Lindisfarne Gospels 1

This post is dedicated to beauty and ‘exceptional exuberance’. It is also about the first vernacular version of the gospels in English. (This is to give Wayne the heads up that there is a tie-in to translation.) The ‘beauty’ and ‘exuberance’ is to communicate happiness to the dear reader. Fortunately I can spin this one out even longer than Junia, so be prepared for a series of visual delight.

This image is from the Lindisfarne Gospels In the British Library. (Right click on the image and open in its own window to view along with this post.) The commentary on this page notes that it is “of quite exceptional exuberance and complexity, offering all the different elements of Eadfrith’s decorative vocabulary within a single final tour de force.”

A few pages of this manuscript can be viewed at the British Library online gallery* where it is accompanied by this explanation.

    The Lindisfarne Gospels, one of the most magnificent manuscripts of the early Middle Ages, was written and decorated at the end of the 7th century by the monk Eadfrith, who became Bishop of Lindisfarne in 698 and died in 721. Its original leather binding, long since lost, was made by Ethelwald, who succeeded Eadfrith as bishop, and was decorated with jewels and precious metals later in the 8th century by Billfrith the Anchorite. The Latin text of the Gospels is translated word by word in an Old English gloss, the earliest surviving example of the Gospel text in any form of the English language, it was added between the lines in the mid 10th century by Aldred, Provost of Chester-le-Street. Today the manuscript is once again bound in silver and jewels, in covers made in 1852 at the expense of Edward Maltby, Bishop of Durham. The design is based on motifs drawn from the decoration of the manuscript itself.

This page is from the first verse of John’s Gospel and the text is,

    In principio erat Verbum et Verbum erat apud Deum et Deus
    (In the beginning was the word and the word was with God and God)

To make it easier to read, I have broken up the words line by line.


In the upper right hand corner is the yellow inscription ‘Johannis aquila’ (John eagle.) Below that in red is written ‘incipit evangelium secundum Johannis’ (begins the gospel according to John.) I will post about the nomina sacra (abbreviations), the symbols preceding and following ‘Johannis aquila’ and several other features of the script in future posts.

As best as I can see, the interlinear Anglo-Saxon gloss for this page reads as follows,

    in prima fryma vaes uord & uord that is godes sunu vaes mid god fader

Even though this is basically a literal word for word interlinear gloss, one can see already that interpretation is represented. In addition to the interlinear gloss there are also notes in the margin of many pages.

It is also interesting to note that the spelling of the Anglo-Saxon text is not constant. ‘Word’ is spelled as uord here and word elsewhere in the text.

In the initial letters of this page animal ornament alternates with knotwork, and this is the only page of script in the Lindisfarne gospels in which the face of a human is woven into the lettering.

Notes: *There is a fancy little shockwave pageturner version here with a magnifying glass feature. However, I find the static images far more accessible as the whole page can be viewed full size at one time.

** My Anglo-Saxon is not very good so please feel free to correct my transcription. I cannot find a copy of the Anglo-Saxon text on the internet.

*** I became familiar with the Lindisfarne Gospels through this book by Janet Backhouse which I acquired many years ago. A glance at this book makes me suspect that the colours in the internet pages are not always true.


  1. Wayne Leman
    Posted February 28, 2007 at 6:50 am | Permalink

    be prepared for a series of visual delight

    The first course for this meal has been visually delightful, Suzanne. I look forward to your next courses (of course).

  2. Eddie
    Posted February 28, 2007 at 8:45 am | Permalink

    Thanks Suzanne!

    That is my background, my history on those pages. I’m desperately proud of my Northumbrian origins and the Christian heritage of my part of the world. I was named for a Northumbrian Christian king.

    Like many others, I’d love to see the Gospels returned to their homeland rather than being displayed in a foreign city.

  3. Peter Kirk
    Posted February 28, 2007 at 11:47 am | Permalink

    Thanks, Suzanne. I have seen this page in reality in the British Library, and it is magnificent.

    You wrote: “‘Word’ is spelled as uord here and word elsewhere in the text.

    Are you sure? According to “The Alphabet” by David Sacks, “w” was introduced into English only by the Normans, replacing the Anglo-Saxon letter wynn, “ƿ” (not to be confused with the rather similar looking thorn, “þ”). Perhaps the spelling used elsewhere in the text is actually “ƿord”, with wynn.

    Eddie, if London is a foreign city to you, should we send you home from the south as an illegal immigrant? ;-)

  4. anonymous
    Posted February 28, 2007 at 1:53 pm | Permalink


    Introductory matter

    Title page






    Preface V
    Argumentum secundum iohannem: (Lindisfarne MS.) 1
    Notes shewing when certain Lessons are to be read 8
    Euangelium 11
    Appendix: Collation of the Latin texts of the Lindisfarne and Rushworth MSS. 189
    Critical Notes 196


    Title page





    1 [Note: In principio erat uerbum et uerbum erat apud deum. & deus erat uerbum. Hoc erat in principio apud deum. & reliqua. A. In principio erat uerbum, &c. B. ] On FRYMÐ WÆ word & þt word wæs mid gode & god wæs þt word.

    2 þt wæs on fruman mid gode

    3 ealle þing wæron geworhte ðurh hyne & nan þing næs geworht butan him.

    4 þt wæs lïf þe on him geworht wæs. & þt lïf wæs manna leoht

    5 & þt leoht lyht on ðystrum. & þystro þt ne genamon;

    6 Mann wæs fram gode asend. þæs nama wæs iohannes.

    7 ðes cöm to gewitnesse. þt he gewitnesse cyðde be ðam leohte. þt ealle menn þurh hyne gelyfdon;

    8 Næs he leoht. ac þt he gewitnesse forð-bære be þam leohte;

    9 Soð leoht wæs. þt onlyht ælcne cumendne man on þisne middan-eard.

    10 he wæs on middan-earde. & middan-eard wæs geworht þurh hine. & middan-eard hine ne ge-cneow;

    [Page 14]

    11 To his agenum he cöm. & hig hyne ne under-fengon;

    12 Soðlice swa hwylce swa hyne under-fengon. he sealde him änweald þt hi wæron godes bearn þam ðe gelyfað on his naman.

    13 ða ne synt acennede of blodum. ne of flæsces willan. ne of weres willan. ac hig synt of gode acennede;

    14 And þt word wæs flæsc geworden & eardode on üs & we gesawon hys wuldor swylce äncennedes wuldor. of fæder þt wæs ful mid gyfe. & soðfæstnysse;

    15 [Note: Ðys godspel gebyrað þrym wucon ær myddan wyntran on þone frige-dæg. Iesus testimonium. A. ] Iohannes cyþ gewitnesse be him & clypaþ þus cweðende. þes wæs þe ic sæde. Se ðe to cumenne is æfter me. wæs geworden beforan me. forðam he wæs ær þonne ïc;

    16 And of his gefyllednesse we ealle onfengon gyfe for gyfe.

    17 for-þam þe æ wæs geseald þurh moysen. & gyfu; & soþfæstnes is geworden þurh hælend crist.

    18 Ne geseah næfre nan mann god butan se acenneda sunu hit cyðde se is on his fæder bearme

    19 [Note: Ðys gebyrað on þone sunnan-dæg ær myddan wyntra. Miserunt iudei sacerdotes & leuites. A. Miserunt iudei sacerdotes & leuitas ab ierosolimis ad iohannen dicentes tu quis es. B. ] & þt is Iohannes gewitnes; Ða þa iudeas sendon hyra sacerdas & hyra diaconas fram gerusalem to him þt hi axsodon hine & þus cwædon; Hwæt eart þu.

    20 & he cyðde & ne wið-soc & þus cwæð; Ne eom ic na crist;

    [Page 16]

    21 And hig axsodon hine & þus cwædon. eart ðu elïas & he cwæð ne eom ic hit; Ða cwædon hï. eart ðu witega. & he andwyrde & cwæð nïc.

    22 Hig cwædon to him hwæt eart þu þt we andwyrde bringon þam ðe us to þe sendon. hwæt segst þu be þe sylfum;

    23 Hë cwæð. ic eom clypiendes stëfn on westene; Gerihtað drihtnes weg swa se witega isaias cwæð;

    24 And þa þe þær äsende wæron. þa wæron of sundor-halgon.

    25 & hig axsodon hine & cwædon to him. hwi fullast þu. gif þu ne art [cryst]. ne helïgas ne wïtega;

    26 Iohannes him &swarode. ic fullige on wætere. tomiddes eow stöd þe ge ne cunnon.

    27 he is þe æfter me toweard is; Se wæs geworden be-foran me. ne eom ic wyrðe þt ic unbinde his sceo-þwang;

    28 Ðas ðing wæron gewordene on bethanïa begeondan iordanen þær iohannes fullode;

    29 [Note: Ðys gebyrað on þone .viii. dæg godes ætywednysse. Uidit iohannes iesum uenientem ad se & ait. Ecce agnus dei. A. ] Oþre dæg iohannes geseah þone hælend to him cumende & cwæð; Her is godes lämb. her is se þe deð aweg middan-eardes synnæ.

    30 þes is be ðam ic sæde æfter më cymð wer þe me beföran geworden wæs. forðam þe he wæs ær ðonne ic.

    31 & ic hyne nyste. ac ic cöm & fullode on wætere to ðæm þt he wære geswutelud on israhela folce;

    [Page 18]

    32 And Iohannes cyþde gewitnesse cweðende þt ic geseah nyðer-cumendne gäst of heofenum swa swa culfran. & wunode ofer hine.

    33 & ic hine ne cüðe ac se þe me sende to fullianne on wætere. he cwæð to me ofer ðæne þe ðu gesyhst nyðer-stïgendne gast. & ofer hine wuniendne þt is se ðe fyllað on halgum gaste.

    34 & ic geseah & gewitnesse cyðde þt þes is godes sunu;

    35 [Note: Ðys sceal on sancte andreas mæsse-æfen. Stabat iohannes & ex discipulis eius duo. A. Stabat iohannes & ex discipulis eius duo & uidit iesum B. ] Eft oðre dæg stod iohannes & twëgen of his leorning-cnihtum.

    36 & he cwæð þa he geseah þæne hælend gangende hër is godes lämb;

    37 Ða gehyrdon hyne twegen leorning-cnihtas sprecende & fylidon þam hælende.

    38 þa beseah se hælend & geseah hig him fyliende. & cwæð to him hwæt sëce gyt; Hi cwædon to him rabbi þt is gecweden & gereht lareow. hwar eardast ðu.

    39 he cwæþ to him cumað & geseoþ; Hig comon & gesäwon hwar he wunode & mid him wunodon on ðam dæge. hit wæs þa seo teoðe tid;

    40 Andreas simones broþur petrus wæs oþer of þam twam; Þa gehyrdon æt Iohanne & him fyligdon;

    41 Ðes gemette ærost simonem his broðor & cwæð to him. we gemetton messiam þt is gereht crïst.

    [Page 20]

    42 & hig læddon hine to þam hælende; Ða beheold se hælend hyne & cwæþ. þu eart sïmon iönan sunu þu bist genemned cephäs. þt is gereht petrus;

    43 On mergen he wolde faran on galilea. & he gemette philippus. & se hælend cwæð to him fylig me.

    44 Soþlice pHilippvs wæs fram bethzaida andreas ceastre & petres;

    45 philippus gemette nathanael & cwæþ to him. we gemetton ðone hælend iosepes sunu of nazareth. þone wrat moyses & þa witegan on ðære .æ.

    46 & nathanahel cwæð to him. mæg ænig þing godes beon of nazareth; Philippus cwæð to him. cum & geseoh;

    47 Ða geseah se hælend nathanahel to him cumendne & cwæð be him. her is israhelisc wer on ðam nis nan facn;

    48 Ða cwæð nathanahel to him hwanon cuðest ðu me. þa &swarode se hælend & cwæð to him; Ic geseah þe þa þu wære under þam fic-treöwe ærðam þe philippus þe clypode;

    49 Him &swarode þa nathanahel & ðus cwæð. rabbï. þu eart godes sunu. & þu eart israhela cing.

    50 þa cwæð se hælend to him. þu gesyhst mare þonne þis sy. forðam þe ðu gelyfdest; Ða ic cwæð þt ic gesawe þe under þam fïc-treowe.

    [Page 22]

    51 & he sæde him; Soð ic secge eow ge ge-seoð opene heofonas & godes englas üp-stigende; & nyðer-stigende ofer mannes Sunu:


    1 [Note: Ðys godspel sceal on sunnandæg þære oðre wucan ofer epiphania domini. Nuptiæ factæ sunt in chana galileæ. A. Nupcie facte sunt in chana galilee. B. ] On þam þriddan dæge wæron gyfta gewordene on chanaä galileæ. & þæs hælendes modor wæs þær;

    2 Soþlice se hælend & his leorning-cnihtas wæron gelaðode to þam gyfton.

    3 & þa þt wïn geteorude. þa cwæð þæs hælendes modor to him hi nabbað wïn;

    4 Þa cwæþ se hælend to hyre la wïf. hwæt is me & þe. gyt min tima ne com;

    5 Ða cwæð þæs hælendes modor to þam þenum. doð swa hwæt swa he eow secge;

    6 Þær wæron soðlice aset six stænene wæter-fatu æfter iudea geclænsunge. æl[c] wæs on twegra sestra gemete oððe on þreora.

    7 Ða bead se hælend þt hig þa fätu mid wætere gefyldon. & hig gefyldon þa oþ þone brerd.

    8 Ða cwæþ se hælend hlädaþ nü & berað þære drihte ealdre & hi namon.

    9 Ða se drihte ealdor þæs wïnes onbyrigde þe of þam wætere geworden wæs. he nyste hwanon hyt com. þa þenas soðlice wiston þe þt wæter hlödon; Se drihte ealdor clypode þone brydguman

    10 & cwæð to him. ælc man sylþ ærest göd wïn. & þonne hig druncene beoð þt þe wyrse byð; Ðu geheolde þt gode wïn oð þis.

    [Page 24]

    11 Ðis wæs þt forme tacn þe se hælend worhte on chanaä galileæ & geswutelode his wuldor. & his leorning-cnihtas gelÿfdon on hine;

    12 [Note: Ðys godspel gebyrað on þære feorðan wucan ynnan lengtene on monan-dæg. A. ] [Æ]fter þyson he & hys modor & his gebroðru & his leorning-cnihtas foron to capharnaüm & wunedon þar feawa daga;

    13 [Note: Prope erat pascha iudeorum. A. ] And hit wæs neah iudea eastron & se hælend for to ierusalem

    14 & gemette on þam temple þa ðe sealdon oxsan & scëap. & culfran. & sittende myneteras.

    15 & he worhte swïpan of strengon. & hig ealle of ðam temple adräf ge sceap. ge oxsan. [Note: From & he agëat to awriten is (v. 17) is in a different hand, over an erasure. ] & he agëat þära mÿnetera fëoh & towëarp hyra mysan;

    16 & sæde þam þe ða culfran cypton. doð þas þing heonon. ne wyrce ge. mines feder hus to mängung-huse;

    17 Þa gemundon his leorning-cnihtas þt ðe awriten is. þïnes huses anda me et;

    18 Ða &swaredon him þa iudeas. & cwædon hwylc tacn æt-ywst þu üs forðam þe þu ðas ðing dest;

    19 Se hælend him &swarude & cwæð. to-wurpaþ þis tempel. & ic hït arære binnan þrim dägon;

    20 Ða iudeas cwædon to him. þis tempel wæs getimbrod on six & feowertigon wïntron & ä-rærst þü hit on þrym dagon;

    21 Soðlice he hyt cwæð be hys lichaman temple;

    [Page 26]

    22 Ða he of deaðe aräs þa gemundon his leorning-cnihtas þt he hit be him sylfum [quoth]ð. And hi gelyfdon halegum gewrite & þære spræce þe se hælend spræc.

    23 ða he wæs on ierusalem on eastron on freols-dæge manega gelyfdon on his naman. þa hi gesawon ða tacna þe he worhte;

    24 Se hælend. ne geswutelode hine sylfne him for-ðam he cuðe hi ealle

    25 & for-þam him næs nan þearf þt ænig man sæde gewitnesse be men. he wiste witodlice hwæt wæs on men;


    1 [Note: þys godspel man sceal rædan ofer eastron be þære rode & eft ofer pentecosten on þone forman sunnan-dæg. Erat homo ex phariseis nichodemus nomine. A. Erat homo ex phariseis [nic]hodemus nomine princeps iudeorum. B. ] Soð-lice sum phariseisc man wæs genemned nichodëmus. se wæs iudea ealdor;

    2 Ðës com to him on niht. & cwæð to him. rabbi þt is lareow. we witon þt þu cöme fram gode. ne mæg nan man þas tacn wyrcan þe ðu wyrcst buton god beo mid him;

    3 Se hælend him &swarude. & cwæð. Soð ic þe secge buton hwa beo edniwan gecenned. ne mæg he geseon godes rice;

    4 Ða cwæð nichodemus to him. hu mæg man beon eft acenned þonne he bið eald. cwyst ðu. mæg he eft cuman on his modor innoð. & beon eft acenned;

    5 Se hælend him &swarude. & cwæð. Soþ ic þe secge buton hwa beo ge-edcenned of wætere & of haligum gaste. ne mæg he in-faran on godes rice;

    [Page 28]

    6 Ðæt þe acenned is of flæsce. þt is flæsc. & þt þe of gaste is acenned. þt is gast;

    7 Ne wundra þu forðam. þe ic sæde þe. eow gebyrað þt ge beon acennede edniwan;

    8 Gast oreðað þar he wile. & þu gehyrst his stefne & þu nast hwanon he cymþ. ne hwyder he gæþ. swa is ælc þe acenned is of gaste;

    9 Ða &swarode nichodemus & cwæð. hu magon þas þing þus geweorðan;

    10 Se hælend &swarode & cwæð to him; Ðu eart lareow israhela folce. & þu nast þas ðing.

    11 Soþ ic þe secge þt we sprecað þt we witon. & we cyðað þt we gesawon. & ge ne under-foð ure cyðnesse;

    12 Gif ic eow eorþlice þing sæde & ge ne gelyfað. hu-meta gelyfe ge. gif ic eow heofon-licæ þing secge.

    13 & nan man ne astihð to heofenum buton se ðe nyðer com of heofonum; Mannes sunu. se ðe com of heofonum.

    14 & swa swa moyses þa næddran up-ahöf on þam westene. swa gebyrað þt mannes sunu beo üp-a-häfen.

    15 þt nan þara ne for-wurðe þe on hyne gelyfð ac hæb[b]e þt ece lif;

    16 [Note: Ðys sceal on oðerne pentecostenes mæsse-dæg. Sic enim deus dilexit mundum. A. ] God lufode middan-eard swa þt he sealde his ancennendan (sic) sunu. þt nän ne forwurðe þe on hine gelyfð. ac hæbbe þt ece lïf;

    [Page 30]

    17 Ne sende god his sunu on middan-earde þt he demde middan-earde Ac þt middan-eard sy ge-hæled þurh hine.

    18 ne biþ þam gedemed ðe on hine gelyfð; Se ðe ne gelyf[ð] him biþ gedemed. for-þam þe he ne gelyfde on ðone naman þæs acennendan (sic) godes suna.

    19 þt is se döm þt leoht com on middan-eard. & menn lufedon þystro swyþor ðonne þt leoht; Hyra weorc wæron yfele.

    20 ælc ðara þe yfele. deð hatað þt leoht. & he ne cymþ to leohte þt his weorc ne syn gerihtlæhte;

    21 Witodlice se ðe wyrcð soðfæstnesse. cymþ to ðam leohte þt his weorc syn ge-swutelude. for-ðam þe hig synt on gode gedone;

    22 [Note: Uenit iesus & discipuli eius in iudeam terram. & ibi demorabatur cum eis & baptizabat. A. ] Æfter þyson com se hælend & his leorning-cnihtas to iudea lande. & wunode ðær mid him & fullode.

    23 & iohannes fullode on enön wið salïm. forðam þe þær wæron manega wætro. & hi to-gædere comun. & wæron gefullode;

    24 Ða gyt næs iohannes gedon on cwëartern.

    25 [Note: Ðys sceal on wodnes dæg on þære þryddan wucan ofer eastron. Facta est questio ex discipulis iohannis cum iudeis de purificatione. A. ] þa smeadon iohannes leorni[n]g-cnihtas] & þa iudeas be þære clænsunge.

    26 & comon to iohanne & cwædon to him. rabbï. Se ðe mid þe wæs begeondan iordäne be ðam þu cyðdest gewitnesse nu he fullaþ. & ealle hig cumaþ to him.

    [Page 32]

    27 Iohannes &wurde & cwæð ne mæg mann nan þing u[n]der-fön buton hit beo [hym] of heofonum geseald;

    28 Ge sylfe me synd to gewitnesse. þt ic sæde ne eom ic crist Ac ic eom asend beforan hine;

    29 Se ðe bryde hæfð se is brydguma. Se þe is þæs brydguman freond & stent & gehyrþ hyne. mid gefean he geblissað for þæs brydguman stefne. þës min gefea is gefylled.

    30 hit geburað þt he weaxe. & þt ic wanige.

    31 Se ðe ufenan cöm se is ofer ealle. Se þe of eorðan is. se sprycþ be eorðan. Se þe of heofone cöm se is ofer ealle.

    32 & he cyð þt he geseah & gehyrde. & nan man ne under-fehþ his cyðnesse.

    33 Soðlice se þe [hys] cyðnesse under-fehþ. he getacnað þt god is soðfæstnys;

    34 Se ðe god sende sprycð godes word. ne sylþ god þone gast be gemete;

    35 Fæder lufað þone sunu. & sealde ealle þing on his hand.

    36 Se þe gelyfð on sünu. se hæfð ëce lif; Se þe þam suna is ungeleafsum ne gesyhþ he lïf. Ac godes yrre wunað ofer hine;


    1 Ða se hælend wyste. þt þa pharisei gehyrdon þt he hæfde ma leorning-cnihta þonne iohannes.

    [Page 34]

    2 þeah se hælend ne fullode. Ac his leorning-cnihtas;

    3 Ða forlet he iudea land. & for eft on galilëa.

    4 him gebyrode þt he sceolde faran þurh samaria land.

    5 witodlice he cöm on samärian cestre þe is genemned sichär. neah þam tune þe iacob sealde iösepe his suna

    6 þær wæs iacobes wyl; [Note: Ðys sceal on frige-dæg on þære. iii. lengten wucan. Iesus fatigatus ex itenere sedebat sic. A. Iesus fatigatus ex itere (sic) sedebat sic super fontem. B. ] Se hælend sæt æt ðam wylle. þa he wæs werig gegän. & hit wæs mid-dæg.

    7 þa com þær an wif of samäria wolde wæter feccan; Ða cwæð se hælend to hyre. syle me drincan;

    8 His leorning-cnihtas ferdon þa to þære ceastre woldon him mete bicgan.

    9 þa cwæð þt samaritanisce wïf to him; Hu-meta bitst þu æt me drincan þonne ðu eart iudeisc. & ic eom samaritanisc wïf. ne brucað iudeas. & samaritanisce metes ætgædere;

    10 Ða &swarode se hælend & cwæð to hyre; Gif þu wistest godes gyfe. & hwæt së is þe cwið to þe syle me drincan. witodlice þu bæde hine þt he sealde þe lïfes wæter;

    11 Ða cwæð þt wïf to him. leof ne ðu næfst nan þing mid to hladene. & þes pyt is dëop. hwanon hæfst þu lifes wæter

    [Page 36]

    12 cwyst ðu. þt þu si mærra þonne üre fæder iacöb; Se ðe us þisne pytt sealde & he & his bearn & his nytenu of ðam druncon.

    13 Ða &swarode se hælend & cwæþ to hyre. ælcne ðara þyrst eft þe of ðyson wætere dringð;

    14 Witodlice ælc þara þe drincð of þam wætere þe ic him sylle [...] bið on him will forð-ræsendes wætres on ece lïf;

    15 Ða cwæð þt wif to him. hläford. syle me þt wæter þt me ne þyrste. ne ic ne ðurfe her feccan;

    16 Ða cwæþ se hælend to hyre. ga clypa þinne ceorl. & cum hider;

    17 Ða &wurde þt wïf. & cwæð. næbbe ic nanne ceorl; Ða cwæð se hælend to hyre. wel þu cwæde þt þu næfst ceorl.

    18 witodlice þu hæfst fif ceorlas. & se ðe ðu nu hæfst nis ðin ceorl æt þam þu sædest soð;

    19 Ða cwæð þt wif to him. leof. þæs me ðingþ þu eart witega.

    20 ure fæderas hig gebædon on þissere dune. & ge secgað þt on ierusalem sy seo stow. þt man on gebidde;

    21 Ða cwæð se hælend to hyre. la wïf gelyf me. þt seo tid cymð þonne ge ne gebiddaþ fæder ne on þisse dune ne on gerusalem;

    [Page 38]

    22 Ge gebiddað þt ge nyton. we gebiddaþ þt we witon. forþam þe hæl is of iudeum.

    23 ac seo tid cymð & nu is þonne soþe gebed-men gebiddaþ fæder on gaste. & on soðfæstnesse. witodlice fæder secþ swylce þe hyne gebiddon.

    24 gast is god. & þam þe hyne gebiddað gebyrað þt hig gebiddon. on gaste and on soðfæstnesse;

    25 Ðæt wïf cwæþ to him ic wat þt messias cymð þe is genemned crist. þonne he cymð he cyð us ealle ðing;

    26 Se hælend cwæð to hyre. ic hit eom. þe wið þe sprece.

    27 & þær-rihte comon his leorning-cnihtas. & hig wundredon þt he wiþ þt wïf spræc þeah hyra nan ne cwæð. hwæt segst (sic) þu oððe hwæt sprycst þu wið hig;

    28 Witodlice þt wïf for-let hyre wæter-fæt. & eode to þære byrig & cwæð to þam mannum;

    29 Cumað & geseoð þone man þe me sæde. ealle [þa] þing þe ic dyde. cweðe ge is he crist;

    30 Ða eodon hi ut of ðære byrig & comon to him.

    31 on gemang þam his leorning-cnihtas hine bædon. & þus cwædon lareow et.

    32 Ða cwæð he to him. ic hæbbe þone mete to etene þe ge nyton;

    [Page 40]

    33 Ða cwædon his leorning-cnihtas him betwynan hwæðer ænig man him mete brohte;

    34 Ða cwæð se hælend to him. min mete is þt ic wyrce þæs willan ðe me sende. þt ic full-fremme his weorc;

    35 Hv ne [Note: Corp. MS. has Hyne, altered Hv ne. ] secge ge þt nu gyt synt feowur monðas ær man ripan mæge nu ic eow secge hebbað upp eowre eagan & geseoð þas eardas þt hig synt scire to ripene.

    36 & se ðe ripð nimð mede & gaderaþ wæstm on ecum life þt æt-gædere geblission se þe sæwþ. & se ðe ripð.

    37 on þyson is witodlice soð word forðam oþer is se ðe sæwþ oþer is se ðe ripþ;

    38 Ic sende eow to ripene þt þt ge ne be-swuncon oðre swuncon & ge eodun on hyra geswinc;

    39 Witodlice manige samaritanisce of ðære ceastre gelyfdon on hyne for þæs wïfes wordon þe be him cyþde þt he sæde me ealle þa þing þe ic dyde;

    40 Ða þa [Note: miswritten þæge. ] samaritaniscean comon to him hig gebædon hine þt he wunode ðæra (sic). & he wunode þær twegen dagas.

    41 & mycle ma gelyfdon for his spæce.

