis mine): I received a letter the other day asking me what I meant by saying that, when we read another man’s statement, we do not read what he says, but only what he means. Of course, this truth is subject to some […]


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