    42 & cwædon to þam wife. ne gelyfe we na for ðinre spræce. we sylfe gehyrdon. & we witon þt he is soþ middan-eardes hælynd;

    43 Soðlice æfter twam dagon he ferde þanone. & for to galilea;

    [Page 42]

    44 Se hælend sylf cyþde gewitnesse þt nan witega næfð nanne wurð-scype on hys agenum earde.

    45 þa he com to galileam þa under-fengon hi hine þa hi gesawon ealle þa þing þe he worhte on ierusalem on freols-dæge. & hi comun to þam freols-dæge

    46 & he com eft to chanaäa galilee. þær he worhte þt wïn of wætere; [Note: Ðys godspel gebyrað ofer pentecosten on þære an & twentygoðan wucan on sunnan-dæg. Erat quidam regulus cuius filius infirmabatur. A. Erat quidam regulus cuius filius infirmabatur [capha]rnaum. B. ] Sum under-cyning wæs. þæs sunu wæs gesyclod on capharnaum.

    47 þa þa se gehyrde þt se hælend for fram iudea to galilëa he com to him & bæd hine þt he före & gehælde his sunu; Soðlice he læg æt forð-fore.

    48 Ða cwæþ se hælend to him. buton ge tacna & fore-beacna geseon. ne gelyfe ge;

    49 Ða cwæð se under-cing to him. drihten. far ær min sunu swelte.

    50 & se hælend cwæð. Gä þin sunu leofað; Ða eode he & gelyfde þære spræce þe se hælend him sæde;

    51 Ða he for þa urnon his þeowas ongean hyne & sædon þt his sunu leofode;

    52 Ða axode he to hwylcon timan him bet wære. & hi sædon him gyrstan-dæg to þære seofoþan tide se fefor hine forlet;

    53 Ða ongeat se fæder þt hit wæs on þære tide ðe se hælend cwæð þin sunu leofað. & he gelyfde & eall his hiw-ræden;

    [Page 44]

    54 Se hælend worhte þis täcen eft oþre siþe þa he com fram iudea lande to galilea;


    1 [Note: Ðys god-spel sceal on frige-dæg on þære forman lengten wucan. Erat dies festus iudeorum & ascendit hierosolimam iesus. A. Erat dies festus iudeorum & ascendit [iesus] hierosolimis. est autem hierosolimis [super] probatica piscina. B. ] Æfter þyson wæs iudea freols-dæg & se hælend for to ierusalem;

    2 On gerusalem ys än mëre se is genemned on ebreisc betzaida; Se mere hæfð fif porticas

    3 on þam porticon læg mycel menigeo ge-adludra blindra. & healtra. & for-scruncenra & ge-anbidedon þæs wæteres styrunge;

    4 Drihtenes engel com to his timan on þone mere & þt wæter wæs astyred. & se þe raþust. com on þone mere æfter þæs wæteres styrunge wearþ gehæled fram swa hwylcere untrumnysse swa he on wæs;

    5 Ðær wæs sum man eahta & þrittig wintra on his untrumnysse.

    6 þa se hælend geseah þysne licgean & wiste þt he þær lange tide wæs; Ða cwæþ he to him wylt þu hal beon;

    7 Ða &swarode se seoca him & cwæþ. drihten ic næbbe nanne man þt me do on þone mere þonne þt wæter astyred bið. ðonne ic cume þonne biþ oþer beforan me;

    8 Ða cwæð se hælend to him aris nim þin bed & gä.

    [Page 46]

    9 & se man wæs sona hal & he nam his bed & eode; Hit wæs reste-dæg on ðam dæge;

    10 Ða cwædon þa iudeas to þam þe þar gehæled wæs. hit is reste-dæg nis ðe alyfed þt þu þin bedd bere

    11 he &swarude him & cwæð; Se ðe me gehælde se cwæð to me. nim þin bedd & gä;

    12 Ða äxsodon hi hine hwæt se man wære þe þe sæde nim þin bedd & gä.

    13 Se þe þær gehæled wæs nyste hwa hit wæs; Se hælynd soþlice beah fram þære gegaderunge.

    14 æfter þam se hælynd hine gemette on þam temple & cwæþ to him. nu þu eart hal geworden. ne synga þu. þe-læs þe þe on sumon þingon wyrs getide;

    15 Ða for se man & cyðde hit þam iudean þt hit wære se hælend þe hyne hælde.

    16 forþam þa iudëas ehton þone hælend. forðam þe he dyde þas þing on reste-dæge;

    17 [Note: Ðys godspel sceal on þunres dæg on þære feorðan lencten wucan. Dixit iesus turbis iudeorum. Pater meus usque modo operatur & ego operor. A. ] Ða &swarode se hælend him & cwæð. min fæder wyrcð oþ þis nu gÿt. & ic wyrce.

    18 þæs þe mä. þa iudeas sohton hine to of-sleanne. næs na for-þam anum þe he þæne reste-dæg bræc. Ac forþam þe he cwæð þt god wære his fæder. & hine sylfne dyde gode gelïcne.

    [Page 48]

    19 Witodlice se hælend &swarode & cwæþ to him. soð ic eow secge. ne mæg se sunu nan þing don buton þt he gesyhþ his fæder dön. Ða þing þe he wyrcþ. se sunu wyrcð gelïce;

    20 Se fæder lufað þone sunu. & geswutelað him ealle þa þing þe he wyrcþ. & maran weorc þonne þas sÿn he geswutelað him þt ge wundrigeon;

    21 Swa se fæder awecð þa deadan & geliffæst. swa eac se sunu geliffæst þa [ðe] he wyle.

    22 ne se fæder ne demð nanum menn Ac he sealde ælcne döm þam suna

    23 þt ealle ar-wurþigeon þone sunu. swa swa hig arwurþigeaþ þone fæder; Se ðe ne arwurðaþ þone sunu. ne arwurþaþ he þone fæder þe hine sende;

    24 [Note: Amen amen dico uobis. Quia qui uerbum meum audit & credit ei qui me misit habet uitam eternam. A. ] [S]oð ic secge eow þt se þe min word gehyrð & þam gelyfð þe me sende. Se hæfþ ëce lïf & ne cymþ æt þam dome. ac færð fram deaðe to life;

    25 Soð ic secge eow þt seo tid cymð & nu is. þonne þa deadan gehyrað godes suna stefne. & þa lybbað þe hig gehyrað.

    26 swa se fæder hæfþ lif on him sylfon swa he sealde þam suna þt he hæfde lif on him syluon.

    27 & sealde him anweald þt he moste deman. for-ðam þe he is mannes sunu;

    28 Ne wundrigeon ge ðæs þt seo tïd cymð þt ealle gehyrað his stefne þe on byrgenum synt.

    [Page 50]

    29 & þa þe god worhton farað on lifes æreste. & þa þe yfel dydon on domes æreste;

    30 [Note: Ðys sceal on þurs-dæg on þære oðre lencten wucan. Non possum ego a me ipso facere quicquam. A. ] Ne mæg ic nan þing don fram me sylfum ic deme swa swa ic gehyre & min dom is ryht forðam ic ne sëce minne willan [ac þæs] þe me sende;

    31 Gif ic ge-witnesse be me cyþe. mïn gewitnes nis soð;

    32 Oþer is se ðe cyþ gewitnesse be me. & ic wät þt seo cyðnes is soð þe he cyþ be me.

    33 ge sendon to iohanne & he cyðde soþfæstnesse gewitnesse;

    34 Ic ne onfo gewitnesse fram menn. ac þas þing ic secge þt ge syn hale;

    35 He wæs byrnende leoht-fæt & lyhtende. ge woldon sume hwile geblissian on his leohte;

    36 Ic hæbbe maran gewitnesse þonne iohannes. witodlice þa weorc þe fæder me sealde þt ic hig full-fremme. Ða weorc þe ic wyrce cyþað gewitnesse be me þt fæder me asende.

    37 & se fæder þe me sende cyþ gewitnesse be me; Ne ge næfre his stefne ne gehyrdon. ne ge his hiw ne gesawon;

    38 And ge nabbað his word on eow wunigende. forþam þe ge ne gelyfað þam ðe he sende;

    39 Smeageað halige gewritu forðam þe ge wenað þt ge habbon ece lïf on þam. & hig synt þe gewitnesse cyþaþ be me

    [Page 52]

    40 & ge nellað cuman to me þt ge habbon lïf;

    41 Ne under-fo ic nane beorht-nesse æt mannum.

    42 Ac ic gecneow eow þt ge nabbaþ godes lufe on eow;

    43 Ic com on mines fæder naman & ge me ne under-fengon. gyf oþer cymþ on his agenum naman hyne ge under-foð.

    44 hu mage ge gelyfan. þe eow betweonan wuldor under-foð & ne seceaþ þt wuldor þe is fram gode syluum.

    45 ne wene ge þt ic eow wrege to fæder. Se is þe eow wregð. moyses on þone ge ge-hyhtað;

    46 Witodlice gif ge gelyfdon on moyse. ge gelyfdon eac me; Soðlice he wrat be me.

    47 gif ge his stafum ne gelyfað. hu gelyfe ge minum wordum;


    1 [Note: Ðys godspel sceal on myd-lenctenes sunnan-dæg. A. ] Æfter þyson for se hælend ofer þa galileiscan sæ. seo is tiberiädis.

    2 & him fylide mycel folc for-þam þe hig gesawon þa tacna þe he worhte on þam þe wæron ge-untrumode;

    3 Witodlice se Hælend astah on anne munt & sæt þar mid his leorning-cnihton.

    4 hit wæs gehende eastron iudea freolsdæge;

    [Page 54]

    5 [Note: Abiit iesus trans mare galileæ quod est tiberiadis. A. ] Ða se hælend his eagan up-ahöf & geseah þt micel folc com to him. he cwæð to philippe; Hwær bicge we hlafas þt þas eton.

    6 þt he cwæþ his fandigende he wiste hwæt he don wolde;

    7 Ða &wurde him philippus. & cwæð nabbað hi genoh on twegera hundred penega wurþe hlafes þt ælc sumne dæl nyme;

    8 Ða &wyrde him an his leorning-cnihta andreas simones broþur petres;

    9 Her is an cnapa þe hæfþ fïf berene hlafas & twegen fixas. ac hwæt synt þa þing betwux swa manegum mannum;

    10 Ða cwæð se hælend. doð þt þas men sitton. on þære stowe wæs mycel gers. ðær sæton þa swylce fïf þusendo manna;

    11 Se hælend nam þa hlafas & þanc-wurðlice dyde & hig to-dælde þam sittendum & eall-swa of þam fixum swa mycel swa hig woldon;

    12 Ða hig fulle wæron. þa cwæð he to his leorning-cnihton. gaderiaþ þa brytsena þe þar to lafe wæron þt hig ne losigeon.

    13 hig gegaderedon & fyldon twelf wyligeon fulle þæra brytsena of þam þe þa læfdon þe of þam fif berenan hlafon æton.

    14 Ða men cwædon þa hig gesawon þt he þt tacen worhte. þt þes is soðlice witega þe on middan-geard cymþ.

    15 Ða se hælend wiste þt hig woldon cuman & hine gelæccean & to cynge dön. þa fleah he ana uppon þone munt;

    [Page 56]

    17 And þa hig eodon on scyp hi comon ofer þa sæ to capharnaum. hit wearð þa þystre & se hælend ne com to him.

    18 mycel wind bleow & hit wæs hreoh sæ;

    19 Witodlice þa hig hæfdon gehrowen swylce twentig furlanga oððe þrittig. þa gesawon hig þone hælend uppan þære sæ gän & þt he wæs gehende þam scype. & hi him ondredon.

    20 he cwæð þa to him; Ic hit eom. ne ondrædað eow;

    21 Hig woldon hyne niman on þt scyp & sona þt scyp wæs æt þam lande þe hig woldon to faran;

    22 Soþlice oþre dæg seo menigeo þe stod begeondan þam mere. geseah þt þær næs butan an scyp. & þt se hælend ne eode on scyp mid his leorning-cnihtan. ac his leor[n]ing-cnihtas sylfe ana foron.

    23 oðre scypu comon fram tiberiade wið þa stowe þar hig þone hlaf æton drihtne þanciende.

    24 Ða seo menigeo geseah þt se hælend þar næs ne his leorning-cnihtas. þa eodon hig on scipu & coman to capharnaum sohton ðone hælend

    25 & þa hig gemetton hyne begeondon þam mere hig cwædon to him; Lareow hwænne com þu hider;

    [Page 58]

    26 Se hælend him &swarude & cwæð. Soþ ic eow secge ne sece ge me forðam þe ge tacnu gesawon. Ac for-þam þe ge æton of ðam hlafon & synt fulle.

    27 [Note: Ðys sceal on frigedæg on þære forman wucan æfter epiphania domini. Operamini non cybum qui perit. A. ] Ne [Note: Miswritten We (with large red W in Cp., and large green W in) A. ] wyrceaþ æfter þam mete þe for-wyrð. Ac æfter þam þe þurh-wunað on ece lif. ðone mannes sunu eow sylþ. þone god fæder getacnode;

    28 Hig cwædon to him. hwæt do we þt we wyrceon godes weorc

    29 þa &swarode se hælend & cwæð to him. þt is godes weorc þt ge gelyfan on ðone þe he sende;

    30 Ða cwædon hig hwæt dest þu to tacne þt we geseon & gelyfon þt þu hit wyrce.

    31 ure fæderas æton heofonlicne mete on westene swa hit awriten is. he sealde him etan hlaf of heofone;

    32 Se hælend cwæð to him. soð ic secge eow ne sealde moyses eow hläf of heofonum. ac min fæder eow sylþ soðne hläf of heofonum

    33 hit is godes hläf þe of heofone com & sylþ middan-earde lif;

    34 Hig cwædon to him. drihten. syle us þysne hläf.

    35 se hælend cwæð to him; Ic eom lifes hlaf ne hingrað þone þe to me cymð & ne þyrst þone næfre ðe on me gelyfð.

    36 ac ic eow sæde þt ge gesawon me & ne gelyfdon;

    [Page 60]

    37 [Note: Omne quod dat mihi pater ad me ueniet. A. ] Eall þt fæder me sylþ cymð to me & ic ne wyrpe ut ðone þe to me cymð.

    38 forþam þe ic ne com of heofonum þt ic minne willan do. ac þæs willan þe me sende;

    39 Ðæt is þæs fæder willa ðe me sende þt ic nan þing ne forleose. of ðam þe he me sealde. ac awecce þt on þam ytemestan dæge;

    40 Ðis is mines fæder willa þe me sende þt ælc þe ðone sunu gesyhþ & on hine gelyfð. hæbbe ece lïf & ic hine awecce on þam ytemestan dæge;

    41 Ða murcnodon þa iudeas be him. forþam þe he cwæð ic eom hlaf þe of heofonum com

    42 & hig cwædon; Hu nis þis se hælend iosepes sunu. we cunnon his fæder & his modor. humeta segð þes ic com of heofonum;

    43 Se hælend him &swarode & cwæð to him. ne murcniaþ eow betwynan;

    44 [Note: Ðys sceal on wodnes dæg on þære pentecostenes wucan. Nemo potest uenire ad me. nisi pater qui misit me traxerit eum. A. ] Ne mæg nan man cuman to me buton se fæder þe me sende hyne tëo & ic hine arære on ðam ytemestan dæge;

    45 On ðære (sic) witegena bocum is awriten. ealle eaðlære beoð godes; Ælc þe gehyrde æt fæder & leornode. cymð to me;

    [Page 62]

    46 Ne ge-seah nan man fæder buton se ðe is [of] gode se gesyhþ fæder;

    47 Soð ic secge eow se hæfð ece lif þe on me gelyfð.

    48 ic eom lifes hläf.

    49 ure fæderas æton heofunlicne mete on westene & hig synd deade;

    50 Ðis is se hlaf þe of heofonum com. þt ne swelte se ðe of him ytt;

    51 Ic eom lybbende hlaf þe of heofonum com. swa hwa swa ytt of ðyson hlafe. he leofað on ecnysse. & se hlaf þe ic sylle is min flæsc for middan-eardes life;

    52 Þa iudeas fliton him betwynan & cwædon. hu mæg þes his flæsc us syllan to etene.

    53 [Note: Ðys sceal anum dæge ær palm-sunnan dæge. Nisi manducaueritis carnem filii hominis. A. ] Þa cwæþ se hælend to hiM; Soþ ic secge eow næbbe ge lif on eow buton ge eton mannes suna flæsc & his blod drincon;

    54 Se hæfð ece lïf þe ytt min flæsc & drincð min blod. & ic hine arære. on þam ytemestan dæge;

    55 Soþlice min flæsc is mete & min blod is drinc.

    56 se ðe ytt min flæsc & drincð min blod he wunað on me. & ic on him.

    57 swa swa lybbende fæder me sende & ic lybbe þurh fæder & se ðe me ytt he leofaþ þurh me.

    [Page 64]

    58 þis is se hlaf þe of heofonum cöm. na swa swa ure fæderas æton heofonlicne mete & deade wæron; Se þe ytt þysne hlaf he leofað on ecnysse;

    59 Ðas þing he sæde on gesamnunge þa he lærde on capharnaum;

    60 Manega his leorni[n]g-cnihta cwædon þa hig ðis gehyrdon; Heard is þeos spræc hwa mæg hig gehyran;

    61 Ða wiste se hælend þt his leorning-cnihtas murcnedon betweox him sylfon be þison. & he cwæð to him þt eow beswicð.

    62 gyf ge geseoþ mannes sunu astigendne þær he ær wæs

    63 gast is se ðe geliffæst flæsc ne fremað nan þing. þa word þe ic eow sæde synt gast & lïf.

    64 Ac sume ge ne gelyfað; Witodlice se hælend wiste æt fruman. hwæt þa gelyfedan wæron & hwa hine belæwon wolde.

    65 & he cwæð; Forþig ic eow sæde þt nan man ne mæg cuman to me buton min fæder hit him sylle;

    66 Syððan manega his leorning-cnihtas (sic) cyrdon. onbæc & ne eodun mid him.

    67 Ða cwæþ se hælynd to þam twelfum. cweðe ge wylle ge fram me.

    68 þa &wyrde him simon Petrus & cwæð; Drihten to hwam ga we þu hæfst eces lifes word

    [Page 66]

    69 & we gelyfað & witon þt þu eart crist godes sunu;

    70 Se hælend him &swarude & cwæð. hu ne geceas ic eow twelfe & eower an is deofol.

    71 he hyt cwæþ be iuda scarioþe þes hine belæwde þa he wæs an þara TWELFA.


    1 [Note: Ðys sceal on tywes dæg on þære fiftan wucan innan lengtene. Ambulabat iesus in galileam. A. ] Syþþan for se hælend to galilea. he nolde faran to iudea forþam þe þa iudëas hine sohton & woldon hyne ofslëan

    2 hit wæs gehende iudea freols-dæge;

    3 His broðra cwædon to him. far heonon & ga on iudea land. þt þine leorning-cnihtas geseon þa weorc þe þu wyrcst;

    4 Ne deð nan man nan þing on diglum. ac secþ þt hit open sy; Gif ðu þas þing dest geswutela þe sylfne middan-earde;

    5 Witodlice ne his magas ne gelyfdon on hyne;

    6 Ða cwæþ se hælend to him gyt ne cöm min tïd. eower tid is symble gearu.

    7 ne mæg middan-eard eow hatigean ac he hatað me forþam ic cyþe gewitnesse be him þt his weorc synt yfele;

    8 Fare ge to þison freols-dæge. ic ne fare to þison freols-dæge forþam min tid nis gyt gefylled;

    9 He wunede on galilea þa he þas þing sæde;

    [Page 68]

    10 Eft þa his gebroðru foron þa for he eac to ðam freols-dæge. næs na openlice [ac dygollice.]

    11 Ða iudeas hyne sohton on þam freols-dæge & cwædon. hwar is he.

    12 & mycel gehlyd wæs on þære menigeo be him. Sume cwædon. he is god. oðre cwædon. nëse. ac he be-swicð þis folc.

    13 þeah-hwæþere ne spæc nan man openlice be him for þæra iudëa ege;

    14 [Note: Ðys sceal on myd-lengtenes wucan on tywes dæg. Iam die festo mediante. A. ] Þa hit wæs mid dæg þæs freols-dæges þa eode se hælend into þam temple & lærde.

    15 & þa iudeas wundredon & cwædon; Humeta cann þes stafas þonne he ne leornode.

    16 Se hælend him &swarode & cwæþ. mi[n] [Note: Miswritten mi in Cp. and B. ] lar nis na min. ac þæs þe me sende.

    17 gyf hwa wyle his willan don he gecwemð (sic) be þære lare hwæþer heo si of gode hwæþer þe ic be me sylfum spece;

    18 Se þe be him sylfum sprycð secþ his agen wuldor se þe secþ þæs wuldor þe hyne sende. se is soþfæst. & nis nan unrihtwisnys on him;

    19 Hu ne sealde moyses eow .æ. & eower nan ne healt þa .æ. Hwi sëce ge me to of-sleanne.

    20 þa &swarode seo menigeo & cwæð. deofol þe sticað on. hwa secð þe to of-sleanne;

    [Page 70]

    21 Ða &swarode se hælend & cwæð to him. an weorc ic worhte & ealle ge wundrigeaþ.

    22 forðÿ moyses eow sealde ymbsnydenysse [Note: Miswritten ymbsmydenysse. ] næs na forþi þe heo of moyse sy ac of fæderon. & on reste-dæge ge ymb-sniðaþ mann.

    23 þt moyses .æ. ne sy toworpen. & ge belgaþ wið me forðam þe ic gehælde anne man. on reste-dæge.

    24 ne deme ge be ansyne ac demað rihtne dom;

    25 Sume cwædon þa ðe wæron of ierusalem. hu nis ðis se ðe hi seceaþ to of-sleande.

    26 & nu he spycþ openlice & hïg ne cweðaþ nan ðing to him; Cweðe we. hwæþer þa ealdras ongyton þt þis is crist.

    27 ac we witon. hwanon þes is; Ðonne crist cymþ. þonne nat nan mann hwanon he biþ;

    28 Se hælend clypode & lærde on þam temple. & cwæð. Me ge cunnon & ge witon hwanon ic eom. & ic ne com fram me sylfum. ac se is soð þe me sende þone ge ne cunnon;

    29 [Note: This clause is from Cap. viii. 55. ] Ic hyne can. & gif ic secge þt ic hine ne cunne. ic beo leas & eow gelic. Ic hyne can & ic eom of him & he me sende.

    [Page 72]

    30 hig hine sohton to nimanne & hyra nan hys ne æt-hran. forðam þe his tid ne com þa gyt;

    31 Manega of ðære menigeo gelyfdon on hine & cwædon. Cweþe ge wyrcð crist ma tacna þonne he cymð þonne þes deð.

    32 þa pharisei gehyrdon þa menigeo þus murcnige[n]de be him; [Note: Ðys sceal on monan dæg on þære fyftan wucan innan lenctene. Miserunt principes & pharisei ministros. A. ] Ða ealdras & ða pharisei sendon hyra þenas þt hig woldon hine gefön;

    33 Ða cwæð se hælend gyt ic beo sume hwile mid eow & ic ga to ðam þe me sende;

    34 Ge secað me & ne findaþ. & ge ne magon cuman þar ic eom.

    35 þa iudeas cwædon betweonan him sylfum hwyder wyle þes faran þt we hine ne findon. cwyst þu wyle he faran on ðeoda todræfednysse & hig læran;

    36 Hwæt is ðeos spræc þe he sprycð ge seceaþ me & ne findaþ. & ge ne magon cuman þar ic eom;

    37 On þam æftemestan mæran freols-dæge stod se hælend & clypode. cume to me se ðe hine þyrste & drince;

    38 Se þe gelyfþ on me swa þt ge-writ cwyð. lybbendes wætres flod flowað of his innoðe.

    39 þt he cwæð be þam gaste þe þa sceoldon under-fon þe on hyne gelyfdon. þa gyt næs se gast geseald. forþam þe se hælend næs ða gyt gewuldrud;

    [Page 74]

    40 [Note: Ðys god-spel sceal on þures (sic) dæg on þære fiftan wucan innan lenctene. Cum audissent quidam de turba sermones iesu dicebant. Hic est uere propheta. A. ] Of ðære tide seo menigeo cwæð þa heo gehyrde ðas his spræce. ðes is soð witega

    41 sume cwædon he is crist; Sume cwædon cweðe ge cymþ crist fram galilea.

    42 hu ne cyð (sic) þt ge-writ þt crist cymð of dauides cynne & of bethleem ceastre. þar þar dauid wæs;

    43 Witodlice ungeþwærnes wæs geworden on þære menigeo for him;

    44 Sume hig woldon hine niman. ac hyra nan his næ æt-hran.

    45 þa þenas comon to þam bisceopum & to þam phariseon & hig cwædon to him; For hwi ne brohton ge hine hider.

    46 þa &wyrdon þa þenas & cwædon; Ne spræc næfre nan man swa þes man sprycþ.

    47 Þa cwædoN þa pharisei to him. synt ge beswicene.

    48 cweðe ge gelyfde ænig þæra ealdra oððe þæra pharisea on hyne.

    49 ac þeos menigeo þe ne cyþe þa æ. hig synt awyrgede;

    50 Ða cwæð nichodemus to him; Se þe com to him on nyht se wæs hyra än.

    51 cwyst þu demð ure æ. ænine man buton hyne man ær gehyre & wite hwæt he do;

    [Page 76]

    52 Hig &swaredon & cwædon to him. cwyst þu. þt þu si galileisc. smea & geseoh þt nan witega ne cymð fram galilea.

    53 & hig cyrdon ealle ham;


    1 [Note: Ðys god-spel ge-byrað anum dæge ær myd-fastene. Perrexit iesus in montem oliueti. A. ] Se hælend for on oliuetes dune.

    2 & com eft on dæg-red to þam temple. & eall þt folc com to him. & he sæt & lærde hig;

    3 Ða læddon þa pharisei & ða boceras to him an wif seo wæs aparod on unriht-hæmede & setton hig to-middes hyra

    4 & cwædon to him; Läreow. þis wif wæs afundyn on unriht-on hæmede;

    5 Moyses us bebead on þære .æ. þt we sceoldon þus gerade mid stanum of-torfian. hwæt cwyst þu;

    6 Ðis hig cwædon his fandiende þt hig hine wrehton. Se hælend abeah nyþer & wrat mid his fingre on þære eorþan.

    7 þa hig þurh-wunedon hine axsiende þa aras he upp & cwæð to him; Loca hwylc eower si synleas wurpe ærest stan on hi.

    8 & he abeah eft & wrat on þære eorþan;

    9 Ða hig þis gehyrdon þa eodon hig ut an æfter anum. & he gebad þar sylf & þt wif stod þær on middan;

    [Page 78]

    10 Se hælend aras upp & cwæð to hyre. wif hwær synd þa ðe þe wregdon ne fordemde þe nan man.

    11 & heo cwæð nä drihten. & se hælend cwæð. ne ic þe ne fordeme. do ga & ne synga þu næfre ma;

    12 [Note: Ðys god-spel sceal on þære myd-fæstenes wucan on sæternes dæg. Ego sum lux mundi. A. ] Eft se hælend spræc þas þing to him & cwæð. ic eom middan-eardes leoht; Se þe me fyliþ ne gæð he na on þystro ac he hæfð lifes leoht;

    13 Ða pharisei cwædon to him. Þu cystþ (sic) gewitnesse be ðe sylfon. nis ðin gewitnes soð;

    14 Se hælend &swarede. & cwæð to him; Gif ic cyþe gewitnesse be me sylfum min gewitnes is soþ. forþam þe ic wat hwanon ic com & hwyder ic ga. ge nyton hwanon ic com ne hwyder ic ga.

    15 ge demað æfter flæsce. ic ne deme nanum men

    16 & gif ic deme. min dom is soð; Forðam þe ic ne eom äna. ac ic & se fæder þe me sende;

    17 And [on] eowre .æ. is awriten þt twegra manna gewitnes is soð;

    18 Ic eom þe cyþe gewitnesse be me sylfum. & se fæder þe me sende cyþ ge-witnesse be me;

    19 Witodlice hig cwædon to him hwar is þïn fæder; Se hælend him &swarude & cwæð. ne cunne ge me ne minne fæder; Gyf ge me cuþon wen is þt ge cuþon minne fæder;

    [Page 80]

    20 Ðas word he spæc æt cep-sceamule & nan man hyne ne nam. forþam þe hys tid ne com þa gyt.

    21 witodlice eft se hælend cwæþ to HIM; [Note: Ðys god-spel sceal on monan dæg on þære oðre lencten wucan. Ego uado & queritis me & in peccato uestro moriemini. A. ] Ic fare & ge me seceað. & ge sweltaþ on eowre synne. ne mage ge cuman þyder ic fare;

    22 Ða cwædon þa iudeas. cweðe ge. of-slyhþ he hine sylfne forþam he segð. ge ne magon cuman þyder ic fare;

    23 Ða cwæþ he to him ge synt nyþane. & ic eom ufane. ge synt of þison middan-earde; Ic ne eom of þissan middan-earde;

    24 Ic eow sæde þt ge sweltað on eowrum synnum gif ge ne gelyfað þt ic hit sÿ. ge sweltað on eowre synne;

    25 Ða cwædon hi to him hwæt eart þu; Se hælend cwæð to him. ic eom fruma þe to eow sprece.

    26 ic hæbbe fela be eow to sprecenne & to demenne; Ac se þe me sende is soðfæst. & ic sprece on middan-earde þa þing þe ic æt him gehyrde.

    27 & hig ne under-geton þt he tæalde him god to fæder;

    28 Se hælend cwæð to him þonne ge mannes sunu upp ahebbaþ þonne gecnawe ge þt ic hit eom. & ic ne do nan þing of me sylfum. ac ic sprece þas þing swa fæder me lærde.

    [Page 82]

    29 & se ðe me sende is mid me. & he ne forlæt me anne forþam þe ic wyrce symble þa þing þe him synt gecweme.

    30 ða he ðas ðing spræc manega gelyfdon ON HIM;

    31 [Note: Ðys sceal on þunres dæg on þære forman lengten wucan. Si uos manseritis in me. A. ] Witodlice se hælend cwæð to þam iudeon þe him gelyfdon. gif ge wunegeað on minre spæce. soðlice ge beoð mine leorning-cnihtas.

    32 & ge oncnawað soðfæstnysse. & soþ-fæstnes eow alyst;

    33 Ða &swarodon hi him & cwædon. we synt abrahames cynnes. & ne þeowedon we nanum men næfre. humeta cwyst þu ge beoð frige;

    34 Se hælend him &swarude & cwæð soþ ic eow secge þt ælc þe synne wyrcð is þære synne þeow;

    35 Witodlice se þeow ne wunaþ on huse on ecnesse; Se sunu wunaþ on ecnesse.

    36 gif se sunu eow alyst ge beoð soðlice frige.

    37 Ic wat þt ge synt abrahames bearn. ac ge seceað me to of-sleanne forþam min spæc ne wunaþ on eow;

    38 Ic sprece þt þe ic mid fæder geseah. & ge doð þa þing þe ge mid eowrum fæder gesawon;

    39 Ða &swarodon hig & cwædon to him. abraham is ure fæder; Ða cwæð se hælend to him. gif ge abrahames bearn synt wyrceað abrahames weorc.

    [Page 84]

    40 nu ge seceað me to of-sleanne þone man þe eow sæde soðfæstnesse þa þe ic gehyrde of gode; Ne dyde abraham swa

    41 ge wyrceað eowres fæder weorc; Hig cwædon witodlice to him. ne synt we of forlire acennede. we habbað anne god to fæder;

    42 Witodlice se hælend cwæþ to him gif god wære eowre fæder. witodlice ge lufedon me. Ic com of gode ne com ic na fram me sylfon ac he me sende;

    43 Hwi ne gecnawe ge mine spræce. [forþam þe ge ne magon gehyran mine spæce.]

    44 ge synt deofles bearn. & ge wyllaþ wyrcean eowres fæder willan. he wæs fram frymþe män-slaga & he ne wunode on soðfæst-nesse forðam þe soðfæstnes nis on him; Ðonne he sprycð leasunga he sprycþ of him sylfum. forþam þe he is leas & his fæder eac;

    45 Witodlice ge ne gelyfað me forþam þe ic secge eow soðfæstnysse;

    46 [Note: Ðis god-spel gebyrað on sunnan dæg on þære fiftan wucan innan lenctene. Quis ex uobis arguet me de peccato. A. ] Hwylc eower ascunað me for synne gif ic soð secge. hwi ne gelyfe ge me;

    47 Se þe is of gode gehyrð [godes] word. forþig ge ne gehyrað. forþam þe ge ne synt of gode;

    48 Witodlice þa iudeas &swaredon & cwædon to him; Hwi ne cweþe we wel þt ðu eart samaritanisc & eart wöd.

    [Page 86]

    49 Se hælend &swarude & cwæð. Ne eom ic wöd ac ic arwurþige minne fæder. & ge unarwurðedon me.

    50 witodlice ne sece ic min wuldor. se is. þe secð & demð;

    51 Soðlice ic secge eow gif hwa mine spræce gehealt ne gesyhþ he deað næfre;

    52 Ða cwædon þa iudeas nu we witon þt þu eart wöd. abraham wæs dead & þa witegan. & þu cwyst gif hwa mine spræce gehealt ne bið he næfre dead;

    53 Cwyst þu þt þu sy mærra þonne ure fæder abraham. se wæs dead & þa witegan wæran (sic) deade. hwæt þincð þe þt þu sy;

    54 Se hælend him &swarode. gif ic wuldrige me sylfne nis min wuldor naht. min fæder is þe me wuldrað. be þam ge cweðaþ þt he sy ure god

    55 & ge ne cuðon hine; Ic hyne cänn. & gif ic secge þt ic hine ne cunne. ic beo leas & eow gelic. ac ic hyne cann & ic healde his spræce;

    56 Abraham eower fæder geblissode þt he gesawe minnæ (sic) dæg & he geseah & geblissode;

    57 Ða iudeas cwædon to him. gyt þu ne eart fiftig wintre & gesawe þu abraham;

    58 Se hælend cwæð to him. ic wæs ærþam þe abraham wæs;

    59 hig namon stänas to þam þt hig woldon hyne torfian. Se hælend Hine bedilegode & eode of ðam temple.

    [Page 88]


    1 [Note: Ðys god-spel gebyrað on wodnes dæg on myd-fæstenes wucan. Preteriens iesus uidit hominem cecum a natiuitate. A. ] Ða se hælend för þa geseah he anne man þe wæs blind geboren.

    2 & his leorning-cnihtas hine axodon & cwædon; Läreow. hwæt syngode þes. oððe his magas þt he wære blind geboren;

    3 Se hælend &swarude & cwæð. ne syngode he ne his magas. ac þt godes weorc wære geswutelod on him;

    4 Me gebyrað to wyrceanne þæs weorc þe me sende þa hwile þe hit dæg is niht cymþ þonne nan man wyrcan ne mæg;

    5 Ic eom middan-eardes leoht þa hwile þe ic on middan-earde eom.

    6 Ða he þas þing sæde. þa spættes he on þa eorþan & worhte fenn of his spatle. & smyrede mid þam fenne ofer his eagan

    7 & cwæð to him; Gä & þweah þe on syloes mere he for & þwoh hine & com geseonde;

    8 Witodlice his neah-geburas & þa þe hine gesawon þa he wædla wæs cwædon hu nis þis se ðe sæt & wædlode.

    9 Sume cwædon he hyt is; Sume cwædon nese. ac is him gelïc; He cwæþ soðlice. ic hit eom;

    10 Ða cwædon hig to him. hu wæron þine eagan geopenede.

    [Page 90]

    11 he &swarode & cwæð; Se man þe is genemned hælend worhte fenn & smyrede mine eagan. & cwæð to me; Gä to syloes mere & þweah þe. & ic eode. & þwoh me & geseah;

    12 Ða cwædon hig to him. hwar is he. þa cwæð he. ic nat;

    13 Hig læddon to þam phariseon þone þe þar blind wæs.

    14 hit wæs reste-dæg þa se hælend worhte þt fenn. & his eagan untynde;

    15 Eft þa pharisei hyne axsedon hu he gesawe. he cwæð to him he dyde fenn ofer mine æagan & ic þwoh & ic geseo;

    16 Sume þa pharisei cwædon nis ðes man of gode þe reste-dæg ne healt; Sume cwædon hu mæg synful mann þas tacn wyrcean. & hig fliton him betweonan;

    17 Hig cwædon eft to þam blindan. hwæt segst þu be þam þe þine eagan untynde. he cwæð he is witega;

    18 Ne gelyfdon þa iudeas be him. þt he blind wære & gesawe ærþam þe hig clypodon his magas þe gesawon

    19 & axodon hig. & cwædon; Is ðis eower sunu þe ge secgað þt blind wære acenned. hu-meta gesyhþ he nu;

    20 Hys magas him &swaredon & cwædon we witon þt þes [is] ure sunu & þt he wæs bli[n]d acenned.

    [Page 92]

    21 we nyton hu-mete he nu gesyhþ ne hwa his eagan untynde; Ahxsiað hine sylfne. yllde he hæfð. sprece for hine sylfne;

    22 His magas spæcon þas þing forþam þe hig ondredon þa iudeas; Ða gedihton þa iudeas gif hwa crist andette þt he wære butan hyra geferrædene.

    23 forþam cwædon his magas. he hæfþ ylde axiað hine sylfne;

    24 Ða clypodon hig eft þone mann þe ær blind wæs. & cwædon to him; Sege gode wuldor. we witon þt he is synful.

    25 & he cwæð gif he synful is. þt ic nat. an þing ic wat þt ic wæs blind. & þt ic nu geseo;

    26 Ða cwædon hig to him hwæt dyde he þe. hu ontynde he þine eagan.

    27 he &swarode him & cwæð. ic eow sæde ær & ge gehyrdon. hwi wylle ge hyt eft gehyran. cweðe ge wylle ge beon his leorning-cnihtas;

    28 Þa wyrigdon hig hine & cwædon. si þu his leorning-cniht we synt moyses leorning-cnihtas.

    29 we witon þt god spæc wiþ moyses. nyte wë hwanon þes is;

    30 Se man &swarode & cwæð to him. þt is wundorlic þt ge nyton hwanon he is & he untynde mine eagan.

    [Page 94]

    31 we witon soþlice þt god ne gehyrþ synfulle. ac gif hwa is gode gecoren & his willan wyrcð. þone he gehyrð;

    32 Ne gehyrde we næfre on worulde þt ænig ontynde þæs eagan þe wære blind geboren.

    33 ne mihte þes nan þing don gif he nære of gode;

    34 hig &swaredon & cwædon to him. eall þu eart on synnum geboren & þu lærst us. & hig drifon hine ut;

    35 Ða se hælend gehyrde þt hig hyne drifon üt. þa cwæð he to him þa he hine gemitte gelyfst þu on godes sunu.

    36 he &swarude & cwæð. hwylc is drihten þt ic on hine gelyfe;

    37 And se hælend cwæð to him. þu hine gesawe. & se ðe wið þe sprycð se hit is;

    38 Ða cwæþ he drihten. ic gelyfe. & he feoll nyþer & ge-eaðmedde hyne.

    39 & se hælend cwæð to him; Ic com on þysne middan-eard to demenne þt þa sceolon geseon. þe ne geseoð. & beon blinde þa þe geseoð;

    40 Ða þt gehyrdon þa pharisei þe mid him wæron; Ða cwædon hig to hym; Cwyst þu synt we blinde.

    41 & se hælend cwæð to him. gif ge blinde wæron næfde ge nane synne; Nu ge secgað. þt þt ge geseon. þt is eowre synn;

    [Page 96]


    1 [Note:

    qui non intrat per hostium in ouile ouium. Cp.

    Ðys sceal on tywes dæg on þære pentecostenes wucan. Amen Amen dico uobis. Qui non intrat per hostium in ouile. A.
    ] Soþ ic secge eow se þe ne gæð æt þam gete into sceapa falde. ac styhþ elles ofer he is þeof & sceaða;

    2 Se þe in-gæþ æt þam geate. he is sceapa hyrde

    3 þæne se geat-weard læt in. & þa sceap gehyrað his stefne. & he nemð his agene sceap be naman [&] læt hig ut.

    4 & þonne he his agene sceap læt üt he gæð beforan him. & þa sceap him fyligeað forþam þe hig gecnawað his stefne;

    5 Ne fyligeaþ hig uncuþum ac fleoð fram him. forðam þe hig ne gecneowun üncuðra stefne;

    6 Ðis bigspell se hælend him sæde. hig nyston hwæt he spræc to him;

    7 Eft se hælend cwæð to him; Soþ ic eow secge. ic eom sceapa geat.

    8 ealle þa þe comun wæron þeofas & sceaþan. ac þa sceap hig ne gehyrdon.

    9 ic eom geat swa hwylc swa þurh me gæð byþ hal. & gæð in & üt & fint læse.

    10 þeof ne cymð buton þt he stele & slëa. & fordo; Ic com to þam þt hig habbon lïf & habbon genoh;

    11 [Note:

    Ego sum pastor bonus. Cp.

    Ðys sceal on sunnan dæg feowertyne nyht uppan eastron. Ego sum pastor bonus. A. Ego sum pastor bonus. bonus pastor animam suam dat pro ouibus suis. B.
    ] Ic eom god hÿrde. god hyrde sylþ his lif for his sceapon;

    [Page 98]

    12 Se hÿra se þe nis hyrde. & se þe nah þa sceap. þonne he þone wulf gesyhþ þonne flyhð he & forlæt þa sceap. & se wulf nimð & todrif[ð] ða sceap;

    13 Se hÿra flyhþ forþam þe he bið ahÿrod. & him ne gebyrað to þam sceapum;

    14 Ic eom god hyrde & ic gecnawe mine sceap & hig gecnawað me;

    15 Swa min fæder can me. ic can minne fæder.

    16 & ic hæbbe oðre sceap þa ne synt of ðisse heorde. & hit gebyrað þt ic læde þæge & hig gehyrað mine stefne & hyt byþ an heord & an hyrde

    17 forþam fæder me lufað. forþam þe ic sylle mine sawle & hig eft nime;

    18 Ne nimð hig nan man æt me. ac læte hig fram me sylfum; Ic hæbbe anweald mine sawle to alætane & ic hæbbe anweald hig eft to nimanne. þis bebod ic nam æt minum fæder;

    19 Eft wæs ungeðwærnes geworden be-twyx þam iudeum for þysum spræcum.

    20 manega hyra cwædon. deofol is on him & he cwæð (sic) hwi hlyste ge him;

    21 Sume cwædon ne synt na þis wodes mannes word. cwyst þu. mæg wod man blindra manna eagan ontynan;

    22 [Note: Ðys sceal on wodnes dæg innon þære fiftan lencten wucan & to cyric-halgungum. Facta sunt encenia in hierosolimis & hiemps erat. A. ] Þa wæron templ-halgunga on ierusalem & hit wæs winter

    23 & se hælend eode on þam temple on salomones portice;

    [Page 100]

    24 Ða bestodon þa iudeas hyne utan & cwædon to him. hu lange gælst þu üre lïf. Sege us openlice hwæþer þu crist sy;

    25 Se hælend him &swarode & cwæþ. ic spece to eow & ge ne gelyfað. þa weorc þe ic wyrce on mines fæder naman. þa cyþaþ gewitnesse be me.

    26 ac ge ne gelyfað. forþam þe ge [ne] synt of minum sceapum;

    27 mine sceap gehyraþ mine stefne. & ic gecnawe hig. & hig folgiað me.

    28 & ic him sylle ëce lïf & hig ne forwurðaþ næfre & ne nimð hig nan man of minre handa

    29 þt þe min fæder me sealde is mærre þonne ænig oðer ðing. & ne mæg hit nan man niman of mines fæder handa.

    30 ic & fæder synt an;

    31 Ða iudeas namon stanas þt hig woldon hyne torfian;

    32 Se hælend him &swarode & cwæð. manega gode weorc ic eow æt-eowde be minum fæder for hwylcum þære weorca wylle ge me hænan.

    33 þa iudeas him &swaredon & cwædon. ne hæne we ðe for godum weorce ac for þinre bysmor-spæce & forþam þe þu eart man & wyrcst þe to gode;

    34 Se hælend [him] &swarode & cwæð hu nys hit awriten on eowre æ. þt ic sæde ge synt godas.

    [Page 102]

    35 gif he þa tealde godas þe godes spæc to wæs geworden & þt halige gewrit ne mæg beon awend

    36 þe fæder gehalgode & sende on middan-eard. ge secgað þt þu bysmor spycst forþam ic sæde ic eom godes sunu;

    37 Gif ic ne wyrce mines fæder weorc. ne gelyfað me;

    38 Gif ic wyrce mines fæder weorc & gif ge me nellað gelyfan. gelyfað þam weorcum. þt ge oncnawun & gelyfon þt fæder ys on me & ic on fæder;

    39 Hig smeadon witodlice embe þt hig woldon hine gefon & he eode ut fram him;

    40 & he for eft ofer iordanën to þære stowe þe iohannes wæs. & ærest on fullode & he wunode þar.

    41 & manega comon to him & cwædon. witodlice ne worhte iohannes nan tacn. ealle þa þing þe iohannes sæde be þyson wæron soðe

    42 & manega gelyfdon on hyne.


    1 [Note: Ðys sceal on fryge dæg on mydfæstenes wucan. Erat quidam languens lazarus. A. ] Witodlice sum seoc man wæs genemned lazarus of bethania of marian ceastre & of martham his swustra.

    2 hit wæs sëo marïa þe smyrede drihten mid þære sealfe & drigde his fet mid hyre loccon; Lazarus hyre broðor wæs ge-yfled.

    3 his swustra sendon to him & cwædon drïhten. nu is seoc se ðe þu lufast.

    [Page 104]

    4 Ða se hælend þt gehyrde. þa cwæð he to him; Nys þeos untrumnys na for deaðe. ac for godes wuldre þt godes sunu si gewuldrod þurh hyne;

    5 Soðlice se hælend lufode martham. & hyre swustor marïam & lazarum hyra broðor;

    6 Witodlice he wæs twegen dagas on ðære sylfan stowe þa he gehyrde þt he seoc wæs;

    7 Æfter þisson he cwæð to his leorning-cnihton uton faran eft to iudea lande.

    8 his leorning-cnihtas cwædon to him. läreow. nu þa iudeas sohton ðe þt hig woldon þe hænan. & wylt þu eft faran ðyder;

    9 Se hælend him &swarode & cwæð. hu ne synt twelf tida þæs dæges. gif hwa gæð on dæg ne æt-spy[r]nð he forþam he gesyhþ þyses middan-eardes leoht;

    10 Gif he gæð on niht he æt-spyrnð forþam þe leoht nis on hyre;

    11 Ðas ðing he cwæð & syððan he cwæð to him. lazarus ure freond slæpð. ac ic wylle gan & awreccan (sic) hyne of slæpe;

    12 His leorning-cnihtas cwædon. drihten gif he slæpð. he byþ hal;

    13 Se hælend hit cwæð be his deaþe. hi wendon soðlice þt he hyt sæde be swefnes slæpe;

    14 Ða cwæð se hælend openlice to him. Ladzarus ys dead.

    [Page 106]

    15 & ic eom bliþe for eowrum þingon þt ge gelyfon forþam ic næs þara ac uton gän to him;

    16 Ða cwæð thomas to hys geferan. uton gan & sweltan mid him;

    17 Ða for se hælend & gemette þt he wæs forð-faren & for feower dagon bebyrged;

    18 Bethanïa ys gehende ierusalem ofer fyftyne furlang;

    19 Manega þara iudea comon to martham & to marïan þt hig woldon hi frefrian for hyra broðor þingon;

    20 Ða martha gehyrde þt se hælend cöm. þa arn heo ongean hyne. & marïa sæt æt ham;

    21 Ða cwæð martha to þam hælende; Drihten. gif þu wære her nære min broðor dead.

    22 & ec ic wat nu þa þt god þe sylð swa hwæt swa ðu hyne bitst;

    23 Ða cwæð se hælend to hyre þin broðor arist;

    24 & martha cwæþ to him. ic wat þt he arist on þam ytemestan dæge;

    25 & se hælend cwæð to hyre. ic eom æryst & lïf se ðe ge-lyfð on me þeah he dead sy he leofað.

    26 & ne swylt nan þara þe leofað & gelyfð on me; Gelyfst þu þyses.

    27 heo cwæð to him. witodlice drihten ic gelyfe þt þu eart crist godes sunu þe on middan-eard cöme;

    [Page 108]

    28 & þa heo ðas þing sæde. heo eode & clypode diglice marian hyre swustor þus cweþende. her is ure lareow & clypað þe;

    29 Ða heo þt gehyrde heo aräs raðe & com to him.

    30 þa gyt ne com se hælend binnan þa ceastre ac wæs ða gyt on ðære stowe þar martha him ongean com;

    31 Þa iudeas þe wæron mid hyre on huse & hi frefrodon þa hig gesawon þt marïa aräs & mid ofste ut-eodon hig fyligdon hyre ðus cweþende; Heo gæð to his byrgenne þt heo wepe þara;

    32 Ða marïa com þar se hæle[n]d wæs & heo hine geseah heo feoll to his fotum & cwæð to him; Drihten. gif ðu wære her nære min broðor dead;

    33 Ða se hælend geseah þt heo weop & þt þa iudeas weopon þe mid hyre cömon. he geomrode on hys gaste & gedrefde hyne sylfne

    34 & cwæð hwar lede ge hine; Hig cwædon to him. drihten ga & geseoh.

    35 & se hælend weop

    36 & þa iudeas cwædon loca nu hu he hyne lufode;

    37 Sume hi cwædon. ne mihte ðes þe ontynde blindes eagan. don eac þt þes nære dead;

    38 Eft se hælend geomrode on him sylfum & com to þære byrgenne hit wæs än scræf & þar wæs an stän on-uppan geled;

    [Page 110]

    39 And se hælend cwæð doð aweg þone stan; Ða cwæð martha to him þæs swustor þe þar dead wæs; Drihten nu he stingð (sic) he wæs for feowur dagon dead;

    40 Se hælend cwæð to hyre. ne sæde ic ðe þt þu ges

  5. Suzanne McCarthy
    Posted February 28, 2007 at 3:51 pm | Permalink

    Wow. Lots of great help. Thanks.

    Peter, yes, ‘word’ is spelled ‘uord’ and ‘ƿord’ with a wynn. I just transliterated it automatically in my head as I was reading and because I hadn’t yet linked to an anglo-saxon alphabet I didn’t mention the wynn. I will link to that soon.


    Fantastic. Now I can see that I was unable to read the word for beginning – ‘frymd’ so I just made something up – oops :-) I will go back and correct that this evening.

    However the rest of the verse, I am going to let stand since the text you supply is a collation of the Lindisfarne Gospels and the Rushworth Gospels and does not represent the text exactly as it is on this page. I did also transliterate þt into ‘that’. I had not yet figured out if the Anglo-Saxon alphbet displayed in IE but it does! At least in IE 7.

  6. Suzanne McCarthy
    Posted February 28, 2007 at 4:17 pm | Permalink


    Do you mean the book by Sacks published as ‘Letter Perfect’ or ‘Language Visible’? Or has Sacks written another?


    I am going to correct ‘prima’ to ‘fryma’ since that is what the Lindisfarne text seems to me to have. I could be wrong but ….

  7. Peter Kirk
    Posted February 28, 2007 at 4:57 pm | Permalink

    The book by Sacks I am referring to is a popular one published in the UK by Arrow (part of Random House) in 2004 (ISBN 0-09-943682-5), previously in the USA by Broadway Books in 2003. There is no indication of another title.

    You should have no trouble displaying thorn “þ” and eth “ð” in almost any software as these are part of the standard Western European character set (because they are used in Icelandic). Wynn “ƿ” may be more of a problem, as for that you need not only Unicode support (no problem in Blogger and IE) but also a font with this character. I guess that it is for font reasons that the text Anonymous provides uses “w” instead of “ƿ”.

  8. Suzanne McCarthy
    Posted February 28, 2007 at 8:57 pm | Permalink

    I see that Sacks published both books around the same time. The other book has two titles. I wouldn’t recommend them for more than entertainment value. They perpetuate a lot of myths.

  9. Suzanne McCarthy
    Posted February 28, 2007 at 11:05 pm | Permalink


    I really appreciate this full text of John’s gospel. In a few days I want to write about the text of Luke chapter 2 because that is the only page of full text that I have an image for.

    Could you post the Anglo-saxon for Luke 2? It would be a great help and reduce the numbers of errors I might make. I never did study anglo-saxon and my Latin is a little rusty.

  10. anonymous
    Posted March 1, 2007 at 12:49 am | Permalink


    Introductory matter

    Title page






    Preface V
    Notes shewing when certain Lessons are to be read 1
    Praefatio Lucae 2
    Capitula Lectionum 3
    Euangelium 13
    Appendix: Collation of the Latin texts of the Lindisfarne and Rushworth MSS. 241
    Critical Notes 249


    Title page





    1 [Note: Lucas boc ðæs halgan godspelleres. B. Her ongin .. lucas Boc Ðæs halgan godspelleres. C. Ðis god-spel ge-byrað on midde sumeres mæsseæfen. Fuit in diebus herodis regis. A. ] Forþam ðe witodlice manega þohton þara þinga race geende-byrdan þe on üs gefyllede synt.

    2 swa us betæhtun ða þe hyt of frymðe gesäwon. & þære spræce þënas wæron;

    3 Me ge-þuhte geornlice eallum oð ëndebyrdnesse writan þe; þü se sëlusta theöphilus

    4 þt ðu oncnäwe þara worda soþfæstnesse of ðam ðe þu gelæred eart;

    5 On herodes dagum iudëa cyninges. wæs sum sacerd on naman zacharias of abian tüne. & his wïf wæs of äärones dohtrum. & hyre nama wæs elizabeth;

    6 Soðlice hig wæron butu riht-wise be-foran gode. gangende on eallum his bebodum & rihtwisnessum butan wrohte.

    7 & hig næfdon nan bearn. forðam ðe. elizabeth wæs unberende. & hy on heora dagum butu forð-eodon;

    8 Soðlice wæs geworden þa zacharias his sacerdes hades breäc on hys gewrixles endebyrdnesse beforan gode.

    [Page 16]

    9 æfter gewunan ðæs sacerdhades hlotes. he eöde þæt he hys offrunga sette; Ða he on godes tempel eode

    10 eall werod þæs folces wæs üte gebiddende on þære offrunga tïman;

    11 Ðä ætywde him drihtnes engel standende on þæs weofodes swyðran healfe;

    12 Ða wearð zacharias gedrëfed þt geseonde & him ege on-hreas;

    13 Ða cwæð se engel him to. ne ondræd þu þe zacharias. forþam þin bën ys gehyred & þin wïf elizabeth þe sunu cenð. & þu nemst hys naman Iohannes.

    14 & he byð þe to gefëan & to blisse. & manega on his acennednysse gefagniað;

    15 Soðlice he byð mære beforan drihtne & he ne drincð wïn. ne beör. & he byð gefylled on haligum gaste. þonne gÿt of hys modor innoðe.

    16 & manega israhela bearna he gecyrð to drihtne hyra gode.

    17 & he gæð toforan him on gaste. & elïas mihte. þt he fædera heortan to heora bearnum gecyrre. & ungeleaffulle to riht-wisra gleawscype. drihtne full-fremed folc gegearwian;

    18 Ða cwæð zacharias to þam engele. hwanun wät ic þis; Ic eom nu eald & mïn wïf on hyre dagum forð-eöde;

    19 Ða andswarode him se engel; Ic eom gabriel ic þe stande beforan gode. & ic eom asend wið þe sprecan. & þe ðis bodian;

    [Page 18]

    20 And nu þu byst suwiende. & þu sprecan ne miht. oð þone dæg þe ðas ðing gewurðaþ. forþam þü mïnum wordum ne gelyfdest. þa beoð on hyra tïman gefyllede;

    21 And þt folc wæs zachariam geanbidiende & wundrodon þt he on þam temple læt wæs;

    22 Ða he üt-eöde ne mihte he him to sprecan. & hig on-cneowon þt he on þam temple sume gesihtðe geseah. & he wæs bicniende him & düm þurh-wunede;

    23 Ða wæs geworden þa his þenunga dagas. gefyllede wæron. he ferde to his huse;

    24 Soðlice æfter dagum elizabeth his wïf ge-eacnode & heo bediglude hig fïf monþas & cwæð;

    25 Soðlice me drihten gedyde þus. on þam dagum þe he geseah minne hosp betux mannum afyrran.

    26 [Note: Ðis sceal on wodnes dæg to þam ymbrene ær mydda wyntran. Missus est angelus gabrihel. A. Missus est gabriel angelus a deo in ciuitatem galileæ. B. ] Soþlice on þam syxtan monðe wæs äsend gabriel se engel fram drihtne on galilea ceastre. þære nama wæs nazarëth.

    27 to beweddudre fæmnan änum were. þæs nama wæs iosep. of dauides hüse. & þære fæmnan nama wæs maria.

    28 Ða cwæþ se engel ingangende. häl wes ðü mid gyfe gefylled. drihten mid þe; Ðu eart gebletsud on wifum.

    29 þa wearð heo on his spræce gedrëfed. & þohte hwæt seo greting wære;

    [Page 20]

    30 Ða cwæð se engel. ne ondræd þu ðe marïa; Soðlice þu gyfe mid gode gemettest;

    31 Soðlice nu þu on innoðe ge-eacnast. & sunu censt & his naman hælend genemnest;

    32 Se byð mære & þæs hehstan sunu genemned. & him sylþ drihten göd his fæder. dauides setl.

    33 & he ricsað on ecnesse on Iacobes hüse. & hys rïces ënde ne byþ;

    34 Ða cwæð maria to þam engle. hu gewyrð þis forðam ic were ne on-cnäwe;

    35 Ða &swarode hyre se engel; Se halga gast on þe becymþ & þæs heahstan miht þe ofer-sceadað. & forðam þt hälige ðe of þe acenned byð byþ godes sunu genemned

    36 & nu elizabeth þin mæge sunu on hyre ÿlde ge-eacnode. & þe monað ys hyre sixta. seo is ünberende genemned.

    37 forþam nis ælc wörd mid göde ünmihtelic;

    38 Ða cwæþ marïa her is drihtnes þïnen. gewurþe me æfter þïnum wörde. & se engel hyre fram gewat.

    39 [Note: Ðys gebyrað on frige dæg to þam ylcan fæstene. Exsurgens autem maria. A. Exurgens maria abiit in montana cum festinacione. B. ] Soþlice on þam dagum aräs maria & ferde on munt-land mid ofste. on iudeisce ceastre

    40 & eode into zacharias hüse & grete elizabeth;

    41 Ða wæs geworden þa elizabeth gehyrde marïan gretinge. þa gefagnude þt cïld on hyre innoðe; And þa wearð elizabeth halegum gaste gefylled.

    [Page 22]

    42 & heo clypode micelre stëfne. & cwæþ; Ðu eart betwux wïfum gebletsod. & gebletsud ys þïnes innoðes wæstm.

    43 & hwanun is me ðis þt mines drihtnes modor to me cume;

    44 Sona swa þinre gretinge stefn on minum earum gewörden wæs. þa fahnude mïn cild. on minum innoþe;

    45 And eadïg þu eart ðu þe gelyfdest þt fulfremede sÿnd. þa ðing þe ðe fram drihtne gesæde synd;

    46 Ða cwæð maria min sawl mærsaþ drihten;

    47 And min gast geblissude on gode minum hælende;

    48 Forðam þe he geseah hys þinene eadmodnesse; Soþlice heonun-forð më eadige secgað ealle cneoressa.

    49 forðam þe me micele þing dyde se ðe mihtig is. & hys nama ys hälig

    50 & hys mild-heortnes of cneoresse on cneoresse hyne ondrædendum.

    51 He worhte [mægne] on hys earme. he to-dælde þa ofer-mödan. On möde hyra heörtan;

    52 He awearp þa rïcan of setle. & ða eaðmodan up ahöf;

    53 Hingriende he mid gödum gefylde. & ofer-möde idele for-lët;

    54 He afeng israhel hys cniht. & gemunde hys mildheortnesse;

    55 Swa he spræc to ürum fæderum abrahame & hys sæde on ä woruld;

    [Page 24]

    56 [Note: Ðys gebyrað on myd-sumeres mæsse-dæg. Elizabeth autem impletum est tempus pariendi. A. ] Soþlice maria wunude mid hyre swylce þrÿ monþas. & gewende þa to hyre huse;

    57 Ða wæs gefylled elizabethe cenning-tïd. & heo sunu cende.

    58 & hyre nehcheburas & hyre cuðan þt gehyrdon þt drihten hys mild-heort-nesse mid hyre mærsude. & hig mid hyre blissodon;

    59 Ða on þam ehteoþan dæge hig comon þt cild ymsniþan. & nemdon hyne hys fæder naman zachariam.

    60 Ða andswarode his modor nese soþes. ac he byð iohannes genemned;

    61 Ða cwædon hig to hyre. nis nän on þïnre mægðe þyson naman genemned;

    62 Ða bicnodon hi to hys fæder hwæt he wolde hine genemnedne bëon.

    63 þa wrät he gebedenum wex-brede; Iohannes is hys nama; Ða wundrodon hig ealle;

    64 Ða wearð sona hys muð & hys tunge geopenod & he spræc drihten bletsiende;

    65 Ða wearð ege geworden ofer ealle hyra nehcheburas. & ofer ealle iudëa munt-länd. wæron þas wörd gewid-mærsode.

    66 & ealle þa ðe hit gehyrdon on heora heortan settun & cwædon; Wenstu hwæt byð þes cnapa. witodlice drihtenes hand wæs mid him;

    67 And zacharias his fæder wæs mid halegum gaste afylled. & he witegode & cwæþ;

    [Page 26]

    68 Gebletsud sï drihten israhela god. forþam þe he geneosode. & his folces alysednesse dyde;

    69 & he üs hæle horn arærde. on dauides huse hys cnihtes;

    70 Swa he spræc þurh hys halegra witegena muð. þa he of worldes frymðe spræcon.

    71 & he alysde us of urum feondum. & of ealra þara handa þe üs hatedon;

    72 Mildheortnesse to wyrcænne mid ürum fæderum. & gemunan his halegan cyþnesse;

    73 Hyne us to syllenne þone að. þe he ürum fæder abrahame swör.

    74 þt we butan ege of üre feonda handa alÿsede him þeowian.

    75 On halignesse beforan him. eallum urum dagum;

    76 And þu cnapa byst þæs hehstan witega genemned. þu gæst beforan drihtnes ansyne. his wegas gearwian;

    77 To syllenne his folce hys hæle gewit on hyra synna. forgyfnesse;

    78 Þurh innoþas üres godes mildheortnesse. on þam he üs geneosode of east-dæle up-springende;

    79 Onlihtan þam þe on ðystrum & on dëaþes sceade sittað. ure fët to gereccenne on sybbe weg;

    80 Soþlice se cnapa weöx. & wæs on gäste gestrangod. & wæs on westenum oþ þone dæg hys æt-iwednessum ON ISRAHEL;

    [Page 28]


    1 [Note: Ðis sceal on mydde wyntres mæssenyht to þære forman mæssan. A. Exiit edictum a cessare augusto. B. ] Soþlice on þam dagum wæs geworden gebod fram þam casere augusto. þt eall ymbe-hwyrft wære to-mearcod;

    2 Þeos to-mearcodnes wæs æryst gewörden fram þam deman syrige cirïno.

    3 & ealle hig eodon. & syndrie fërdon on hyra ceastre;

    4 Ða ferde iosep fram galilea of þære ceastre nazareth. on iudeisce ceastre dauides. seo is genemned bethleem. forþam þe he wæs of dauides hüse. & hirede

    5 þt he fërde mid marian þe him beweddod wæs. & wæs geeacnod;

    6 So[þ]lice wæs gewörden þa hi þar wæron. hire dagas wæron gefyllede þt heo cende.

    7 & heo cende hyre frum-cennedan sunu. & hine mid cild-cläþum bewänd. & hine on binne alëde. forþam þe hig næfdon rüm on cumena huse;

    8 & hyrdas wæron on þam ylcan rïce waciende. & niht-wæccan healdende ofer heora heorda

    9 þa stöd drihtnes engel wiþ hïg & godes beorhtnes him ymbe-scean. & hi him mycelum ege adredon.

    10 & se engel him to cwæð; Nelle ge eow adrædan. soþlice nu ic eow bodie mycelne gefean. se bið eallum folce.

    11 forþam to-dæg eow ys hælend acenned. se is drihten crist on dauides ceastre;

    [Page 30]

    12 And þis täcen eow byð; Ge ge-metað än cild hreglum bewunden. & on binne aled;

    13 And þa wæs færinga geworden mid þam engle mycelnes heofonlices werydes god heriendra & þus cweþendra;

    14 Gode sy wuldor on heahnesse & on eorðan sybb mannum godes willan;

    15 & hit wæs gewörden þa ða englas to heofene fërdon. þa hyrdas him betwynan spræcon & cwædon; Utun faran to bethleem. & geseon þt wörd þe gewörden is. þt drihten üs æt-ÿwde;

    16 & hig efstende comon. & gemetton marïan & iosep & þt cild on binne aled;

    17 Þa hi þt gesäwon þa on-cneowon hig be þam wörde þe him gesæd wæs be þam cilde;

    18 & ealle þa ðe gehyrdon wundredon be þam þe him þa hyrdas sædon;

    19 Marïa geheold ealle þas wörd on hyre heortan smeagende;

    20 Ða gewendon ham þa hyrdas god wuldriende & heriende on eallum þam ðe hi gehyrdon. & gesäwon; Swa to him gecweden wæs;

    21 [Note: Ðys sceal on þone ehtoðan mæsse-dæg to myddan wyntra. Postquam consumati sunt dies octo. A. Postquam impleti sunt dies octo. B. ] Æfter þam þe ehta dagas gefyllede wæron þt ðæt cild emsnyden wære. his nama wæs hælend; Se wæs fram engle genemned. ær he on innoðe ge-eacnod wære;

    [Page 32]

    22 [Note: Postquam impleti sunt dies purgationis mariæ. B. ] & æfter þam þe hyre clænsunge dagas gefyllede wæron. æfter moyses æ. hi læddon hyne on hierusalem þt hi hine gode gesettun

    23 swa swa on drihtnes æ. awriten is; þt ælc wæpned gecÿnd-lïm. ontynende. byð drihtne halig genemned;

    24 And þt hig offrunge seäldon æfter þam þe drihtnes æ. gecweden is. twa turtlan. oððe twegen culfran briddas.

    25 & þa wæs än man on hierusalem þæs nama wæs simeon & þes man wæs riht-wïs & oþ israhela frofor geanbidiende. & häli gast him on wæs.

    26 & he andsware fram þam halegan gaste onfeng. þt he deað ne gesawe. buton he ær drihten crist gesawe;

    27 And on gaste he on þt tempel cöm. & þa his magas læddon þone hælend. þt hig for him æfter þære .æ. gewunan dydon.

    28 he onfeng hine mid his handum. & god bletsode & cwæð;

    29 Drihten. nu þu lætst þinne þeow æfter þinum worde on sibbe;

    30 Forðam mïne eagan gesawon þine hæle.

    31 ða þu ge-earwodest beforan ansyne eallra folca;

    32 Leoht to þeoda awrigenesse & to þines folces wuldre ISRAHEL.

    33 [Note: Ðis sceal on sunnan dæg betweox mydde wintres mæsse-dæge & twelftan dæge. Erat ioseph & maria. A. Erat pater iesu & mater mirantes super his que dicebantur de illo. B. ] Ða wæs his fæder & his modor wundriende be þam þe be him gesæde wæron;

    [Page 34]

    34 And þa bletsude hig simeon & cwæþ to marian his meder; Loca nu þes is on hryre. & on æryst asett manega on israhel. & on tacen þam ðe wið-cweden byð;

    35 And his swurd þine sawle þurh-færð. þt geþohtas sÿn awrigene of manegum heortum;

    36 And anna wæs witegystre fanueles dohtor of assëres mægðe þeos wunude manigne dæg. & heo leofode mid hyre were seofan gër of hyre fæmn-häde.

    37 & heo wæs wudewe oð feower & hund-eahtatig geara; Seo of þam temple ne gewat. dæges & nihtes þeowigende on fæstenum & on halsungum.

    38 And þeos ðære tïde becumende drihtne andette & be him spræc eallum þam þe ge-anbidedon hierusalem alysednesse;

    39 & þa hi ealle þing gefyldon. æfter drihtnes .æ. hi ge-hwurfon on galileam on heora ceastre nazareth;

    40 Soðlice þt cild weox & wæs gestrangod wïs-domes full. & godes gyfu wæs on him.

    41 & his magas ferdon ælce gere to hierusalem on easter-dæges freols-tïde.

    42 & þa he wæs twelf wintre hy föron to hierusalem to þan easterlican freolse æfter hyra gewunan.

    43 And gefylledum dagum þa hig agëngehwurfon. beläf se hælend on hierusalem. & his magas þt nyston.

    [Page 36]

    44 wendon þt he on heora gefëre wære. Þa cömon hig änes dæges fær. & hine sohton betux his magas & his cuðan.

    45 ða hig hyne ne fundon hig gewendun to hierusalem hyne secende;

    46 Ða æfter þrim dagum hig fundon hine on þam temple sittende on middan þam lareowum. hlystende & hi ahsiende;

    47 Þa wundrodon hig ealle þe gehyrdon be his gleaw-scipe. & hys &-swarum;

    48 Ða cwæþ his modor to him; Sunu hwi dydest þu unc ðus. þin fæder & ic sarigende þe sohton;

    49 Ða cwæð he to him. hwæt is þt gyt me sohton. nyste gyt þt me gebyrað to beonne on þam ðingum ðe mïnes fæder synt;

    50 Ða ne ongëton hïg þt wörd þe he to him spræc;

    51 Ða ferde he mid him & com to nazareth. & wæs him under-þeod; And his modor geheold ealle þas wörd on hyre heortan smeagende;

    52 And se hælend þeah on wïsdome & on ylde. & mid gyfe. mid gode & mid mannum


    1 [Note: Ðis ge-byrað on sætern-dæg to æw-fæstene ær myddan wyntra. Anno quinto decimo. A. ] Soðlice þam fifteoðan geare þæs caseres anwealdes tiberïï. begymendum þam pontiscan pilate iudëa-þeode. feorðan dæles rïca galilëë herode. filippo his breþer feorðan dæles rïca. Iturie. & þæs rïces traconitidis & lisania abilïne feorþan dæles rïca.

    [Page 38]

    2 under ðara sacerda ealdrum anna & caifä. godes word wæs geworden ofer zacharias sunu on westene

    3 & he cöm into eall iordanes rïcæ bodiende dæd-böte fulluht. & synna forgyfenesse.

    4 swa hit awriten ys on isaias bec þæs witegan; Clypiende stëfen on westene. gegearwiað drihtnes weg. doð his siðas rihte;

    5 Ælc denu bið gefylled. & ælc munt & beorh byð genyðerud. & þwuru beoð on gerihte. & ungerydu on smëðe wegas.

    6 & ælc flæsc gesihð godes hæle;

    7 Soþlice he cwæð to þam menegum þe fërdon þt hi wæron gefullode fram him. eala næddrena cynn hwa æt-ywde eow þt ge fleon fram þam towerdan yrre;

    8 [Note: Ðis sceal on þone þryddan þunres dæg innan lenctene & to pentecosten on sæternes dæg. Surgens iesus de sinagoga introiuit in domum simonis. A. ] Doð geornlice dæd-böte wæst-mas & ne ongynne ge cweðan. we habbað us to fæder abraham; Ic secge eow. þt god is swa mihtig þt he mæg of þysum stänum abrahames bearn aweccan;

    9 Nu is seo æx asett. to ðæs treowes wyrtruman. witodlice ælc treow þe ne bryncð godne wæs[t]m. bið for-corfen & on fÿr aworpen;

    10 Þa ahsodon hyne þa menegu & cwædon. hwæt do we;

    11 Ða cwæð he to him. se þe hæfð twa tunecan sylle þam þe næfð. & þam gelice dö se þe mettas hæfþ;

    [Page 40]

    12 Ða comon þa mänfullan þt hig aþwegene wæron. & cwædon to him. lareow hwæt do we;

    13 Þa cwæð he ne do ge naht mare þonne þt eow geset is;

    14 Ða ahsodon hine þa cempan & cwædon. & hwæt do we; Ða sæde he him. ne sleage nanne; Ne täle ne doð. & beoð eð-hylde on eowrum andlyfenum;

    15 Soðlice þam folce wenendum & eallum on hyra heortan þencendum be iohanne hwæþer he crist wære;

    16 Ða &swarude iohannes him. eallum secgende; Witodlice ic eow on wætere fullige; Soþlice cymð strengra þonne ic. þæs ic ne eom wyrþe þt ic hys sceo-þwancg üncnytte; He eow fullað on halgum gaste & on fÿre;

    17 & his fann ys on his handa. & he feormað his bernes flöre. & gaderað hys hwæte into his berne. þt ceaf he for-bærnþ. on un-äcwencedlicum fÿre;

    18 Manega oðre þing bodigende he þt folc lærde;

    19 Herodes se feorðan dæles rïca. þa he wæs fram him geðread. be ðære herodiadiscan hys broðor wife. & be eallum yfelum þe herodes dyde;

    20 & ofer eall þt ge-icte þt he be-clysde iohannem on cwearterne;

    21 Soðlice wæs geworden þa eall þt folc wæs gefullod. & þam hælende gefulledum & gebiddendum. heofon wæs ge-openud

    [Page 42]

    22 & se halega gast astah lichamlicre ansyne on hyne swa än culfre. & stefen wæs of heofone geworden & þus cwæð; Ðu eart min gecorena sunu. on þe me gelicode.

    23 & se hælend wæs on ylde swylce þritig wintre. þt menn wendon þt he wære iosepes sunu; Se wæs heliges sunu.

    24-38 se wæs nazareth. swa of cneorysse on cneorysse oð adäm; Se wæs godes sunu. oð fïf & hund-seofantig cneoryssa;

    [Page 44]


    1 Soðlice se hælend wæs full halgum gäste & ferde fram iordane. & he wæs fram haligum gaste gelæd. on sumum westene

    2 feowertig daga. & wæs fram deofle costod. & he on þam dagum nän þing ne æt; And þam dagum gefylledum hine hingrede;

    3 Ða cwæð se deofol him to. gif þu sy godes sunu sege þisum stäne þt he to hlafe gewurðe;

    4 Ða &swarude him se hælend; Hit is awriten þt se man ne leofaþ be hläfe anum. ac of ælcum godes wörde;

    5 And þa lædde se deofol hyne. & ætywde him ealle rïcu eorðan ymbe-hwyrftes. on änre byrhm-hwïle

    6 & to him cwæð; Ealne þisne anweald ic ðe sylle. & hyra wuldor. forþam þe hi me synt gesealde. & ic hi sylle þam ðe ic wylle;

    7 Witodlice ealle hig beoð þine gif þu geeað-metst beforan me;

    8 Þa &swarode him se hælend; Hit is awriten. drihten þinne god ðu geead-metst. & him anum þeowast;

    9 Ða lædde he hyne on hierusalem & gesette hine ofer þæs temples hricg. & him to cwæð; Gyf þu sy godes sunu äsend þe heonun nyþer;

    [Page 46]

    10 Soðlice hyt is awriten. þt he hys englum be þe bebyt þt hig þe gehealdon.

    11 & þæt hig þe mid handum nimon. þelæs þu ðinne fot æt stäne æt-speorne;

    12 Ða cwæð se hælend him &swariende; Hyt is gecweden. ne costa þu drihten þinne god;

    13 & ealre þære costunge gefylledre. se deofol him sume hwile fram gewät;

    14 Þa ferde se hælend on gastes mægene on galileam. & his hlisa be him ferde on eall þt rïce.

    15 & he lærde be hyra gesamnungum. & wæs fram eallum gemærsod;

    16 Ða cöm he to nazareth. þar he afed wæs. & he eode on reste-dæge on þa gesamnunge æfter his gewunan & he aräs þt he rædde.

    17 & him wæs geseald isaias böc þæs witegan & sona swa he þa boc unfëold þa funde he þar awriten.

    18 drihtnes gast is ofer me. for-þam ðe hë smyrede më. he sende me þearfum bodian. & gehæftum alysednesse. & blindum gesihþe. for-brocene ge-hælan

    19 & bodian drihtnes and-fenge ger. & edleanes dæg;

    20 And þa he þa böc befeold he hig þam ðëne agef & sæt. & ealra heora eagan on þære gesamnunge wæron on hyne behealdende;

    [Page 48]

    21 Ða ongan he him to cweðan; Soþlice to-dæg þis gewrit is on eowrum earum gefylled;

    22 & hig ealle wæron þæs gecnæwe. & wundredon be þam wordum þe of his muþe eode. & þus cwædun; Nys þes iosepes sunu.

    23 ða cwæþ he. witodlice ge secgað me þas gelicnesse. eala læce. gehæl ðe sylfne; Do hër on þinum earde. swa fela wundra swa we ge-hyrdon gedöne on cafarnaum;

    24 Ða cwæð he soðlice ic eow secge þt nän witega nis and-fenge on his eþele;

    25 Soþlice ic eow secge manega wudewan wæron on helïas dagum on hisrahel. ða þa seo heofon wæs belocen þreo ger & syx monþas; Þa wæs gewörden mycel hunger on ealle eorðan

    26 & to þara nanum næs helias asend. buton to anre wudewan on sarepta sidönie;

    27 And manega licþroweras wæron on israhel. under helisëo þam witegan. & hyra nän næs aclænsud buton näämän se sirisca;

    28 Ða wurdon hig ealle on þære gesamnunge mid yrre gefylled. þas þing gehyrende;

    29 & hig arison & scufon hine of ðære ceastre. & læddon hine ofer ðæs muntes cnæpp. ofer þone hyra buruh getimbrud wæs. þt hi hyne nyðer bescufon.

    30 þa ferde he þurh hyra midlen;

    [Page 50]

    31 And he ferde to cafarnaum on galileisce ceastre. & hi þar on reste-dagum lærde

    32 & hig wundredon be his lare. forþam his spæc on anwealde wæs;

    33 And on hyra gesamnunge wæs sum man unclæne deofol hæbbende. & he hrymde micelre stefne

    34 & cwæþ; Læt lä nadzarenisca hælend. hwæt is us & þe. com þu us to for-spillanne. ic wät þt ðu eart godes halega;

    35 And þa cidde him se hælend & cwæþ. adumba & ga him of; & þa he ut-adraf hine on heora midlene. he him fram-gewät. & him naht ne derude;

    36 Ða wurdon hig ealle forhte & spræcon him betwynan. & cwædon. hwæt ys þt word þt he on mihte & on mægene un-clænum gastum bebyt & hig ut-gaþ;

    37 Ða wæs his hlisa ge-widmærsod on ælcere stowe þæs rices;

    38 Soþlice he aras of heora gesamnunge & ferde on simones hus; Ða wæs simones sweger geswenced on mycelum feferum. & hig hyne for hyre bædon.

    39 & he standende ofer hig þam fefore bebëad & he hig forlet & heo söna aras and him þenode;

    40 Soðlice þa sunne asäh ealle þe untrume wæron on mislicum adlum hig læddon him to & he syndrygum hys händ on-settende hïg gehælde;

    [Page 52]

    41 Ða ferdon þa deoflu of manegum hrymende & cweðende; Soðes þu eart godes sunu. & he ne geþafude þt hig æni þing spræcon forþam þe wiston þt he crist wæs;

    42 Ða gewordenum dæge se hælend ut-gangende ferde on weste stöwe. & þa meniu hine sohtun. & hi comon to him. & behæfdon hine. þt he him fram ne gewite;

    43 Þa sæde he him. soðlice me gedafænað oðrum ceastrum godes rice bodian. forþam. to þam ic eom asend

    44 & he wæs bodigende on galilea ge-samnungum;


    1 [Note:

    Ðis sceal on þone syxtan sunnan-dæg ofer pentecosten.

    Cum turbe inruerent ad iesum. A.
    ] Soþlice wæs geworden þa ða menegu him to comon þt hig godes word gehyrdon. he stöd wið þone mere genesareth.

    2 & he geseah twa scïpu standende wið þæne mere; Ða fisceras eodun & wohson heora nett;

    3 He þa astigende on än scyp. þt wæs simones bæd hyne þt he hit lyt-hwön fram lande tuge. & on þam scipe sittende he lærde þa menegu;

    4 Ða he sprecan geswac he cwæþ to simone; Teoh hit on dypan & lætað eowre nett on þone fisc-wer;

    [Page 54]

    5 Þa cwæþ sïmon him &swariende; Eala be-beodend ealle niht swincende we naht ne gefengon; Soðlice on þinum worde ic mïn nett ut-læte;

    6 & þa hi þt dydon hig betugon mycele menigeo fixa. & hyra net wæs to-brocen.

    7 & hig bicnodon hyra geferan. þe on oðrum scipe wæron. þt hi comun & him fylston; Ða comon hig & gefyldon butu þa scipu. swa þt hi neh wæron besencte;

    8 Þa petrus þt geseah he feoll to þæs hælendes cneowum & cwæð; Drihten. gewït fram me forþam ic eom synfull mann.

    9 & he wundrude & ealle þa ðe mid him wæron on þam were þara fixa þe hi gefengon;

    10 Gelice iacobum & iohannem zebedeis suna. þa wæron simones geferan; Ða cwæþ se hælend to simone. ne ondræd þu þe; Heonon forð þu byst men gefonde;

    11 & hig tugon hyra scypo to lande. & for-leton hig & folgodon þam hælende;

    12 Ða he wæs on änre ceastre þa wæs þar än hreofla & þa he geseah þæne hælend þa astrehte he hine & bæd & þus cwæð; Drihten. gyf þu wylt þu miht me geclænsian;

    13 And he æt-hrän hine his handa äþenede & cwæð; Ic wylle. si þu geclænsud; And sona se hreofla him fram fërde

    [Page 56]

    14 & he bebead him þt he hit nanum men ne sæde. ac gä æt-yw þe þam sacerde. & bring for þïnre clænsunga swa moyses bebead him on gewitnesse;

    15 Witodlice þæs þe mä seo spræc be him fërde & mycele menegeo comun þt hi ge-hyrdon & wurdon gehælede fram hyra untrumnessum;

    16 He þa ferde on westen & hyne gebæd;

    17 [Note: Ðis sceal on frige-dæg on þære pentecostenes wucan. Factum est in una dierum et iesus sedebat docens. A. ] Ða wæs anum dæge geworden þt he sæt & hig lærde & þa wæron þa farisëi sittende & þære. æ.-lareow-was. þa comon of ælcon castele galilëæ & iudeæ. & hierusalem & drihtnes mægen wæs hig to gehælene;

    18 And þa bæron men on anum bedde anne man. se wæs lama.

    19 & hig ne mihton hine inbringan & alecgan beforan him. for þære menigo þe mid þam hælende wæs; Þa astigon hig uppan þæne hröf & þurh þa watelas hine mid þam bedde asende beforan þæne hælend;

    20 Ða he ge-seah hyra geleafan he cwæð; La mann þe synd þine synna forgyfene;

    21 Þa agunnon þencan þa boceras & farisei & cwædon. hwæt is þes þe her sprycþ woffunga; Hwa mæg synna for-gyfan buton god ana;

    [Page 58]

    22 Ða se hælend gecneow hyra geþancas he &swariende cwæþ to him. hwæt þencege on eowrum heortum.

    23 hwæðer is eðre to cweþenne þe synd þine synna for-gyfene. hwæþer þe cweþan aris & ga.

    24 þt ge witon þt mannes sunu on eorðan anwea[l]d hæfð synna to for-gyfanne; And he sæde þam laman. þe ic secge aris. nim þin bed. & ga on þin hüs;

    25 & he sona be-foran hïm aras. & nam þt he on læg & to his huse ferde & god wuldrode.

    26 & hig ealle wundredon & god mærsodon & wæron mid ege gefyllede. & cwædon. soðes we to-dæg wundru gesawon;

    27 Þa æfter þam he ut-eode & geseah publicanum he wæs oþrum naman leuï gehaten æt ceap-sceamule sittende. & he cwæþ to him filig me;

    28 & he him þa filigde & ealle hys þing for-let;

    29 & leuï dyde him mycelne gebeorscype on his huse. & þar wæs mycel menegeo manfulra & oðerra þe mid him sæton;

    30 Þa murcnodon þa farisei & þa boceras & cwædon to hys leorning-cnihtum. hwi etege & drincað mid manfullum & synfullum;

    31 Ða &swarude se hælend & cwæþ to him; Ne beþurfon læces þa ðe hale sÿnd. ac þa ðe unhælþe habbaþ;

    [Page 60]

    32 Ne com ic riht-wise clypian. ac synfulle on dædbote;

    33 Ða cwædon hig to him. hwi fæstað iohannes leorning-cnihtas gelömlice & halsunga doð. & eall-swa farisea. & þine etað & drincað;

    34 Þa cwæð he cwystuþu magon þæs brydguman bearn fæstan swa lange swa se brydguma myd him ys;

    35 Soþlice þa dagas cumaþ þonne se brydguma him byð afyrred. þonne fæstað hig on þam dagum;

    36 [Note: Ðis ge-byrað on þone fiftan sunnan-dæg ofer pentecosten. Estote ergo misericordes. A. ] Þa sæde he him an big-spell. ne asend nan män scÿp of nïwum reafe on eald rëaf. elles þt nïwe slït. & se niwa scyp ne hylp þam ealdan;

    37 Ne nan man ne sent nïwe wïn on ealde bytta. elles þt nïwe wïn brycð þa bytta & þt wïn byð agoten. & þa bytta for-wurðað;

    38 Ac nïwe wïn is to sendenne on nïwe bytta. þonne beoð þa bytta gehealdene;

    39 And ne drincð nän man eald wïn & wylle sona þt nïwe. he cwyþ. þt ealde is betere;


    1 Soþlice wæs geworden on þam æfteran reste-dæge. æryst þa he ferde þurh þa æceras hys leorning-cnihtas þa eär pluccedon & mid hyra handum gnidon & æton;

    [Page 62]

    2 Ða cwædon sume of þan sundor-halgan. hwi do ge þt eow alÿfed nis on reste-dagon;

    3 Þa &swarode him se hælend ne rædde ge þt. hwæt dauid dyde þa hine hingrede. & þa ðe mid him wæron.

    4 hu he eode into godes huse. & nam þa offrung-hlafas & hig æt. & þam sealde þe mid him wærun. þa nærun alyfede to etanne buton sacerdon anum;

    5 And he sæde him þt drihten is mannes sunu. eac swylce reste-dæges;

    6 Soðlice on oðrum reste-dæge wæs geworden þt he on gesamnunge eode & lærde. & þar wæs sum man & his swyðre hand wæs for-scruncen;

    7 Ða gymdon þa boceras & farisei hwæþer he on reste-dæge hælde. þt hi hyne gewregdon;

    8 Soþlice he wiste hyra geþancas. & he sæde þam men þe ða for-scruncenan hand hæfde. arïs & ständ her amiddan; Þa aräs he & stöd;

    9 Ða cwæþ se hælend to him; Ic ahsige eow alyfþ on reste-dagum wel don. oððe yfele. sawle hale gedon. hwæþer ðe for-spillan;

    10 And him eallum gesceawodum mid yrre he sæde þam men; Aþene þine hand. & he aþenode & his hand wæs ge-edniwod;

    11 Þa wurdon hig mid unwisdöme gefyllede & spæcon betux him hwæt hig þam hælende dydon;

    [Page 64]

    12 Soþlice on þam dagum he fërde on anne munt hine gebiddan. & wæs þar waciende on godes gebede;

    13 And þa ða dæg wæs he clypode hys leorning-cnihtas & geceas twelf of him. & þa he nemde apostolas;

    14 Simonem þæne he nemde Petrus & his broðor andreas. Iacobum & Iohannem. Filippum. & Bartholomeum.

    15 & Thomäm. & Matheum. & Iacobum. alfei. & simonem. se is genemned zelotes.

    16 Iudam. Iacobi. & iudam scarioð se wæs læwa;

    17 And mid him farendum he stöd on feld-lice stöwe. & mycel wered his leorning-cnihta. & mycel menegeo fram ealra iudea & fram ierusalem. & ofer muþan & sæ-gemæro tïri & sidönis. ða coman þt hi hyne gehyrdon. & wæron of hyra adlum gehælede.

    18 & þa ðe wæron of unclænum gastum ge-drehte wærun gehælede;

    19 And eal seo menigeo sohte hine tö æt-hrinenne. forþam þe mægen of him eode & he ealle gehælde;

    20 Ða cwæþ se hælend beseonde to his leorning-cnihtum; Eadige synd ge þearfan on gaste forþam þe godes rïce is eower;

    21 Eadige synd ge ðe hingriað nü. forþam þe ge beoð gefyllede; Eadige synt ge ðe nu wepað. forþam ge hlihaþ;

    [Page 66]

    22 Eadige beo ge. þone eow men hatiað & ehtað. & on-hiscaþ. & awurpað eowerne naman swa swa yfel for mannes suna;

    23 Ge-blissiað & gefagniað on þam dagum. nu eower med is mycel on heofenum; Soðlice æfter þissum þingum hyra fæderas dydon þam witegum;

    24 Þeah-hwæðere wä eow witegum. forþam þe ge eowerne frofor habbað;

    25 Wa eow þe ge-fyllede synt. forþam þe ge hingriað. Wa eow þe nu hlihað. forþam þe ge heofað & wepað;

    26 Wa eow þonne eow ealle men bletsiað. æfter þissum þingum hyra fæderas dydon þam witegum;

    27 Ac ic eow sege forþam þe ge gehyraþ. lufiað eowre fynd doþ þam tala þe eow hatedon;

    28 Bletsiað þa ðe eow wiriað. gebiddaþ for þa þe eow on-hisceað;

    29 And þam þe slihþ on þin gewenge wend oðer agën. & þam þe ðin reaf nymþ. ne for-beod him no þïne tunecan;

    30 Syle ælcum þe ðe bidde. & se ðe nimþ þa ðing þe ðïne synt ne mynega þu hyra;

    31 And swa ge wyllaþ þt eow men dön doþ him gelice;

    32 & hwylc þanc is eow gif ge lufiað þa þe eow lufiað; Soðlice synfulle lufiað þa þe hi lufiað;

    [Page 68]

    33 And gyf ge wel doð. þam ðe eow wel doð. hwylc þanc is eow. witodlice þt doð synfulle.

    34 & gyf ge lænaþ þam þe ge eft æt onfoð. hwylc þanc is eow; Soþlice synfulle synfullum lænað. þt hi gelïce onfön.

    35 þeah-hwæðere lufiað eowre fÿnd & him wel doð. & læne syllað nan þing þanun eft ge-hihtende. & eower med byþ [mycel] on heofone. & ge beoþ þæs hehstan bearn. forþam þe he is göd ofer unþanc-fulle & ofer yfele;

    36 Heornost-lice beoþ mild-heorte swa eower fæder is mild-heort;

    37 Nelle ge deman. & ge ne beoð demede; Nelle ge ge-nyðerian. & ge ne beoð genyþerude; Forgyfaþ. & eow byð for-gyfen;

    38 Syllað & eow byþ geseald göd gemet & full. geheapod & ofer-flowende hig syllaþ on eowerne bearm; Þam sylfan gemëte þe ge metað. eow byð gemeten;

    39 Ða sæde he him sum bigspell; Segst þu. mæg se blinda þæne blindan lædan. hu ne feallaþ hig begen on þæne pytt;

    40 Nis se leorning-cniht ofer þone lareow; Ælc byð fulfremed. gif he is swylce hys lareow;

    41 Hwi gesihst þu þa egle on þines broþor eagan. & ne ge-sihst þæne beam on þinum eagan;

    [Page 70]

    42 And hu miht þu segan þïnum breþer bröþor læt þt ic ateo þa egle of þïnum eage. & þu sylf ne ge-syhst þæne beam on þinum agenum eagan; Eala licetere. teoh ærest þone beam of þinum eage. & þonne þu gesihst þt ðu ateo þa egle of þines broðor eage;

    43 Nys god treow þe yfelne wæstm deð. ne nis yfel treow. gödne wæstm donde;

    44 Ælc treow is be his wæstme on-cnäwen; Ne hig of þornum fïc-æppla ne gaderiaþ. ne winberian on gorste ne nimað;

    45 God man of godum gold-hörde. hys heortan. god forð-bringð. & yfel man of yfelum gold-horde yfel forð-bringþ; Soðlice se muð spycð swa seo heorte þencð.

    46 hwi clypege ge më drihten drihten. & ne doð þt ic eow secge;

    47 Ælc þara þe to me cymþ & mïne spræca gehyrð & þa deþ. ic him æt-ÿwe hwam he ge-lic is;

    48 He ys gelic timbriendum men his hüs; Se dealf deopne & hys grund-weall ofer þæne stän asette; Soðlice gewordenum flode hit fleow into þam huse. & hyt ne mihte þt hus astirian. hit wæs ofer þæne stän getrymed;

    49 Se ðe gehyrð & ne dëþ. he is gelïc þam timbriendan men his hus ofer þa eorþan butan grund-wealle. & þt flod in-fleow. & hrædlice hyt afeoll & wearð mycel hryre þæs huses;

    [Page 72]


    1 Soþlice ða he ealle his wörd gyfylde on þæs folces hlyste. he eode into cafarnaum;

    2 Þa wæs sumes hundred-mannes þeowa untrum. se wæs sweltendlic. se wæs him dÿre;

    3 And þa he gehyrde be þam hælende he sende to him iudea ealdras & bæd þt he cöme. & hys þeow gehælde;

    4 Þa hï to þam hælende comun. hi bædon hyne geornlice & þus cwædon; He is wyrðe þt ðu him tilige.

    5 witodlice he lufað üre þeöde. & he us üre samnunge getimbrode;

    6 Þa ferde se hælend mid him. & þa he wæs un-feor þam huse se hundred-mann sende hys frÿnd to him & cwæþ; Drihten nelle þu beon gedreht. ne eom ic wyrðe þt ðu ga under mïne þecene.

    7 forþam ic ne tealde me sylfne þt ic to ðe cöme; Ac cweð þïn wörd & min cniht byð gehæled;

    8 Ic ne (sic) eom an man under anwealde gesett; Cempan under me hæbbende. & ic secge þissum gä & he gæð. & ic secge þissum cum þonne cymð he. & ic secge minum þeowe. do þis & he deð;

    9 Ða wundrude se hælend þam gehyredum. & cwæþ to þære menigeo bewend; Soþlice ic secge eow ne funde ic on israhel swa mycelne geleafan.

    [Page 74]

    10 & þa ðä ham comon ðe asende wæron hig gemetton halne þone þe ær untrum wæs;

    11 [Note: Ðys sceal on þone seofenteoðan sunnan-dæg ofer pentecosten. Ibat iesus in ciuitatem quæ uocatur naim. A. ] Þa wæs syððan gewörden he fërde on þa ceastre þe is genemned naïm. & mid him ferdun hys leorning-cnihtas. & mycel menego;

    12 Þa he ge-nealæhte þære ceastre gate þa wæs þar än dead man geboren anre wudewan sunu þe nanne oðerne næfde; & seo wudewe wæs þar. & mycel menegu þære burhware mid hyre;

    13 Þa se hælend hig ge-seah þa wæs he mid mild-heortnesse ofer hig gefylled. & cwæþ to hyre. ne wep þu nä.

    14 Ða genealæhte he & þa cyste æt-hran. þa æt-stodon þa þe hyne bæron; Þa cwæþ se hælend. eala geonga þe ic secge arïs;

    15 Ða aräs se þe dead wæs. & ongan sprecan. þa agef he hine hys meder;

    16 Þa ofer-eode ege hig ealle. & hig god mærsodon & cwædon. þt mære witega on us aräs. & þæt god hys folc geneosude;

    17 [Note: Misit iohannes duos de discipulis suis ad iesum dicens. Tu es qui uenturus ës än alium expectamus. B. ] Ða fërde þeos spæc be him on ealle iudea. & embe eall þt rïce;

    18 Ða cyddun iohannes leorning-cnihtas him be eallum þysum þingum;

    19 Þa clypode iohannes twegen of his leorning-cnihtum. & sende to þam hælende. & þus cwæþ; Eart þu þe [to] cumene eart. hwæðer þe we oþres scylon onbydan;

    [Page 76]

    20 Ða hig to him comun þus hig cwædon. Iohannes se fulluhtere us sende to þe & þus cwæð; Eart þu ðe to cumenne eart þe we sculon oðres onbidan;

    21 Soðlice on þære tïde he ge-hælde manega of adlum. ge of wïtum & of yfelum gastum. & manegum blïndum he ge-sihþe forgeaf;

    22 Ða cwæþ se hælend; Faraþ & cyþað iohanne þa ðing þe ge ge-säwon & ge-hyrdon; þt blinde geseoð & healte gaþ. hreoflan synt gehælede. deafe gehyrað. deade arisaþ. þearfan bodiað.

    23 & eadïg ys swa hwylc swa ne byð on me ge-untrywsud;

    24 And þa þa iohannes ærend-dracan ferdon. þa cwæð se hælend to þam folce be Iohanne; Hwi ferde ge on westene geseon þt hreod þe byð mid wïnde astyred;

    25 Ac hwi ferde ge to seonne þone man mid hnescum reafum gescryddne; Þa ðe synt on deorwurþum reafe & on estum;

    26 Ac hwi ferde ge þæne witegan geseon. witodlice ic eow secge he is mara þonne witega;

    27 Ðes is be þam þe awriten is. nu ic asende minne engel beforan þine ansyne. se ge-gearwað þinne weg beforan þe.

    28 Soþlice ic eow secge. nis betwüx wïfa bearnum nan mærra witega þonne iohannes se fulluhtere; Se þe is læssa on godes rïce. se is his mara.

    [Page 78]

    29 & eall folc þis gehyrende sundor-halgan god heredon & gefullede on iohannes fulluhte;

    30 Soþlice þa sundor-halgan & þa ægleawan forhogodon þæs hælendes geþeaht on him sylfon. na fram þam hælende gefullode;

    31 Hwam telle ic gelïce þisse cneorisse men. & h[w]am synt hi gelice;

    32 Hi synt gelice cildum on stræte sittendum & specendum betwux him & cweðendum; We sungon eow be hearpan. & ge ne saltudun. we heofdun & ge ne weopun;

    33 Soþlice iohannes cöm se fulluhtere hläf ne ætende ne wïn drincende. & ge cweðað. deofol-seocnysse he hæfð;

    34 Mannes sunu cöm. etende & drincende. & ge cweþað þes man is swelgend & wïn dringcende. män-fullra and synfulra freond;

    35 And wisdom is geriht-wisud on eallum his bearnum;

    36 [Note: Ðis god-spel sceal to þam ymbrene innan hærfaste on frige-dæg. Rogabat iesum. A. ] Þa bæd hine sum of þam sundor-halgum þt he mid him æte. ða eode he into þæs fariseiscan hüse & gesæt;

    37 And þa þt wïf þe wæs on þære ceastre synfull. þa heo on-cneow þt he sæt on þæs fariseus hüse. heo brohte hyre sealf-box.

    38 & stöd wið-æftan his fët. & ongan mid hyre tearum hys fët þwean. & drigde mid hyre heafdes fexe. & cyste hys fët & mid sealfe smyrede;

    [Page 80]

    39 Ða se sundor-halga þe hyne ingelaðode þt geseah. he cwæþ on hys geþance; Gyf þe man witega wære. witodlice he wiste hwæt. & hwylc þis wïf wære þe his æt-hrinþ þt heo synful is;

    40 Ða cwæð se hælend him andswariende; Symon ic hæbbe þe to secgenne sum ðing; Þa cwæð he. lareow sege þænne;

    41 Twegen gafol-gyldon wæron sumum lænende. än sceolde fïf hund penega. & oðer fiftig;

    42 Ða hig næfdon hwanon hi hyt aguldon. he hit him bäm forgef; Hwæþer lufode hyne swyðor;

    43 Þa andswarode simon. ic wene. se ðe he märe forgef. Ða cwæð he rihte. þu demdest;

    44 Þa be-wende he hyne to þam wïfe. & sæde simone; Ge-syhst þu þis wïf ic eode into þinum huse ne sealdest þu me wætan to minum fötum; Ðeos mid hyre tearum mine fët þwöh. & mid hyre loccum drigde;

    45 Coss þu me ne sealdest. þeös syððan ic in-eode. ne ge-swac þt heo mine fët ne cyste;

    46 Min heafod þu mid ele ne smyredest. þeos smyrede mid sealfe mine fët;

    47 For-þam ic secge þe. hyre synt manega sinna forgyfene. for-þam heo me swyðe lufode; Læsse lufað þam ðe læsse forgyfen ys;

    48 Þa cwæþ he to hyre. þe sÿnt þine synna for-gyfenne;

    [Page 82]

    49 Ða begunnon þa ðe þar sæton betwux him cweðan; Hwæt is þes þe manna synna forgyfð;

    50 Ða cwæþ he to þam wïfe. þin geleafa þe dyde häle gä nü on sybbe;


    1 Syððan wæs geworden þt he ferde þurh þa ceastre & þt castel. godes rïce prediciende & bodiende. & hi twelfe mid [hym]

    2 And sume wïf þe wæron gehælede of awyrgdum gastum. & untrum-nessum. seo magdalenisce marïa of þære seofan deoflu ut-eodon.

    3 & iohanna chuzan wïf herodes gerefan. & susanna & manega oðre þe him of hyra spëdum þenedon;

    4 Soþlice þa mycel menegeo com & of þam ceastrum to him efstun. he sæde him än big-spel;

    5 Sum man his sæd seöw. þa he þt seow sum feoll wið þæne weg & wearð for-treden. & heofones fugulas hyt fræton;

    6 And sum feoll ofer þæne stän & hit for-scranc forþam þe hit wætan næfde;

    7 & sum feoll on þa þornas. & þa þornas hyt forþrysmodon;

    8 And sum feoll on göde eorðan. & worhte hund-fealde wæs[t]m; Þa clypode he. & cwæð; Ge-hÿre se ðe earan hæbbe;

    9 Ða ahsodon hine hys leorning-cnihtas hwæt þt bigspel wære;

    [Page 84]

    10 Þa cwæð he eow is geseald þt ge witun godes rïces geryne. & oðrum on big-spellum. þt hi geseonde ne geseon. & gehyrende ne ongyton;

    11 Soðlice þis is þt bigspell. þt sæd ys godes word.

    12 þa ðe synt wið þæne weg. þt synt þa þe gehyrað. syððan se deofol cymþ. & æt-bryt þt wörd of hyra heortan þt hig þurh þone geleafan häle ne ge-wurðað;

    13 Ða ðe synt ofer þæne stan þa þt wörd mid gefean onfoð. & þa nabbað wyrt-ruman forþam þe hi hwilum gelyfað. & awaciaþ on þære costnunge timan;

    14 Ðæt sæd þe feoll on þa ðornas þt synt þa ðe gehyraþ. & of carum & of welum & of lustum þiss lifes synt for-þrysmede. & nanne wæstm ne bringað;

    15 þt feoll on ða godan eorðan. þt synt þa ðe on godre & on selestre heortan gehyrende þt word healdað & wæstm on geþylde bringað;

    16 Ne ofer-wrihð nan man mid fæte his on-ælede leoht-fæt. oððe under bedd asett. ac ofer candel-stæf asett. þt ða in-gangendan leoht geseon;

    17 Soðlice nis nän ðing digle þt ne sy geswutelod. ne behydd. þt ne sy cuþ. & open;

    18 Warniað hu ge ge-hyran. þam byð geseald ðe hæfð. & swa hwylc swa næfð þt he wene þt he hæbbe. him byð afyrred;

    [Page 86]

    19 His modor & his gebroðru. him to comun & hi ne mihton hine for þære menegu geneosian;

    20 Þa wæs him gecyðed. þin modor & þine gebroðru standað her üte. wyllað þe geseon;

    21 Þa cwæð he to him. min modor and mïne gebroðru synt þa ðe gehyrað & doð godes word;

    22 Soðlice anum dæge wæs geworden þa he on scyp eode & his leorning-cnihtas. þa cwæþ he to him; Utun seglian ofer þisne mere. & hig seglydan þa;

    23 Þa hig reowun. þa slep hë; Ða com windi yst & hig forhtodon;

    24 Þa genealæhton hig him to & cwædon. hläford. we forwurðað; Ða aras he & ðreade þæne wïnd & þæs wæteres hreohnesse; Ða geswac se wïnd & wearð mycel smyltnes;

    25 Ða cwæþ se hælend hwar is eower geleafa. þa adredon hig & wundredon & betwux him cwædon; Wenst þü hwæt is þes. þt he be-byt ge windum ge sæ. & hig him hyr-sumiað;

    26 Þa reowon hig to gerasenorum rice. þt is foran ongen galileam;

    27 Þa he to lande com. him agen ärn sum man. se hæfde deofol-seocnesse lange tïde. & næs mid nanon reafe gescrydd. & ne mihte on huse gewunian ac on byrgenum;

    [Page 88]

    28 Þa he geseah þæne hælend he astrehte hyne to-foran him. & cwæþ mycelre stefne hrymende; Hwæt is me and þe. lä hælend þæs hehstan godes sunu; Ic halsige þe þt ðu ne ðreage me;

    29 Þa bead he þam unclænan gaste þt he of ðam men ferde; Soþlice lange tïde he hyne gegrap. & he wæs mid racenteagum gebunden & mid fot-copsum gehealden. & toborstenum bendum he wæs fram deofle on westen gelædd;

    30 Ða ahsode se hælend hine. hwæt is þïn nama; Þa cwæð he legio. þt is on üre geþeode eored. for-þam þe manega deoflu on hyne eodun;

    31 Þa bædon hig hine þt he him ne bude þt hi on grund ne bescuton;

    32 And þar wæs mycel heord swyna on þam munte læsiendra. þa bædon hy þt he lyfde him on þa gän. þa lyfde he him.

    33 þa eodon hig of þam men on þa swyn. þa ferde seo heord myculum ræse on ðæne mere & wearð þar adruncen;

    34 Þa ða hyrdas þt gesawon þa flugon hig & cyddon on þa ceastre & on tunum;

    35 Þa eodon hig üt þt hig gesawon þt ðar geworden wæs. þa comon hig to þam hælende. þa fundon hig ðæne man þe deofol of eode gescryddne & halum mode æt his fotum. & hig adredon him;

    36 Ða cyddon him þa ðe gesawon hu he wæs häl geworden of ðam eorede;

    [Page 90]

    37 Þa bæd hine eall menego þæs rices gerasenorum þt he fram him gewite. forþam hig mycelum ege gehæfte wærun. Ða wende he on scype agën

    38 þa bæd hyne se man ðe se deofol of eode þt he mid him wunede; Þa for-let se hælend hyne & cwæð to him.

    39 wend to þinum huse & cyð hu mycel þe god gedön hæfð; Ða ferde he into eall þa ceastre. & cyðde hu mycel se hælend him gedön hæfde;

    40 [Note: Ðis sceal on frige-dæg on þære pentecostenes wucan to þam ymbrene. Uenit ad iesum uir cui nomen iairus. A. ] Soðlice wæs geworden þa se hælend agën-cöm. seo menegeo hine on-feng. ealle hig gebidon his;

    41 And þa com än man þæs nama wæs iäirus. se wæs þære gesamnunge ealdor; Ða feoll he to þæs hælendes fotun & bæd hyne þt he ferde to hys huse.

    42 for-þam he hæfde äne dohtor. nean twelf wintre & seo forð-ferde; þa ge-byrede hyt þa he ferde of ðam menegum he wæs of-þrungen;

    43 Ða wæs sum wïf on blod-ryne twelf gër; Seo for-dælde on læcas eall þt heo ahte. & ne mihte þeah of ænegum beon ge-hælyd;

    44 Ða ge-nealæhte heo wið-æftan & æt-hrän hys reafes fnæd. Ða æt-stod sona þæs blodes ryne;

    45 Þa cwæð se hælend. hwæt is se ðe me æt-hrän; Ða hig ealle æt-socon. þa cwæð petrus & þa ðe mid him wæron; Eala hlaford. þas menegeo þe ðringað & geswencað. & þu segst hwa hwa æt-hran me;

    [Page 92]

    46 Þa cwæþ he sum me æt-hran. ic wiste. þt mægen of me eode;

    47 Ða þt wïf geseah þt hit him næs dyrne. heo com forht & astrehte hïg to his fotum & ge-swutulude beforan eallum folce. for hwylcum þinge heo hit æt-hrän. & hu heo wearð sona häl;

    48 Þa cwæð he to hyre; Dohtor þin geleafa þe hale gedyde. ga nü on sybbe;

    49 Him þa gyt specendum. þa com sum man to þære gesamnunge ealdre & cwæð to him. ne drece þu hyne;

    50 Þa se hælend þt word gehyrde he &swarude þæs mædenes fæder; Ne on-dræd þu ðe. gelÿf wotodlice. & heo bið hal;

    51 And þa ðe he to þam huse cöm. ne let he nanne mid him in-gän buton petrum & Iohannem & iacobum. & þæs mædenes fæder. & hyre modor;

    52 Þa weopon hig ealle & heofodon hi; Ða cwæþ he. ne wepe ge; Soþlice nis þis mæden dead. ac heo slæpð;

    53 Ða tældon hig hyne & wiston þt heo dead wæs;

    54 Ða nam he hyre händ & cwæð; Mæden. þe ic secge arïs;

    55 Þa gehwearf hyre gast agen & heo sona aras. & he het hyre syllan etan;

    56 Ða wundredon hyre magas þa bead he þam þt hi hit nanum men ne sædon þt þar geden wæs;

    [Page 94]


    1 [Note: Ðys sceal on þunres dæg on þære pentecostenes wucan. Conuocatis iesus duodecim discipulis dedit illis potestatem. A. ] Þa clypode he to-gædere his twelf apostolas. & sealde him mihte. & anweald ofer ealle deofol-seocnessa. & þt adla hi ge-hældon.

    2 & he sende hig to bodianne godes rïce. & untrume gehælan;

    3 Ða cwæþ he to him. ne nyme ge nan þing on wege. ne gyrde. ne codd. ne hläf. ne feoh. ne ge ne ge (sic) nabbon. twa tunecan.

    4 & on swa hwylc hus swa ge ingað wuniað þar oð ge üt-gän.

    5 & swa hwylce swa eow ne on-foð. þonne ge of þære ceastre gað asceacað eower fota düst ofer hig on witnesse.

    6 Ða ferdon hig þurh þa burhga bodiende & æghwar hælende;

    7 Þa gehyrde herodes se feorðan dæles rïca ealle þa ðing þe be him wærun gewordene; Ða twynude him forþam þe sume sædon þt iohannes of deaðe aräs.

    8 sume sædon þt helias æt-ywde; Sume sædon eald witega äräs;

    9 Ða cwæþ herodes. iohannem ic be-heafdude hwæt is þes. be þam ic þilc gehyre; Ða smeade he þt he hine gesawe;

    10 Þa cyddun him ða apostolas swa hwæt swa hig dydon; Ða nam he hig & ferde on-sundron on weste stöwe seo is bethsaida;

    11 Ða ða menego þt wiston þa filidon hïg him. þa onfeng he hig & spæc to him be godes rïce. & þa he gehælde ðe lacnunga beþorftun;

    [Page 96]

    12 [Note: Ðis sceal on wodnes dæg on þære pentecostenes wucan to þam ymbrene. Dimitte turbas ut euntes in castella. A. ] Þa gewat se dæg forð. & hig twelfe him genealæhton & sædon him; Læt þas menego þt hig farun on þas castelu & on þas tunas þe her abutan synt; & him mete findon. for-þam þe we synt her on westere stöwe;

    13 Ða cwæð he to him. sylle ge him etan; Ða cwædon hïg we nabbað buton fïf hlafas & twegen fixas. buton we gan & üs mete bicgon & eallum þissum werede;

    14 Þar wæron neah fif þusenda wera; Ða cwæþ he to his leorning-cnihtun; Doþ þt hig sitton. þurh gebeorscypas fiftegum.

    15 & hig swa dydon & hi ealle sæton;

    16 Ða nam he þa fïf hlafas & þa twegen fixas. & on þone heofon beseah & bletsude hig & bræc. & dælde his leorning-cnihtum. þt hig asetton hig beforan þam menegum;

    17 Þa æton hig ealle & wurdon gefyllede. & man nam þa gebrotu þe þar belifon twelf cypan fulle;

    18 Ða wæs geworden þa se hælend wæs ana hine gebiddende. hys leorning-cnihtas wæron mid him; Þa ahsode he hig hwæt secgð þis folc þt ic sy;

    19 Ða &swarudon hig & cwædon; Iohannes baptistam. sume heliam. sume þt sum witega of ðam ealdum aräs;

    20 Ða sæde he him hwæt secge ge þt ic sy; Þa andswarude petrus. ðu eart crist godes sunu;

    21 Ða þreade he hig & bead þt hig hit nanum men ne sædon.

    [Page 98]

    22 for-þam þe hit gebyreð þt mannes sunu fela þinga þolige. & beo aworpen fram ealdrum & ealdor-mannum & fram bocerum. & beon ofslegen. þriddan dæge arïsan;

    23 [Note: Si quis uult uenire post me abneget semet ipsum. B. ] Þa cwæð he to eallum; Gyf hwa wyle æfter me cuman. æt-sace hine sylfne & nime his cwylminge & me folgige;

    24 Se þe wyle hys sawle hale gedon. se hig for-spilþ. witodlice se ðe his sawle for me for-spilð he hi gehæleð;

    25 Hwæt fremað ænegum men þeah he ealne middan-eard on æht begite. & hyne sylfne for-spille; And his for-wÿrd wyrce;

    26 Se ðe me & mine spæca forsyhþ. þæne mannes sunu for-syhþ. þonne he cymð on his mægen-þrymme & hys fæder & halegra engla;

    27 Ic secge eow soðlice. her synd sume standende þa deade ne wurðaþ. ær hig godes rïce geseon;

    28 Ða wæs gewörden æfter þam wordum nean eahta dagas. þt he nam petrum & Iohannem. & Iacobum. & eode on anne munt. þt he hyne gebæde;

    29 Þa he hine gebæd þa wæs hys ansyn oþres hïwes. & his rëaf hwit scinende;

    30 Þa spæcon twegen weras wið hyne moyses & helias

    31 gesewene on mægen-þrymme. & sædon his gewitend-nesse þe he to gefyllende wæs on hierusalem;

    [Page 100]

    32 Petrus & þa þe mid him wæron wurdon mid slæpe gehefegude; And þa hi on-wæcnedun hi gesawun his mægen-þrym. & twegen weras þe mid him stodun;

    33 And hi him fram eodun. petrus cwæð to him; Eala bebeodend. god is þt we her beon & uton wyrcan þreo eardung-stowa. ane þe. & äne moyse. & ane hælie. & he nyste hwæt he cwæð;

    34 Ða he þis spæc. ða wearð genip & ofer-sceadude hig. & hi ondredon him gangende on þt genip;

    35 Ða cöm stefen of þam genipe and cwæð; Þes ys mïn leofa sunu. gehyrað hyne;

    36 Ða seo stefn wæs gehyred þa wæs se hælend gemett ana. & hi suwodun & ne sædun nanum men on þam dagum nan þing þæs ðe hi ge-sawun.

    37 Oðrum dæge him of þam munte farendum him agen arn mycel menego.

    38 þa clypode än wer of þære menego & cwæð; Läreow ic halsie þe. ge-seoh minne sunu forþam he is mïn änlica sunu.

    39 & nu se unclæna gäst hine æt-hrinð. & he færlice hrymð. & for-nimð hyne & fæmð. & hyne tyrð & slït.

    40 & ic bæd þine leorning-cnihtas þt hig hine ut-adrifon & hig ne mihton;

    41 Þa cwæð se hælend him to &sware; Eala ungeleafulle. & þwure cneores; Swa lange swa ic beo mid eow. & eow þolie; Læd hider þinne sunu;

    [Page 102]

    42 And þa he hyne lædde him to. se deofol hine for-nam & fordyde. Ða nydde se hælend þone unclænan gast üt. & gehælde. þæne cnapan & agef hine his fæder;

    43 Þa wundredon hig ealle be godes mærðe. & eallum wundriendum be þam þingum þe gewurdun. he cwæð to his leorning-cnihtum;

    44 Asettað þas spæca on eowrum heortum. hit ys towerd þt mannes sunu si geseald on manna handa;

    45 Ða þohton hig þis word & hit wæs bewrigen beforan him þt hi hit ne ongeton. & hi ne dorston hine be þam wörde ahsian;

    46 Soðlice þt ge-þanc eode on hïg. hwylc hyra yldest wære;

    47 Ða se hælend geseh hyra heortan geþancas he ge-sette þæne cnapan wiþ hine

    48 & cwæþ to him; Se ðe þysne cnapan on mïnum naman onfehð. se me onfehð; And se þe me onfehð he onfehð þæne þe me sende; Witudlice se ðe is læst betwex eow ealle. se is mara;

    49 Ða &swarode iohannes. bebeodend. we gesawon sumne on þinum naman deofol-seocnessa üt-drifende & we hine for-budon. for-þam he mid us ne fylygð;

    50 Ða cwæð he. ne for-beode ge; Se ðe nis ongen eow se is for eow;

    51 Soðlice wæs geworden þa his andfenga dagas wæron gefyllede. he ge-trymede hys ansyne þt he ferde to hierusalem;

    [Page 104]

    52 Ða sende he bodan beforan his ansyne. þa eodon hig on þa ceastre samaritanorum þæt hi him gegearwodon.

    53 & hig ne onfengon hine forþam þe he wolde faran to hierusalem;

    54 Ða his leorning-cnihtas þt gesawon. iacobus. & Iohannes. þa cwædon hig; Drïhten. wyltu we secgað þt fÿr cume of heofone & for-nime hig;

    55 And hine bewende he hig þreade.

    56 & hig ferdon on oþer castel;

    57 Ða hi ferdon on wege. sum him to cwæð; Ic fylige þe swa hwyder swa þu færst;

    58 Ða cwæþ se hælend. foxas habbað holu & heofones fuglas nestþ; Soðlice mannes sunu næfþ hwar he hys heafod ahylde;

    59 Ða cwæþ he to oðrum filig me; Ða cwæþ he drihten alyf me æryst bebyrigean minne fæder;

    60 Ða cwæþ se hælend. læt þa dead byrigan hyra deadan. ga ðu & boda godes rïce;

    61 Ða cwæð oðer ic fylige þe drihten. ac læt me æryst hit cyþan þam ðe æt ham synt;

    [Page 106]

    62 Ða cwæþ se hælend him to. nan mann þe hys hand asett on hys sulh. & on-bæc besyhð nys and-fenge godes rice;


    1 [Note: Ðis godspel sceal to anes apostoles mæssan. Designauit dominus & alios septuaginta duos. A. Designauit dominus iesus & alios septuaginta duos & misit illos binos ante faciem suam. B. ] Æfter þam se hælend gemearcude oðre twa & hund-seofantig and sende hig twam beforan his ansyne on ælce ceastre. & stöwe þe he to cumenne wæs.

    2 & cwæð to him her is mycel rïp. & feawa wyrhtan. biddað þæs ripes hlaford þt he sende wyrhtan to his ripe;

    3 Farað nu. nu ic eow sende swa swa lamb betwux wulfas;

    4 Ne bere ge sacc. ne codd. ne gescy. ne nanne man be wege ne gretað;

    5 On swa hwylc hus swa ge in-gað. cweðaþ æryst. sib si þisse hiw-ræddenne;

    6 And gyf þar beoð sybbe bearn. reste þar eower sib. gif hit elles sy. heo sy to eow gecyrred;

    7 Wunigaþ on þam ylcan huse. & etað & drincað þa þing þe hig habbað; Soðlice se wyrhta is his mëde wyrðe; Ne fare ge fram hüse to hüse.

    8 ac on swa hwylce ceastre swa ge ingað & hig eow onfoð. etað þt eow toforan aset ys.

    9 & ge-hælað þa un-truman þe on þam huse synt. & secgað him. godes rice to eow genealæcð.

    [Page 108]

    10 on swa hwylce ceastre swa ge ingað. & hig ne onfoð eow gaþ on hyra stræta & cweðaþ;

    11 þt dust þt of eowre ceastre on urum fotum clifode. we drigeaþ on eow. witað þeah þt godes rïce genealæcð;

    12 Ic eow secge þt sodom-waron on þam dæge bið forgyfenlicre þonne þære ceastre;

    13 Wa þe corozam. wa þe bethsäida. forþam gif on tyro & on sidöne gewordene wæron þa menegu þe on eow gedone synt. gefyrn hig on hæran & on axan hreowsunge dydon;

    14 Ðeah-hwæþere tïro & sydöne on þam dæge byð forgyfenlicre þonne eow;

    15 And þu cafarnaum oð heofon up-ahafen. þu byst oþ helle gesenced;

    16 Me gehyrð se ðe eow gehyrð. & me ofer-hogaþ se ðe eow ofer-hogað; Se þe me ofer-hogað. he ofer-hogað þæne þe me sende;

    17 Ða ge-cyrdon þa twa & hundseofantig mid gefean & cwædon; Ðrihten deofol-seocnessa us synt on þinum naman under-þeodde;

    18 Ða sæde he him. ic geseah satanan swa swa lig-ræsc of heofone feallende.

    19 & nu ic sealde eow anweald to tredenne ofer næddran. & snacan & ofer ælc feondes mægen. & nan þing eow ne derað;

    [Page 110]

    20 Þeah-hwæðere ne blissige ge on þam þe eow synt gastas under-þeodde; Ge-blissiað þt eower naman synt on heofonum awritene;

    21 On þære tïde he on halgum gaste geblissode & cwæð; Ic andete þe fæder. drihten heofones & eorðan. forþam þe ðu þas ðing wisum & gleäwum behyddest. & lytlingum awruge. forþam hit beforan þe swa gelicode;

    22 Ealle þing me synt fram minum fæder gesealde. & nan man nat hwylc is se sunu buton se fæder. ne hwylc si ðe fæder buton se sunu. & se ðe se sunu hit awreon wyle;

    23 [Note: Ðis sceal on þære feowerteoðan wucan ofer pentecosten. Beati oculi qui uident quæ uos uidetis. A. Beati oculi qui uiderunt quæ uos uidetis. B. ] Þa cwæþ he to his leorningcnihtum bewend; Eadige synt þa eagan þe geseoð þa ðing þe ge ge-seoð;

    24 Soðlice ic eow secge þt manega witegan & cyningas woldon geseon þt ge ge-seoþ & hig hit ne gesawon. & woldon gehyran þt ge gehyraþ. & hig hit ne gehyrdon;

    25 Ðä äras sum æ-glæw man. & fandode his & cwæð; Lareow. hwæt do ic þt ic ece lïf hæbbe;

    26 Ða cwæþ he to him. hwæt is gewriten on þære æ. hu rætst þu;

    27 Ða &swarude he. lufa drihten þinne god of ealre þinre heortan. & of ealre þinre sawle. & of eallum þïnum mihtum & of eallum þinum mægene. & þinne nehstan swa ðe sylfne;

    [Page 112]

    28 Þa cwæð he. rihte þu &swarodest. do þt. þonne leofast þu;

    29 Ða cwæþ he to þam hælende. & wolde hine sylfne geriht-wisian; And hwylc is min nehsta;

    30 Ða cwæþ se hælend hine üpbeseonde; Sum man ferde fram hierusalem to hiericho & becom on þa sceaðan. þa hine bereafodon; & tintregodon hine. & for-leton hine sam-cucene.

    31 Þa gebyrode hit þt sum sacerd fërde on þam ylcan wege & þa he þt geseah he hine for-beh.

    32 & eall-swa se diäcon. þa he wæs wið þa stöwe & þt geseah he hyne eac for-beah;

    33 Ða ferde sum samaritanisc man wið hine. þa he hine geseah þa wearð he mid mild-heortnesse ofer hine astyred

    34 þa genealæhte he & wrað his wunda & on-agët ele & wïn. & hine on hys nÿten sette & gelædde on his læce-hus. & hine lacnude

    35 & brohte oðrum dæge twegen penegas & sealde þam læce. & þus cwæð; Begym hys. & swa hwæt swa þu mare to-gedest. þonne ic cume ic hit forgylde þe;

    36 Hwylc þara þreora þyncð þe þt sy þæs mæg. þe on ða sceaðan befeoll;

    37 Ða cwæð he. Se ðe him mild-heortnesse on dyde; Ða cwæþ se hælend gä. & do eall-swa;

    [Page 114]

    38 [Note: Ðys sceal to Assumptione sancte marie. & sætern-dagum be maria. Intrauit iesus in quoddam castellum. A. ] Soðlice hit wæs geworden þa hig ferdon. se hælend eode on sum castel & sum wïf on naman martha onfeng hyne on hyre hüs.

    39 & þære swustur wæs maria seo eac sæt wið þæs hælendes fët & his word gehyrde;

    40 Soþlice martha geornlice him þenode; Þa stod heo & cwæþ. drihten. nis þe nän caru þt min swustur let me ænlipie þenian sege hyre þt heo fylste me;

    41 Ða cwæþ se hælend. martha mart

  11. Suzanne McCarthy
    Posted March 1, 2007 at 1:03 am | Permalink

    Thank you. :-)

  12. Suzanne McCarthy
    Posted March 1, 2007 at 2:40 am | Permalink

    I notice that at the beginning it says,


    but the text doesn’t include “that is godes sunu”. It doesn’t match the Lindisfarne gloss exactly. I wonder what it means by “all the readings”. Oh well.

  13. anonymous
    Posted March 1, 2007 at 3:24 am | Permalink

    The author claims to match the Lindisfarne exactly. The Rushworth Gospels are in separate files, which, if there is demand, I can post.

    Besides possible errors by the author, it is also possible that there were errors inputing the text into machine-readable form (although there are claims of extensive checks.)

  14. Suzanne McCarthy
    Posted March 1, 2007 at 4:19 am | Permalink

    Oh. I didn’t realize that this was the text for the Lindisfarne gospels by themselves. I wonder why the author left out “that is godes sunu”, which anyone can see is in the image. I will try to match the text against the page in Luke which is posted on the British library site and see if that is a match. I don’t think it would be an error but maybe a judgement call that this is not part of the translation but just commentary. I am curious. Oh well – one of life’s little mysteries, I guess.

  15. anonymous
    Posted March 1, 2007 at 5:20 am | Permalink

    In fact, when I was a student, I did spend a semester studying Old English and performed the mandatory task of reading Beowulf in the original. In retrospect, this has not proven to be a particularly valuable skill.

    It does seem that the transcriptions by the good Reverend Professor Skeat are flawed — or at least the electronic versions of it that I have. Still, it is better than nothing, no?

  16. Suzanne McCarthy
    Posted March 1, 2007 at 5:25 am | Permalink

    It is way better than nothing. I didn’t study English at all in university which may explain some odd lacunae in my knowledge. I didn’t even study in English much of the time.

  17. Eddie
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    Peter, at the time the Lindisfarne Gospels were written, London was very definitely a foreign city. Unfortunately, the way that everything in the UK concentrates on London means that cultural and linguistic differences in the country are being ironed out. Makes me sad.

  18. anonymous
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    Introductory matter

    Title page




    CAMBRIDGE: AT THE UNIVERSITY PRESS. 1887 [All Rights reserved.]



    Preface v
    Prologus decem Canonum 1
    Prefatio Hieronymi 5
    Prefatio Eusebii 8
    Decem Canones 10
    Argumentum Matthei 14
    Capitula Lectionum secundum Mattheum 16
    Notes shewing when certain Lessons are to be read 22
    Euangelium secundum Mattheum 24
    Appendix: Collation of the Latin texts of the Lindisfarne and Rushworth MSS 247



    [64] P. 64, col. 1; vii. 25. Substitute a semicolon for a full stop at the end of the verse.

    [66] P. 66, col. 1; viii. 3. Insert a semicolon after ‘cwæð’.

    [84] P. 84, col. 1; x. 23 (side note). For persequentur read persequentur.

    * * * For corrections in St Mark’s Gospel, see p. 144 of the edition of that Gospel; also the note on p.iv of the edition of St John’s Gospel, to the effect that the word ne should be supplied before namen in St Mark, p. 118, col. 2 verse 49.

    For corrections in St Luke’s Gospel, see p. iv of the edition of that Gospel; also the note on p. iv of the edition of St John’s Gospel; to the effect that ‘cweð’ should appear as ‘cwæð’ in St Luke, p. 167, lower text, first word in verse 31.

    For corrections in St John’s Gospel, see p. iv of the edition of that Gospel; also p. vii of the present volume.




    1 [Note: æfter matheus gerecednysse. liber generationis filii dauid. filii abraham. B. ] her is on cneorisse-böc hælendes cristes dauides suna. Abrahames suna.

    2 Soðlice abraham gestrynde isaac. isaac gestrynde iacob; Iacob gestrynde iudam & his gebroðra.

    3 Iudas gestrynde phares. & zaram of þam wife þe wæs genemned thamar; Phares gestrynde esrom; Esrom gestrynde aram.

    4 Aram gestrynde Aminadab. Aminadab gestrynde naason; Naason gestrynde salmon;

    5 Salmon gestrynde booz of þam wife raab; Booz gestrynde obeth of þam wife ruth; Obeth gestrynde iesse;

    6 Iesse gestrynde þone cyning dauid; dauid cyning gestrynde salomon of þam wife þe wæs urias wïf.

    7 Salomon gestrynde roboam; Roboas gestrynde abiam; abia gestrynde Asa;

    8 Asa gestrynde iosaphath; Iosaphath gestrynde ioram. Ioras gestrynde oziam;

    [Page 26]

    9 Ozias gestrynde ioatham; Ioatham gestrynde achaz; Achaz gestrynde ezechiam;

    10 Ezechias gestrynde mannasen; Mannases gestrynde amon; amon gestrynde iosiam;

    11 Iosias gestrynde iechonïam & his gebroþru on babilonis geleorednysse;

    12 And æfter babilonys geleorednysse iechonïas gestrynde salathiel; Salathiel gestrynde zorobabel;

    13 Zorobabel gestrynde abiud; Abiud gestrynde eliachim; Eliachim gestrynde azor;

    14 Azor gestrynde sadoc; Sadoc gestrynde achim; Achim gestrynde eliud;

    15 Eliud gestrynde eleazar; Eleazar gestrynde mathan; Mathan gestrynde iacob;

    16 Iacob gestrynde ioseph marian wer. of þære wæ acenned se hælend. þe is genemned crist;

    17 Eornostlice ealle cneoressa fram abrahame oð dauid synd feowertyne cneoressa. & fram dauide oð babilonis geleorednysse feowertyne cneoressa. & fram babilonis geleorednesse oð crist. feowertyne cneoressa.

    18 [Note:

    Cum esset desponsata. Corp.

    Ðys god-spel gebyrað on myde-wyntres mæsse-æfen. A.B.
    ] Soðlice þus wæs cristes cneores; Ða þæs hælendes modor maria wæs iosepe beweddod. ær hi tosomne becomun heo wæs gemët on innoðe hæbbende. of þam halegan gaste;

    [Page 28]

    19 Soðlice iosep hyre wer ða he wæs rihtwis & nolde hï gewidmærsian. he wolde hï dihlice forlætan;

    20 Him þa soðlice ðas þing ðencendum. drihtnes engel on swefnum æt-ywde. & him to cwæð; Iosep dauides sunu nelle þu ondrædan marian þine gemæccean to onfonne. þt on hire acenned ys. hyt ys of þam halgan gaste;

    21 Witodlice heo cenð sunu & þu nemst hys naman hælend; He soðlice hys folc häl gedeð fram hyra synnum;

    22 Soþlice eal þys wæs geworden. þt gefylled wære þt fram drihtne gecweden wæs. þurh þone witegan;

    23 Soðlice seo fæmne hæfð on innoðe & heo cenð sunu; & hi nemnað his naman. emanuhel. þt ys gereht on ure geþeode god mid us;

    24 Ða aras iosep of swefene. & dyde swa drihtnes engel him bebead. & he on-feng his ge-mæccean

    25 & he ne grette hi; Heo cende hyre frum-cennedan sunu; & nemde hys naman hælend;


    1 [Note:

    Cum natus esset iesus in bethleem. Corp.

    Ðys sceal on twelftan dæg. A. B. Cu;m natus esset iesus in bethléém iuda. A.
    ] Eornustlice þa se hælend acenned wæs on iudeiscre bethleem. on þæs cyninges dagum herodes. þa comon þa tungol-witegan fram east-dæle to hierusalem

    [Page 30]

    2 & cwædon. hwær ys se iudea cyning þe acenned ys; Soðlice wë ge-sawon hys steorran on east-dæle. & we comon us him to ge-eadmedenne;

    3 Ða herödes þt gehyrde ða wearð he gedrefed & eal hierosolim-waru mid him.

    4 & þa gegaderode herodes ealle ealdras þæra sacerda & folces writeras. & axode hwær crist acenned wære;

    5 Ða sædon hi him. on iudeiscere bethlem; Witodlice þus ys awriten. þurh þone witegan;

    6 And þu bethleem iudea-land. witodlice ne eart þu læst on iuda ealdrum. of ðe forðgæð se here-toga se þe recð min folc israhel;

    7 Herodes þa clypode on sunder-spræce ða tungel-witegan. & befran hi georne hwænne se steorra him æt-eowde.

    8 And hë asende hï to bethlem & ðus cwæð; Farað & axiað geornlice be þam cilde. & þonne ge hyt gemetað cyþað eft me. þt ic cume & me to him gebbide;

    9 Ða hi þt gebod gehyrdon þa ferdon hi. & soþlice se steorra þe hi on east-dæle gesawon. him beforan ferde. oð he stod ofer þær þt cild wæs;

    10 Soþlice þa ða tungel-witegan þone steorran gesawon. fægenodon swyðe myclum gefean.

    11 & gangende into þam huse hi gemetton þt cild mid marian hys meder. & hi aðenedon hi. & hi to him gebædon. And hi üntyndon hyra gold-hordas. & him lac brohton. þt wæs gold. & recels. & myrre;

    [Page 32]

    12 And hi afengon &sware on swefnum. þt hi eft to herode ne hwyrfdon. ac hi on oðerne weg on hyra rïce ferdon;

    13 [Note:

    Ecce angelus domini apparuit. Corp.

    Ðys god-spel sceal on cylda-mæsse dæg. A. Apparuit angel[us] domini in somnis iosep dicens Accipe p[ue]rum et matrem eius. B.
    ] Þa hi þa ferdon. þa æt-ywde drihtnes engel iosepe on swefnum. & þus cwæð. aris & nim þt cild. & his modor. & fleoh on egypta land. & beo þær oð þt ic ðe secge; Toweard ys. þt herodes secð þt cild to forspillenne;

    14 Hë aras þä & nam þt cild & his modor on niht. & ferde on egyptum.

    15 & wæs þær oð herodes forð-sið. þt wære gefylled. þt ðe fram drihtne ge-cweden wæs þurh ðone witegan. of egyptum ic minne sunu geclypode;

    16 Ða wæs herodes swyðe gebolgen. forþam þe he bepæht wæs fram þam tungel-witegum. & he asende þa & ofsloh ealle þa cild þe on bethleem wæron & on eallum hire gemærum. fram twy-wintrum cilde. & binnan þam æfter þære tïde þe he ge-axode fram ðam tungel-witegum;

    17 Ða wæs gefylled þt ge-cweden wæs þurh hieremiam þone witegan;

    18 Stefn wæs on hehnysse gehyred. wop. & mycel þotorung. rachel weop hyre bearn. & heo nolde beon gefrefred. forþam þe hi næron;

    19 [Note:

    Defuncto autem. Corp.

    Ðys sceal on twelftan-æfen. Defuncto autem herode ecce apparuit. A. B. adds—angel[us] [domini] in so[m]nis ioseph in egipto dicens.
    ] Soðlice þa herodes wæs forð-faren. witodlice on swefne drihtnes engel æt-ywde iosepe on egyptum.

    [Page 34]

    20 & þus cwæð; Aris & nim þt cild & his modor & far on israhela-land; Nu synd forð-farene. þe ðæs cildes sawle sohton;

    21 He aras ða & onfeng þt cild & his modor. & com on israhela-land;

    22 Ða he gehyrde þt archelaus rixode on iudea-þeode for ðæne herodem. he ondred þyder to farende (sic). & on swefnum gemynegod he ferde on galileisce dælas.

    23 & he com þa & eardode on þære ceastre ðe is genemned nazareth. þt wære gefylled þt ge-cweden wæs þurh ðone witegan. for þam ðe he nazarenisc byð genemned;


    1 [Note:

    Venit i[o]hannes baptista. Corp.

    Ðys sceal on wodnes-dæg on þære þryddan wucan ær myddan-wyntra. A.B. Uenit iohannes baptista predicans in deserto. A.
    ] On þam dagum com iohannes se fulluhtere. & bodude on þam westene iudee.

    2 & cwæð; Doþ dæd-bote. soðlice genealæceð heofona rice;

    3 Ðis ys së be þam þe gecweden ys. þurh esaiam ðone witegan; Clypiendes stefn wæs on westene. gegearwiað drihtnes weg. doþ his siðas rihte;

    4 Se iohannes witodlice hæfde reaf of olfenda hærum & fellenne gyrdel embe hys lendenu. & hys mete wæs gærstapan. & wudu-hunig;

    5 Ða ferde to him hierosolim-waru. & eal iudea-ðeod. & eal þt rice wið-geondan iordanen.

    6 & hi wæron gefullode on iordanë fram him. & hi andettan hyra synna;

    [Page 36]

    7 Soðlice þa he geseh manega þæra sunder-halgena & þæra riht-wisendra to his fulluhte cumende. he cwæð to him; La næddrena cyn. hwa geswutelode eow to fleonne fram þan toweardan yrre;

    8 Eornostlice doþ medemne weastm þære dæd-bote.

    9 & ne cweþað betwux eow. we habbað abraham us to fæder; Soþlice ic secge eow þt god ys swa mihtig þt he mæg of þysum stanum aweccean abrahames bearn;

    10 Eallunga ys seo æx to ðæra treowa wurtrumum asett; Eornustlice ælc treow þe gödne wæstm ne bringð. byð forcorfen & on fyr aworpen;

    11 Witodlice ic eow fullige on wætere to dæd-bote; Se þe æfter me töwerd ys he ys strengra þonne ic; Ðæs gescÿ neom ic wyrðe to berenne; He eow fullað on halgum gaste. & on fyre.

    12 Ðæs fann. ys on his handa. & he afeormað his þyrscel-flore. & he gegaderað hys hwæte on his bern. þa ceafu he forbærnð on ünadwæscendlicum fyre;

    13 [Note:

    Venit iesus a galilea. Corp.

    Ðys sceal on wodnes-dæg ofer twelftan dæg. A. B. Uenit iesus a galilea in iordane. A.
    ] Þa com se hælend fram galilea to iordanë to iohanne. þt he hine fullode;

    14 Iohannes þa soðlice forbead him & cwæð; Ic sceal fram þe beon gefullod. & cymst ðu to me;

    [Page 38]

    15 Ða andswarode se hælend him & cwæð; Læt nu. þus unc gedafnað ealle rihtwisnesse gefyllan. þa forlet he hine;

    16 Soþlice þa se hælend gefullod wæs. hrædlice he astah of ðam wætere. & him wurdon þærrihte heofenas ontynede & he ge-seah godes gast niþer-stigende swa swa culfran. & wunigende ofer hine;

    17 And soðlice þa com stefn of heofenum. & þus cwæð; Her is min se gecorena sunu on þam me gelicode;


    1 [Note:

    Ductus est iesus in desertum. Corp.

    Ðys godspel sceal on halgan dæg. A.B.
    ] Ða wæs se hælend gelæd fram gaste on westen. þt he wære fram deofle costud;

    2 & þa þa he fæste feowurtig daga & feowurtig nihta þa ongan hyne syððan hingrian;

    3 And þa genealæhte se costni[e]nd & cwæð. Gyf þu godes sunu sy cweð þt þas stanas to hlafe gewurðon.

    4 Ða andswarode se hælend; Hit ys awriten. ne leofað se man be hlafe anum ac be ælcon worde þe of godes muðe gæð;

    5 Þa gebrohte se deofol hine on þa halgan ceastre & asette hine ofer þæs temples heahnesse

    6 & cwæð to him gyf þu godes sunu eart asend þe þonne nyðer; Soþlice hit ys awriten þt he his englum bebead be ðë þt hig þë on hyra handum beron. þe læs þe ðin fot æt stane æt-sporne;

    [Page 40]

    7 Ða cwæð se hælend eft to him; Hit ys awriten. ne costna þu drihten þinne god;

    8 Eft se deofol hine genam. & lædde hine on swiðe heahne munt. & æt-eowde him ealle middan-eardes rïcu. & hyra wuldor

    9 & cwæþ to him; Ealle þas ic sylle þe gyf þu feallende to me ge-eadmetst;

    10 Ða cwæð se hælend to him. gang þu sceocca on-bæc; Soþlice hit ys awriten. to drihtne þinum gode þu ðe ge-eaðmetsð (sic) & him änum þeowast;

    11 Ða forlët se deofol hine & englas genealæhton & him þenodon;

    12 [Note:

    Cum audisset iesus quod iohannes traditur. Corp.

    Ðys sceal on frige-dæg ofer twelfta dæg. A. B. Cum audisset iesus quod iohannes traditus esset. A.
    ] Soðlice þa se hælend gehyrde þt iohannes belæwed wæs. þa ferde he to galileam

    13 & forlætenre þære ceastre nazareth. he com & eardode on capharnaum. on þam sæ-gemærum. on endum zabulon. & neptalim.

    14 þt wære gefylled þt ðe gecweden wæs þurh esaiam þone witegan [Note: Ver. 15 is omitted in all the copies. ] .

    16 Ðeoda folc ðe on þystrum sæt geseah mycel leoht; & sittendum on earde deaþes sceade is leoht üp a-sprungen;

    17 Syððan ongan se hælend bodian & cweðan. doð dæd-bote. soðlice heofona rice genealæcð.

    18 [Note:

    Ambulans iesus iuxta. Corp.

    Ðis godspel sceal on andreas mæsse dæg. A. B. Ambulans iesus iuxta mare galiléé. A.
    ] Þa se hælend eode wið ða galileiscean sæ. hë geseh twegen gebroðru symonem së wæs genemned petrus. & andream his broþor sëndende hyra nett on þa sæ; Soðlice hï wæron fisceras.

    [Page 42]

    19 & he sæde him; Cumað æfter me & ic do þt gyt beoð manna fisceras;

    20 & hi þær-rihte forleton hyra net & him fyligdon;

    21 And þa he þanon eode he ge-seh twegen oðre gebroþru. iacobum zebedei. & iohannem his broþur. on scype mid hyra fæder zebedeo. remigende hyra nett & he clypode hï;

    22 Hi ða sona for-lëton hyra nett & hyra fæder. & him fylidon.

    23 [Note: Ðis sceal on frige-dæg on þære þryddan wucan ofer twelftan dæg. A. B. Et circuibat iesus totam galileam. A. ] & þa beferde se hælend ealle galileam. lærende on hyra gesomnungum. & he wæs bodiende god-spel þæs rïces. & hælende ælce adle & ælce untrumnysse. on þam folce;

    24 & ða ferde hys hlïsa into ealle syriam. & hi brohton him ealle yfel-hæbbende missenlicum adlum. & on tintregum gegripene. & þa ðe deofel-seocnyssa hæfdon. & monoð-seoce & laman & he þä gehælde;

    25 & him fyligdon mycele menigu fram galilea & fram decapoli & fram hierusalem & fram iudea & fram begeondan iordanen;


    1 [Note:

    Videns turbas iesus. Corp.

    Ðis godspel gebyrað to ealra halgena mæssan. A.B. Uidens iesus turbas ascendit in montem. A.
    ] Soðlice þa se hælend ge-seh þa menigu. he astah on þone munt. & þa he sæt þa genealæhton his leorning-cnihtas to him.

    2 & he ontynde his muð & lærde hï & cwæð;

    3 Eadige synt þa gastlican þearfan. forþam hyra ys heofena rice;

    [Page 44]

    5 [Note: Ch. v. ver. 4 and 5 are transposed in all the MSS. ] Eadige synt þa liðan. forþam þe hï eorðan ägun;

    4 [Note: Ch. v. ver. 4 and 5 are transposed in all the MSS. ] Eadige synt þa ðe nu wepað. forþam þe hï beoð gefrefrede;

    6 Eadige synt þa ðe rihtwisnesse hingriað & þyrstað. for-þam þe hï beoð gefyllede;

    7 Eadige synt þa mild-heortan. for-þam þe hï mild-heortnysse begytað;

    8 Eadige synt þa clæn-heortan. for-þam þe hï god ge-seoð;

    9 Eadige synt þa ge-sybsuman. for-þam ðe hï beoð godes bearn genemnede;

    10 Eadige synt þa þe ehtnysse þoliað for rihtwisnysse. for-þam þe hyra ys heofonan rïce;

    11 Eadige synt ge þonne hï wyriað eow & ehtað eow. & secgeað ælc yfel ongën eow. leogende for me;

    12 Geblissiað & gefægniað. forþam þe eower mëd ys mycel on heofonum; Swa hi ehton þa witegan þe beforan eow wæron;

    13 [Note:

    Vos estis sal terre. Corp.

    Uos estis sal terre quod si sal euanuerit in quo salietur. A.
    ] Ge synt eorþan sealt. gyf þt sealt awyrð on þam þe hit [gesylt bið. hit] ne mæg syððan to nahte buton þt hit sy üt-aworpen. & sy fram mannum for-treden;

    14 Ge synt middaneardes leoht. ne mæg seo ceaster beon behyd þe byð uppan münt aset;

    15 Ne hi ne ælað hyra leoht-fæt. & hit under cyfe settað. ac ofer candel-stæf. þt hit onlihte eallum þe on þam huse synt;

    [Page 46]

    16 Swa onlihte eower leoht beforan mannum þt hi geseon eowre gödan weorc. & wuldrian eowerne fæder þe on heofenum ys;

    17 [Note: Ðys godspel sceal on þone oðerne wodnes-dæg ofer pentecosten. Nolite putare quia ueni soluere. A. ] Nelle ge wënan þt ic come towurpan þa .æ. oððe þa witegan. ne com ic na towurpan ac gefyllan;

    18 Soþes on eornost ic secge eow. ærþam gewïte heofon & eorðe än .i. oððe än prica. ne gewït fram þære .æ. ærþam ealle þing gewurðan;

    19 Eornostlice se ðe towyrpð än of þysum læstum bebodum & þa men swa lærð së byð læst genemned on heofonan rice; Soþlice se ðe hit deð & lærð. se biþ mycel genemned on heofonan rïce;

    20 [Note:

    Quia nisi habundauerit. Corp.

    Ðis godspel sceal on þone feorðan sunnan-dæg ofer pentecosten. Amen dico uobis quia nisi habundauerit. A. (B. as in H. R.)
    ] Soðlice ic secge eow buton eower rihtwisnyss märe sy þonne þæra wrïtera & sundor-halgena. ne gä gë on heofonan rïce;

    21 Ge gehyrdon þt gecweden wæs on ealdum tidum; Ne ofsleh þu. se þe ofslihð se byþ döme scyldig;

    22 Ic secge eow soþlice þt ælc þe yrsað hys breþer. byð dome scyldig; Soþlice së þe segð hys breðer þü awordena. he byð geþeahte scyldig; Se þe segð þü stünta se byþ scyldig helle fyres;

    23 Eornostlice gyf þu bringst þine läc to weofode. & þu þær geþencgst þt ðin broðor hæfð ænig þing agën ðë.

    24 læt þær þine läc beforan þam altare & gang ær & gesybsuma wið þinne broðer & þonne cum þu syððan & bring þine läc;

    [Page 48]

    25 [Note: Ðis godspel sceal on wodnes-dæg on þære þryddan wucan ofer pentecosten. Esto consentiens aduersario tuo cito dum és in uia cum eo. A. ] Beo þu onbügende þinum wiðer-winnan hraðe þa hwile þe ðu eart on wege mid him þe læs þe ðin wiðer-winna þe sylle þam deman. & se dema þe sylle ðam þëne. & þu sy on cwertern send;

    26 Soþes ic secge þe; Ne gæst þu þanone ær ðu agylde þone ytemestan feorðlingc;

    27 [Note: Audistis quia dictum est. A. ] Ge gehyrdon þt on ealdum cwydum gecweden wæs; Ne ünriht-hæme ðu

    28 soðlice ic secge eow. þt ælc þæra þe wif gesyhð & hyre gewylnað. eallunga þt së ge-syngað on hys heortan;

    29 Gyf þin swyðre eage þe æswicie ahola hit üt & awurp hyt fram þe; Soðlice þe ys betere þt än þinra lima forwurþe. þonne eal þin lichama sï on helle asend;

    30 & gyf þin swiðre hand þe aswïce. aceorf hï of. & awurp hi fram þë; Witodlice þe ys betere þt än þinra lima forwurðe þonne eal þin lic-hama fare to helle;

    31 [Note: Ðis sceal on wodnes-dæg on þære xvi. wucan ofer pentecosten. A. B. Dictum est autem. Qui-cunque dimiserit uxorem suam. A. ] Soðlice hit ys gecweden swa hwylc swa his wïf forlæt. he sylle hyre. hyra hïwgedales böc;

    32 Ic secge eow to soðum þt ælc þe his wif forlæt buton forlegennysse þingum. he deð þt heo unriht-hæmð; & së unriht-hæmð þe forlætene æfter him genimð;

    33 Eft ge gehyrdon þt gecweden wæs on ealdum cwydum. ne forswere þü; Soðlice drihtne þu agÿlst þïne äðas;

    [Page 50]

    34 Ic secge eow soþlice þt ge eallunga ne swerion. ne þurh heofon. forþam þe heo ys godes þrym-setl.

    35 ne þurh eorðan forþam ðe heo ys hys fot-scamul. ne þurh hierusalem forþam þe heo ys mæres cynincges cester;

    36 Ne ðu ne swere þurh þin heafod. forþam þe þü ne miht ænne locc gedön hwïtne oððe blacne;

    37 Soðlice sï eower spræc hyt ys. hyt ys. hyt nys. hyt nys; Soðlice gyf þær mare byð þt bið of yfele;

    38 Gehyrdon ge þt gecweden wæs; Eage for ëage. and toð for teð;

    39 Soþlice ic secge eow ne winne ge ongen þa ðe eow yfel doþ. ac gyf hwa þe slea on þin swyþre wenge. gegearwa him þt oðer;

    40 & þam ðe wylle on dome wið þe flitan & niman þine tunecan. læt him to þinne wæfels;

    41 & swa hwa swa þe genyt þusend stapa gä mid him oðre twa þusend;

    42 Syle þam ðe þe bidde & þam ðe [wylle] æt þë borgian ne wyrn þu him;

    43 [Note: Ðis sceal on wodnes-dæg on þære systeoðan wucan ofer pentecosten. & on frige-dæg innan þære cys-wucan. A. B. Audistis quia dictum est. Dilige proximum tuum et odio habebis inimicum tuum. A. ] Ge gehyrdon þt gecweden wæs lufa þinne nextan & hata þinne feond;

    44 Soþlice ic secge eow lufiað eowre fynd. & doþ wel þam ðe eow yfel doð. & gebiddað for eowre ehteras & tælendum eow.

    [Page 52]

    45 þt ge sïn eowres fæder bearn þe on heofonum ys. se þe deð þt hys sunne üp aspringð ofer þa gödan & ofer þa yfelan. & he læt rïnan ofer þa rihtwisan. & ofer þa ünrihtwisan;

    46 Gyf ge soðlice þä lufiað (sic). hwylce mede habbaþ ge. hü ne doð mänfulle swä;

    47 & gyf ge þt än doð þt ge eowre gebroðra wylcumiaþ. hwæt dö gë mare. hü ne doð hæþene swä;

    48 Eornustlice beoð fulfremede. swa eower heofonlica fæder is fullfremed;


    1 [Note: Adtendite ne iustitia uestra coram hominibus. A. ] Begymað þt ge ne dön eowre riht-wisnesse beforan mannum þt ge sïn geherede fram him; Elles næbbe gë mëde mid eowrum fæder þe on heofenum ys;

    2 Eornustlice þonne ðu þine ælmessan sylle. ne blawe man byman beforan þe swa liceteras doð on gesomnuncgum & on wïcum þt hi sïn ge-ärwurþode fram mannum; Soð ic secge eow hi onfengon hyra mede;

    3 Soþlice þonne þu þïne ælmessan dö. nyte þïn wynstre hwæt dö þin swyþre

    4 þt þin ælmesse sy on diglum & þin fæder hit agylt þe se þe gesyhþ on diglum;

    [Page 54]

    5 & þonne ge eow gebiddon ne beo gë swylce liceteras. þä lufiað þt hïg gebiddon hi standende on ge-somnungum & stræta hyrnum. þæt men hig geseon; Soþ ic secge eow hig onfengon hyra mede;

    6 Ðu soþlice þonne þu ðe gebidde. gang into þinum hëd-clyfan. & þinre dura belocenre. bide þinne fæder on dihlum. & þin fæder þe ge-syhð on dihlum hyt agylt þe;

    7 [Note: Orantes autem nolite multum loqui. A. ] Soðlice þonne ge eow gebiddon. nelle ge sprecan fela. swa swa hæðene; Hig wënað þt hi sin gehyrede on hyra menig-fealdan spæce;

    8 Nellen ge eornostlice him ge-efenlæcan; Soðlice eower fæder wat hwæt eow þearf ys ær þam þe ge hyne biddað;

    9 Eornustlice gebiddað eow ðus; Fæder üre þu þe eart on heofonum; Si þin nama gehalgod

    10 to-becume þin rïce gewurþe ðin willa on eorðan swa swa on heofonum.

    11 ürne gedæghwamlican hlaf syle us to dæg

    12 & forgyf us üre gyltas swa swa wë forgyfað ürum gyltendum

    13 & ne gelæd þu us on costnunge ac alys us of yfele soþlice;

    14 Witodlice gyf ge forgyfað mannum hyra synna þonne forgyfþ eower se heofenlica fæder eow eowre gyltas;

    15 Gyf ge soðlice ne forgyfað mannum. ne eower fæder ne forgyfð eow eowre synna;

    [Page 56]

    16 [Note: Ðys gebyrað to capud ieiunii on wodnesdæg. A. B. Cum autem ieiunatis nolite fieri sicut hipochrite tristes. A. ] Soðlice þonne ge fæston. nellon ge wesan. swylce lease licceteras. hig fornymað hyra änsyna þt hig æt-eowün mannum fæstende; Soþlice ic secge eow þt hig onfengon hyra mede;

    17 Ðü soðlice þonne ðu fæste smyra þin heafod. & þweah þine änsyne.

    18 þt þü ne sy gesewen fram mannum fæstende. ac þinum fæder þe ys on diglum. & þin fæder þe gesyhð on dyglum hit agylt þe;

    19 Nellen gë gold-hordian ëow gold-hordas on eorþan. þær öm & moððe hit for-nimð. & þær ðeofas hit delfað & forstelaþ;

    20 Gold-hordiað ëow soþlice gold-hordas on heofenan þær naðor öm ne moþðe hit ne for-nimð & ðar þeofas hit ne delfað ne ne for-stelaþ;

    21 Witodlice þær ðin gold is. þær is ðin heorte;

    22 Ðïnes lic-haman leoht-fæt is þin eage. gyf þin eage bið anfeald eall þin lichama bið beorht;

    23 Gif þin eage soþlice bið mänfull eall þin lic-hama byþ ðysterfull; Eornustlice gyf þt leoht þe on ðe is synt þystru. hu mycle beoþ ða þystru;

    24 [Note: Ðys sceal on þone syxteoðan sunnan-dæg ofer pentecosten. Nemo potest duobus domini[s] seruire. A. ] Ne mæg nän man twam hlafordum þeowian oððe he soðlice ænne hatað & oðerne lufaþ. oððe he bið änum gehyrsum. & oðrum unge-hyrsum; Ne magon gë gode þeowian & woruld-welan.

    [Page 58]

    25 forþam ic secge eow þt ge ne sin ymbhydige eowre sawle hwæt ge eton. ne eowrum lic-haman mid hwam ge sÿn ymbscrydde; Hü nys seo sawl selre þonne mete & eower lic-hama betera þonne þt reaf;

    26 Be-healdað heofonan fuglas forþam þe hïg ne sawað ne hig ne ripað ne hig ne gadriað on berne & eower heofonlica fæder hig fët; Hü ne synt ge selran þonne hig;

    27 Hwylc eower mæg soþlice geþencan þt he ge-eacnige ane elne to hys anlicnesse.

    28 & to hwi synt ge ymb-hydige be reäfe; Besceawiað æcyres lilian hu hig weaxað. ne swïncað hig ne hig ne spinnað;

    29 Ic secge eow soðlice þt furðon salomon on eallum hys wuldre næs ofer-wrigen swa swa än of ðyson;

    30 Soþlice gyf æcyres weod þt ðe to dæg is & bið to morgen on fen (sic) asend. god [swa] scryt. eala ge gehwædes geleafan. þam mycle mä he scryt eow;

    31 Nellen ge eornustlice beon ymbhydige þus cweþende. hwæt ete wë oððe hwæt drïnce we. oþþe mid hwam beo wë oferwrogene;

    32 Soþlice ealle þas þing þeoda seceað; Witodlice eower fæder wat þt ge eallra þyssa þinga be-þurfon

    33 eornustlice sëceað ærest godes rice & hys rihtwisnesse. & ealle þas þing eow beoþ þær-to ge-eacnode;

    [Page 60]

    34 Ne beo ge na hogiende ymb þa morgenlican neode. soðlice se morgenlica dæg carað ymb hyne sylfne; Æghwylc dæg hæfð genöh on hys agenum ymbhogan;


    1 [Note: Ðys sceal on þone feorðan sunnan-dæg ofer pentecosten. Nolite iudicare ut non iudicemini. A. ] Nellen ge deman þt ge ne syn fordëmede;

    2 Witodlice ðam ylcan dome þe ge demað eow byð gedëmed. & on ðam ylcan gemete þe ge metaþ. eow byþ gemeten;

    3 To hwi gesihst þu þt mot on þines broþor egan. & þü ne ge-syhst þone beam on þinum agenum eagan;

    4 Oþþe humeta cwystiþu (sic) to þinum breþer broþur þafa þt ic ut ado þt mot of þinum eagan þonne se beam biþ on þinum agenum eagan;

    5 La þu liccetere adö ærest ut þone beam of þinum agenum eagan. & be-hawa þonne þt þu üt adö þt mot of þines broður eagan;

    6 [Note: nolite dare sanctum canibus. A. ] Nellen ge syllan þt halige hundum. ne ge ne wurpen eowre mere-grotu toforan eowrum swynon. þe læs hig mid hyra fotum hig fortredon. & hig þonne ongean gewende eow toslyton;

    7 [Note: Ðys godspel sceal to gang-dagon. Petite et dabitur uobis querite et inuenietis. A. ] Biddaþ & eow bið geseald. seceaþ & ge hit findaþ. cnuciað. & eow biþ ontyned;

    8 Witodlice ælc þæra þe bit he onfehþ. & se þe secð he hyt fint & þam cnuciendum bið ontyned;

    [Page 62]

    9 Hwylc man is of eow gyf his sunu hyne bit hlafes sylst þu him stan

    10 oððe gyf he bytt fisces sylst þu him næddran;

    11 Eornustlice nu ge þe yfle synt cunnun gode sylena eowrum bearnum syllan. mycle mä eower fæder þe on heofenum ys syleþ göd þam þe hyne biddað;

    12 Eornustlice ealle þa þing ðe ge wyllen þt men eow don. doþ ge him þt sylfe. þt ys soþlice æ. & witegena bebod;

    13 [Note: Intrate ergo per angustiam (sic) portam. A. ] Gangað inn þurh þt nearwe geat. forþon þe þt geat is swyþe wïd. & se weg is swiþe rum þe to for-spillednesse gelæt & swyþe manega synt þe þurh þone weg farað;

    14 Eala hu neara & hü angsum is þt geat & se weg þe to life gelædt & swyþe feawa synt þe þone weg findon;

    15 [Note: Ðys godspell gebyrað on þære nygoðan wucan ofer pentecosten. A. ] Warniað eow fram leasum witegum. þa cumað to eow on sceapa gegyrelum. ac hig beoð innane reafigende wulfas.

    16 fram hyra wæstmun gë hi under-gytað; Cwyst þu gaderað man wïnberian of þornum oððe fic-æppla of þyrncinum;

    17 Swa ælc göd treow byrþ gode wæstmas & ælc yfel treow byrþ yfele wæstmas.

    18 ne mæg þt gode treow beran yfle wæstmas. ne þt yfele treow gode wæstmas;

    [Page 64]

    19 Ælc treow þe ne byrð godne wæstm sy hyt forcorfen & on fyr aworpen;

    20 Witodlice be hyra wæstmum ge hig oncnawað;

    21 Ne gæð ælc þæra on heofena rice þe cwyþ to me drihten drihten. ac se þe wyrcð mines fæder willan þe on heofenum is. se gæð on heofena rice;

    22 [Note: Multi dicent michi. A. ] Manega cweþað on þam dæge to me drihten drihten. hü ne witegode wë on þinum naman. & on þinum naman we üt-awurpon deoflu. & on þinum naman we worhton mycle mihta.

    23 þonne cweðe ic to him þt ic eow næfre ne cuðe; Gewitað fram me ge þe worhton unrihtwysnesse;

    24 Eornustlice ælc þæra þe ðas mine word gehyrð & þa wyrcð byþ gelic þam wisan were se hys hus ofer stän getimbrode.

    25 þa com þær ren & mycele flod & þær bleowun windas & ahruron on þt hus & hyt na ne feoll; Soðlice hit wæs ofer stan getimbrod.

    26 & ælc þæra þe gehyrþ ðas mine word. & þä ne wyrcð se byþ gelic þam dysigan men þe getimbrode hys hus ofer sand-ceosel

    27 þa rïnde hit & þær cömun flod & bleowun windas & ahruron on þt hus. & þt hus feoll & hys hryre wæs mycel;

    [Page 66]

    28 [Note: Ðys sceal on þone þryddan sunnan-dæg ofer epiphaniam. Cum autem descendisset de monte secute. A. ] Þa wæs geworden þa se hælend þas word ge-endode þa wundrode þt folc his lare

    29 soþlice he lærde swylce he anweald hæfde. & na swa swa hyra boceras & sundor-halgan;


    1 Soþlice þa se hæl[e]nd of þam munte nyþer-astah. þa fyligdon him mycle mænio.

    2 þä genealæhte än hreofla to him & hine to him ge-eaðmedde & þus cwæð. Drihten gyf þu wylt þu miht më geclænsian;

    3 Ða astrehte se hælend hys hand & hrepode hyne. & þus cwæð Ic wylle beo geclænsod & hys hreofla wæs hrædlice geclænsod;

    4 Ða cwæð se hælend to him. warna þe þt þu hyt nænegum men ne secge; Ac gang æt-eowe þe þam sacerde & bring hym þa lac þe moyses bebead on hyra gecyðnesse;

    5 [Note: Cum autem introisset iesus caphar naum. A. ] Soþlice þa se hælend ineode on capharnaum. þa genealæhte hym. an hundredes ealdor. hyne biddende

    6 & þus cweðende. Drihten mïn cnapa lið on mïnum huse lama & mid yfle geðread;

    7 Ða cwæð se hælend to him; Ic cume & hyne gehæle;

    8 Ða andswarode se hundredes ealdor & þus cwæð; Drihten ne eom ic wyrðe þt þu ingange under mine þecene. ac cweð þin än word & min cnapa biþ gehæled;

    [Page 68]

    9 Soðlice ic eom man under anwealde gesett. & ic hæbbe þegnas under me & ic cweðe to þysum gang & he gæð & ic cweðe to oþrum. cum & he cymð to minum þeowe wyrc þis. & he wyrcð;

    10 Witodlice þa se hælend þis gehyrde þa wundrode he & cwæð to þam þe hym fyligdon; Soþ ic secge eow. ne gemette ic swa mycelne geleafan on israhel;

    11 To soþum ic secge eow. þt manige cumað fram east-dæle & west-dæle & wuniað mid abrahame & isahace & iacobe on heofena rice;

    12 Witodlice þises rices bearn beoð aworpene on þa ytemestan þystro. þær bið wöp. & toþa gristbitung.

    13 & se hælend cwæð to þam hundrydes ealdre. Ga & gewurþe ðë swa swa þu gelyfdest; & se cnapa wæs gehæled on þære tide;

    14 [Note: Ðis gebyrað on frige-dæg on þære twa and twentugoðan wucan ofer pentecosten. Et cum uenisset iesus in domum petri uidit socrum eius. A. ] Ða se hælend com on petres huse þa geseah he hys swegre licgende & hriþgende

    15 & he æthrän hyre hand & se fefor hig forlet; Ða aras heo & þenode him;

    16 Soþlice þa hyt æfen wæs. hig brohton him manege defol-seoce. & he üt-adræfde þa unclænan gastas mid hys worde & he ealle gehælde þa yfel-hæbbendan.

    17 þt wære gefylled þt gecweden is þurh esaïam þone witegan. þus cweðende. He onfeng ure untrumnessa & he abær ure adla;

    [Page 70]

    18 Ða geseah se hælend mycle menigeo ymbutan hyne. þa het he hig faran ofer þone muþan;

    19 [Note: Ðis sceal on wodnes-dæg on þære feorðan wucan ofer twelftan dæg. Et accedens unus scribe (sic) ait illi magister sequar te. A. ] Ða genealæhte him än bocere & cwæþ; Lareow ic fylige þe swa hwæder swa þu færst;

    20 Ða cwæð se hælend to him; Foxas habbað holu & heofenan fuglas nest soþlice mannes sunu næfð hwær he hys heafod ahylde;

    21 Ða cwæð to him oþer of hys leorning-cnihtum; Drihten alyfe me ærest to farenne & bebyrigean minne fæder

    22 þa cwæð se hælend to him. fylig me & læt deade bebyrigean hyra deadan;

    23 [Note: Ðis sceal on þone feorðan sunnan-dæg ofer twelftan dæg. Et ascendente eo in nauicula secuti sunt eum discipuli eius. & ecce motus magnus. A. ] & he astah on scyp & hys leorning-cnyhtas hym fyligdon;

    24 Ða wearð mycel styrung geworden on þære sæ. swa þt þt scyp wearð ofergoten mid yþum. witodlice he slep;

    25 & hig genealæhton & hÿ awëhton hyne þus cweðende; Drihten hæle us we moton forwurþan;

    26 Ða cwæð he to him to hwi synt ge forhte ge lytles geleafan; Ða aras he & bebead þam winde & þære sæ. & þær wearð geworden mycel smyltness;

    27 Gewisslice þa men wundrodun & þus cwædon hwæt is ðes þt windas & sæ him hyrsumiað;

    [Page 72]

    28 [Note: Et cum uenisset trans fretum in regionem gerasenorum. A. ] Þa se hælend com ofer þone muþan on geraseniscra rïce þa urnon him togenes twegen þe hæfdon deofol-seocnesse of byrgenum üt-gangende. þa wæron swiðe reþe swa þt nan man ne mihte faran þurh þone weg.

    29 & hig hrymdon & cwædon; La hælend godes sunu hwæt ys þe & us gemæne. come þu hider ær tïde us to þreagenne;

    30 Ðær wæs soþlice unfeorr an swyna heord manegra [Note: MS. ma manegra (by error). ] manna læswiende

    31 þa deofla soðlice hyne bædon þus cweþende gyf þu us ut-adrifst asende us on þas swina heorde;

    32 Ða cwæð he to him faraþ; & hig þa utgangende ferdon on þa swin. & þærrihte ferde eall seo heord myclum on-ræse niwel on þa sæ & hig wurdon deade on þam wætere;

    33 Ða hyrdas witodlice flugon & comun on þa ceastre & cyddon ealle þas þing & be þam þe ða deoful-seocnyssa hæfdon;

    34 Ða eode eall seo ceaster-waru togeanes þam hælende. & þa þa hig hyne gesawun þa bædon hig hyne þt he ferde fram heora gemærum;


    1 [Note: Ðis godspel sceal on sunnan-dæg on þære twentugoðan wucan ofer pentecosten. Et ascendens in nauicula transfretauit & uenit in ciuitatem suam. A. ] Ða astah he on scyp & öfer-seglode & cöm on his cæstre.

    2 ða brohton hig hym ænne laman on bedde licgende. þa geseah se hælend hyra geleafan & [quoth] to þam laman la beärn gelyfe. þe beoþ þine synna forgyfene;

    [Page 74]

    3 Ða cwædon hig sume þa boceras him betwynan; Ðes spycð bysmor-spræce

    4 þa se hælend geseah hyra ge-þanc ða cwæð he to hwi þence ge yfel on eowrum heortum.

    5 hwæt is eaþelicre to cweðenne þe beoð forgyfene þine synna. oððe to cweðanne arïs & gä

    6 þt ge soþlice witon þt mannes sunu hæfð anweald on eorþan synna to forgyfenne þa cwæð he to þam laman arïs & nym þin bedd. & gang on þin hus;

    7 & he aras & ferde to hys huse;

    8 [Note: Ðis godspel sceal on sancte matheus mæsse-æfen. Et cum transiret inde iesus uidit hominem sedentem in theloneo. A. ] Soðlice ða þa seo mænigeo þis gesawon þa ondrëdon hig hym & wuldrodon god þe sealde swylcne anweald mannum;

    9 Ða se hælend þanon ferde he geseah ænne man sittende æt toll-sceamule þæs nama wæs matheus. & he cwæð to him. fylig me & he aräs & fyligde him;

    10 & hyt wæs geworden þa he sæt innan huse þa comun manega mänfulle & synfulle & sæton mid þam hælende. & hys leorning-cnyhtum;

    11 Ða þa sundorhalgan þt gesäwon þa cwædon hig to hys leorning-cnyhtum. hwi ys eower lareow mid manfullum & synfullum;

    12 & se hælend cwæð þis gehyrende; Nys halum læces nan þearf ac seocum.

    [Page 76]

    13 gað soðlice & leornigeaþ hwæt is. ic wylle mildheortnesse næs onsægdnesse; Soþlice ne com ic rihtwise to gecigeanne. ac þa synnfullan;

    14 [Note: Ðis sceal on frige-dæg on þære oðre easter-wucan. Tunc accesserunt ad eum discipuli iohannis dicentes. A. ] Þa genealæhton iohannes leorning-cnihtas to hym & þuss cwædon; Hwi fæste we & þa sundor-halgan gelomlice; Soþlice þine leorning-cnihtas ne fæstað.

    15 & se hælend cwæð to him; Cweþe ge sceolun þæs brydguman cnihtas wepan þa hwile þe se brydguma mid hym byþ; Soðlice þa dagas cumað þt se bryd-guma byð afyrred fram him. & þonne on ðam dagum hig fæstað;

    16 Ne deþ witodlice nän man niwes claðes scyp on eald reaf he tobrycð hys stede on þam reafe & se slite byþ þe wyrsa;

    17 Ne hig ne doð niwe wïn on ealde bytta. gyf hi doð. þa bytta beoþ tobrocene & þt win agoten. & þa bytta forwurþað; Ac hig doð niwe win on nïwe bytta; & ægðer byþ ge-healden;

    18 [Note: Ðis sceal on sunnan-dæg on þære fif & twentugoðan wucan ofer pentecosten. Hec illo loquente ad eos. ecce princeps unus accessit. A. ] Ða þas þing to him spræc. þa genealæhte än ealdor & ge-eaðmedde hyne to him þus cweðende; Drihten min dohtor is dead; Ac cum & sete þine hand uppan hig & heo lyfað

    19 & se hælend aräs & fyligde hym & hys leorningcnihtas;

    20 & þa än wif þe þolode blod-ryne twelf gear genealæhte wið-æftan. & æt-hran hys reafes fnæd.

    [Page 78]

    21 heo cwæð soðlice on hyre mode for än ic beo häl gyf ic hys reafes æthrïne;

    22 & se hælend bewende hyne & hig geseah & cwæð; Gelyf dohtor þïn geleafa þe gehælde & þt wïf wæs gehæled on þære tïde;

    23 [Note: Et cum uenisset iesus in domum principis & uidisset tibicines. A. ] And þä se hælend cöm into þæs ealdres healle & geseah hwistleras & hlydende menigeo

    24 hë cwæð; Gäð heonun. nys þys mæden dead soðlice ac heo slæpð; & hig tældon hyne

    25 & þa he þa menigeo üt-adräf. he geode in & nam hyre hand & þt mæden aräs

    26 & þes hlisa sprang ofer eall þt land;

    27 [Note: Ðis sceal on wodnes-dæg on þære xiii. wucan ofer pentecosten. Et transeunte inde iesu secuti sunt eum duo ceci. A. ] Þa se hælend þanun for þa fyligdun hym twegyn blinde hrymynde & cweðende. lä däuides sunu gemiltsa unc;

    28 Soðlice þa he ham com þa blindan genealæhton to him & se hælend cwæð to him. gelÿfe gyt. þt ic inc mæg gehælan. hig cwædon to hym witodlice drihten;

    29 Ða æt-hran he hyra eagena cweðynde sy inc æftyr incrun geleafan;

    30 And hyra eagan wærun ontynede. & se hælynd bebead him cw[e]þende warniað þt ge hyt nanum men ne secgeon;

    31 Hig soðlice üt-gangynde gewidmærsudun hyne ofer eall þt land;

    [Page 80]

    32 Ða hig wæron soðlice üt agäne hig brohton him dumbne man se wæs deoful-seoc.

    33 & üt-adryfenum þam deofle se dumba spræc. & þa menigeo wundredon cweðende; Næfre æt-ywde swylc on israhela folce;

    34 Soþlice þa sundor-halgan cwædon on deofla ealdre he drifð üt deoflu;

    35 [Note: Et circuibat iesus ciuitates omnes. A. ] And se hælend ymbfor ealle burga & ceastra lærende on hyra gesomnungum & bodiende rices godspell. & hælende ælce adle & ælce üntrumnesse;

    36 He gemiltsude soðlice þære menigeo. þa he hi geseah. forþan hig wærun gedrehte & licgende swa swa sceap þe hyrde nabbað;

    37 Þa he sæde hys leorning-cnihtun. witodlice micel rip ys & feawa wyrhtyna.

    38 biddaþ ðæs ripes hlaford þt he sende wyrhtan to his ripe;


    1 And to-somne gecigydum hys twelf leorning-cnihtun. he sealde him unclænra gasta anweald þt hig adryfun hig üt & hældun adle & ælce untrumnysse;

    2 Ðis synt soðlice þæra twelf apostola naman; Se forma ys simon þe ys genemned Petrus & Andreas hys broðor. Iacobus zebedei. & Iohannes hys broður.

    [Page 82]

    3 Philippus. & Bartholomeus. Thomäs. & Matheus. Puplicanus & Iacobus alphei & Taddeus.

    4 Simon chananeus. & Iudas scarioth þe hyne belæwde;

    5 Ðas twelf se hælynd sende him be-beodende & cweþende. ne fare ge on þeoda weg. & ne ga ge innan samaritana ceastre

    6 ac gað mä to þam sceapun þe forwurdun israhela hiwrædene;

    7 [Note: Dixit iesus discipulis suis. Ambulate predicate. A. ] Se hælend cwæþ to hys leorning-cnihton gað & bodiaþ cweþende þt heofona rice ge-nealæcþ;

    8 Hælað untrume. Awecceað deade. clænsiað hreofle. drifað ut deoflu. ge onfengun to gyfe syllað to gyfe.

    9 næbbe ge gold ne seolfer ne feoh on eowrum bigyrdlum

    10 ne codd on wege. ne twa tunecan. ne ge-scy. ne gyrde. soþlice se wyryhta ys wyrþe hys metys.

    11 [Note: In quamcunque ciuitatem aut castellum. A. ] On swa hwylce burh oððe ceastre swa ge ingað ahsiað hwa si wyrðe on þære. & wuniaþ ðær oð ge üt-gan

    12 þonne ge ingan soþlice on þt hus gretað hit cweðende sy syb þisun huse

    13 & gyf þt hus witodlice wyrþe byð eower syb cymð ofer hyt. gyf hyt soðlice wyrþe ne byð eowur syb byð to eow gecyrred;

    [Page 84]

    14 And swa hwa swa eow ne under-fehð ne eowre spræca ne gehyrð. þonne ge üt-gan of ðam huse oððe of ðære ceastre asceacaþ þt dust of eowrum fotum.

    15 Soþlice ic eow secge acumendlicre byð sodoma lande & gomorra on domes dæg þonne ðære ceastre;

    16 [Note: Ðys godspel sceal to manegra martyra mæsse-dæge. Ecce ego mitto uos. A. ] Nu ic eow sende swa sceap. gemang wulfas beoþ eornustlice gleawe swa næddran & bylwite swa culfran

    17 warniað eow soþlice fram mannum. hig syllaþ eow soþlice on gemotum & swingað eow on hyra gesomnungum.

    18 & ge beoþ gelædde to dëmun & to cyningun for me. to hyra dome & þeodun;

    19 Þonne belæwaþ syllað eow ne þence ge hu oððe hwæt ge sprecun. eow byð geseald soþlice on þære tïde hwæt ge sprecun.

    20 ne synt ge na þe þær sprecað ac eowres fæder gast þe sprycð on eow;

    21 Soþlice broþur sylþ hys broður to deaðe. & fæder hys sunu. & bearn arisaþ ongen magas & to deaþe hï fordoþ.

    22 & ge beoþ on hatunge eallum mannum for mïnum naman. Soðlice se þurh-wunaþ oð ende se byþ hal;

    23 [Note: Cum autem persequentur. A. ] Ðonne hi eow ehtaþ on þysse byrig fleoþ on oþre. & ðonne hï on þære eow ehtaþ fleoþ on þa þryddan; Soþlice ic eow secge ne be-faraþ ge israhela burga ærþan þe mannes sunu cume;

    [Page 86]

    24 Nys se leorning-cniht ofer hys lareow ne þeow ofer hys hlaford

    25 genoh byþ soþlice þam leorning-cnihte þt he sy swylce hys lareow & þeow swylce hys hlafurd; Gyf hi þæs hïredes fæder belzebub clypedon mycle swyþur hig eow clypiaþ

    26 [Note: Ðys godspel gebyrað to anes confessores mæsse-dæge. Nichil enim opertum. A. ] eornustlice ne ondræde ge hig; Nys soþlice nan þing dyhle þt ne wurðe geswutelod. ne nan dihle þing þt ne wurðe ge-openod;

    27 Ðæt ic eow secge on þystrum. secgað hyt on leohte. & þt ge on eare gehyrað bodiaþ uppan hrofum

    28 & ne ondræde ge þa ðe eowyrne lic-haman of-sleaþ. ne magon hig soþlice þa sawle ofslean. ac ondrædað mä þone þe mæg sawle & lichaman fordön on helle.

    29 hü ne becypað hïg twegen spearwan to peninge. & än of ðam ne be-fylð on eorðan bütan eowrun fæder;

    30 And soþlice ealle eowres heafdes loccas synt getealde;

    31 Ne ondræde ge ge synt selran þonne manega spearuan;

    32 Ælcne eornustlice þe me cyþ beforan mannun. ic cyþe hyne beforan mïnun fæder þe on heofenum ys;

    33 Se þe me wiðsæcð beforan mannun. & ic wiþsace hyne beforan mïnum fæder þe on heofenum ys;

    [Page 88]

    34 Ne wene ge þt ic come sybbe on eorþan to sendanne. ne com ic sybbe to sendanne ac swurd;

    35 Ic com soþlice mann asyndrian ongen hys fæder. & dohtur ongen hyre modur. & snore ongen hyre swegre.

    36 & mannes fynd hys ge-hüsan;

    37 [Note: Ðys godspel gebyrað to anes martyres mæsse-dæge. Nolite arbitrari. A. ] Se hælend cwæð to hys leorning-cnihtum. Se þe lufaþ fæder oððe modor mä þonne me nys hë më wyrþe. & se ðe lufað sunu oððe dohtor swyþur þonne me nys he me wyrþe.

    38 & se þe ne nimþ hys cwylminge & fyligþ me nys he me wyrþe;

    39 Se þe ge-met hys sawle se for-spilþ hig. & se þe for-spilþ hys sawle for më hë ge-mët hi;

    40 Se þe eow under-fehþ he under-fehð me & se ðe me under-fehþ he under-fehð þone þe me sende;

    41 Se þe under-fehð witegan on witegan naman he on-fehþ witygan mede. And se þe under-fehþ rihtwisne on riht-wises naman he onfehþ riht-wises mëde;

    42 And swa hwylc swa sylþ anne drinc cealdes wæteres änum þyssa lytylra manna on leorningcnihtes naman. Soþ ic secge eow ne amyrð he hys mede;


    1 & hyt wæs geworden þa se hælynd þys ge-endude hys twelf leorning-cnihtum bebeodende. hë för þanun þt he lærde & bodude on hyra burgum;

    [Page 90]

    2 [Note: Ðys gebyrað on þære ærran wucan ær myda wyntra. Cum audisset iohannes in uinculis opera christi. A. ] Þa iohannes on bendum gehyrde cristes weoruc. þa sende he to him twegen hys leorning-cnihta

    3 & cwæð eart þü þe tö cumenne eart oððe we oþres sceolon abïdan;

    4 Se hælend äntswarude & cwæð to him gaþ & cÿþaþ iohanne þa ðing þe ge gehyrdon & gesawon.

    5 blinde geseoþ. healte gað. hreofe synt aclænsude. deafe ge-hyraþ. deade arisað. þearfan bodiað.

    6 And eadig ys së þe ne swicað on me;

    7 Ða hi üt-eodon soþlice þa ongan se hælynd secgan be iohanne & cwæþ to þære menigeo; Hwi eode gë üt on wesðen geseon winde awegyd hreod.

    8 oððe hwï eode gë üt geseon mann hnescum gyrlum gescrydne. Nu þa þe synt hnescum gyrlum gescryddne. synt on cyninga husum;

    9 Ac hwæt eode ge ut witegan geseon. ic eow secge eac maran þonne witegan;

    10 Ðes ys soþlice be þam awryten ys. nü ic sënde minne engyl beforan þïne ansyne. së ge-gearwað þinne weg beforan þe.

    11 Soþlice ic eow secge ne aräs be-twyx wïfa bearnum mära iohanne fulwihtere; Soðlice se þe læssa ys. ys on heofena rice him mära;

    12 Soþlice fram iohannes dagum fulwihteres oð þis heofena rïce þolað nead & strece nimað þt;

    [Page 92]

    13 Soþlice ealle witegan & æ witegudun oð iohannes

    14 & gyf ge wyllað gelyfan. he ys helïas þe to cumenne ys.

    15 Se ðe eäran hæbbe to gehyrynne gehyre;

    16 Soþlice hwam telle ic þas cneorysse gelice. heo ys gelïc sittendum cnapun on foretige. þa hrymað to hyra efengelicon

    17 & cweþað. we sungun eow & ge ne frïcudun. we cwiþdun & gë ne weopun;

    18 Soþlice iohannes cöm. ne etende. ne drincende. & hi cwædun he hæfð deoful-seocnysse;

    19 Mannes sunu cöm etende & dryncynde & hï cweðaþ. hër ys ettul mann & wïn-drincende. mänfulra & synfulra freond. & wisdom ys geriht-wisud fram heora bearnum;

    20 [Note: Ðys godspel gebyrað on frige-dæg on þære þrytteoðan wucan ofer pentecosten. Cepit iesus exprobare in ciuitatibus non (sic) quibus. A. ] Ða ongan he hyspan þa burga on þam wærun gedöne manega hys mægena. forþam þe hi ne dydon dæd-bote;

    21 Wä þë corozaim. wa þe bethsaida. forþam gyf on tyro & sydöne wærun gedone þa mægnu þe gedöne synt on eow. gefyrn hi dydun dæd-bote on hæran & on axan;

    22 Ðeah ic secge inc. tyro & sydöne byþ forgyfendlicur on domes dæg þonne eow.

    [Page 94]

    23 & þü capharnaum. cwystþu bystþu üp-ahafen oþ heofen. ac þu nyþer-færst oþ helle; Forþam gyf on sodomum wæron gedöne þä mægnu þe gedöne synt on þe. witodlice hï wunedun oþ þysne dæg;

    24 Ðeah-hwæþere ic secge eow þt sodum-wara lande byð forgyfenlicre on domes dæg þonne þe;

    25 [Note: Ðys sceal on wodnes-dæg on þære syxtan wucan ofer pentecosten. Respondens iesus dixit. Confiteor tibi domine pater cæli & terre quia abscondisti. A. ] Se hælynd cwæð &swariende; Ic andytte þe drihten heofenes & eorþan þü þe be-hyddyst þas þing fram wisun & gleawun. & onwruge þa lytlingun;

    26 Swa fæder forþam hyt wæs swa gecweme beforan þe.

    27 Ealle þing më synt gesealde fram minum fædyr. & nan mann ne can þone sunu butun fædyr. ne nän mann ne can þone fædyr butun sunu. & þam þe se sunu wyle onwreon;

    28 Cumaþ to me ealle þe swincað & gesymede synt. & ic eow geblissige.

    29 Nimaþ mïn geoc ofer eow. & leorniaþ æt me. forþam ic eom bilwite & eadmod on heortan. & ge gemetað reste eowrum sawlum;

    30 Soþlice min geoc ys wynsum. & mïn byrþyn ys leoht;

    [Page 96]


    1 [Note: Ðys sceal on fryge-dæg on þære eahtoðan wucan ofer pentecosten. Abiit iesus sabbato per sata discipuli autem eius esurientes ceperunt uallere (sic) spicas & manducare. A. ] Se hælynd för on reste-dæge ofyr æcyras. soþlice hys leorning-cnihtas hingryde & hig ongunnun pluccian þa ear & ætan;

    2 Soþlice þa ða sundor-halgan þt gesawon. hi cwædon to him; Nu þine leorning-cnihtas doð þt him alyfyd nys reste-dagun to donne;

    3 And he cwæþ to him ne rædde ge hwæt dauid dyde þa hyne hingrede & þa ðe mid hym wærun.

    4 hu he ineode on godes hus. & æt þa offring-hlafas þe nærun him alyfede to etynne ne þam þe mid him wærun butun þam sacerdum anum.

    5 oððe ne rædde gë on þære æ þt þa sacerdas on reste-dagum on þam temple gewemmað þone reste-dæg & synt butan leahtre;

    6 Ic secge soðlice eow. þt þes ys mærra þonne þt templ.

    7 Gyf ge soðlice wistun hwæt ys ic wylle mildheortnesse. & na onsægdnysse ne ge-nyþrude ge æfre ünscyldige.

    8 soðlice mannes sunu ys eac reste-dæges hlafurd;

    9 Ða se hælend þpanun for. he com into hyra gesomnunge.

    [Page 98]

    10 þa wæs þær än man së hæfde for-scruncene hand & hi ahsudon hyne þus cweðende; Ys hyt alyfed to hælenne on reste-dagum þt hi wrehton hyne.

    11 He sæde him soþlice hwylc man ys of eow þe hæbbe än sceap. & gyf þt afylð reste-dagum on pytt hu ne nymð he þt & hefþ hyt upp;

    12 Witodlice micle mä mann ys sceape betera witodlice ys alyfed on reste-dagum wel to donne;

    13 Ða cwæð he to þam menn aþene þine hand & he hi aþenede. & heo wæs häl geworden swa seo oþer;

    14 [Note: Ðys sceal on wodnes-dæg on þære xiiii. wucan ofer pentecosten. Abeuntes pharisei consilium faciebant aduersum iesum quomodo eum perderent. A. ] Þa sundor-halgan eodun þa üt soþlice & worhton geþeaht ongen hyne hu hi hyne forspildon;

    15 Se hælend soþlice þt wiste & ferde þanon & him fyligdon mycel mænigeo & he hælde hig ealle.

    16 & be-bead him þt hig hyt nänum men ne sædon.

    17 þt wære gefylled þt þe gecweden wæs þurh isaïam þone witegan þus cweþende;

    18 Her is mïn cnapa þone ic ge-ceas min gecorena on þam wel gelïcode minre sawle; Ic asette minne gast ofer hyne & döm hë bodað þeodum;

    19 Ne flït he ne he ne hrymð ne nän man ne gehyrþ hys stemne on stræton;

    [Page 100]

    20 Tocwysed hreod hë ne for-brytt. & smeocende flex hë ne adwæscþ. ærþam þe he aworpe döm to sige.

    21 & on hys naman þeoda gehyhtað;

    22 [Note: Ðys sceal on þone þryddan sunnan-dæg innan lencten. Erat iesus eiciens demonium. A. ] Ða wæs him broht än deofol-seoc man se wæs blind & dumb. & he hyne hælde swa þt he spæc & geseah;

    23 And þa menigeo ealle wundrudon & cwædon; Cweðe wë is þës dauides sunu;

    24 Soþlice þa þa sundor-halgan þis gehyrdon þa cwædon hig; Ne adrïfþ ðes deoflu üt buton þurh belzebub deofla ealdre;

    25 Se hælend soþlice wiste hyra geþancas & cwæð to him ælc rïce þe byð twyræde on him sylfum byþ toworpen. & ælc ceaster oððe hus þe byð wiþer-weard ongen hyt sylf. hyt ne stent;

    26 & gyf se deoful adrifð ut þone deoful. hig beoþ todælede; Hü mæg þonne hys rïce standan;

    27 & gyf ic þurh belzebub adrife ut deofla. þurh hwæne adrifað eowre bearn. forþam hig sylfe beoð eowre dëman;

    28 Gyf ic soþlice on godes gaste awurpe deoflu. witodlice on eow becymð godes rice;

    29 Oþþe hu mæg man. ingan on stranges hus. & hys fata hyne bereafian buton he gebinde ærest þone strangan. & þonne hys hus bereafige;

    30 [Note:

    Ðys sceal on wodnes-dæg on þære twelftan wucan ofer pentecosten.

    Qui non est mecum contra me est. & qui non congregat mecum dispergit. A.
    ] Se þe nys mid më he is ongën me. & se þe ne gaderaþ mid me hë towyrpð;

    [Page 102]

    31 For-þam ic secge eow ælc synn & bysmur-spæc byþ for-gyfen mannum; Soþlice þæs halgan gastes bysmur-spæc ne byð for-gyfen;

    32 & swa hwylc swa cwyð word ongën mannes sunu him byð forgyfen; Se þe soðlice cwyþ ongen haligne gast ne byð hyt hym forgyfen. ne on þisse worulde ne on þære toweardan;

    33 Oþþe wyrceað god treow & hys weastm godne. oððe wyrceað yfel treow & hys wæstm yfelne. Witodlice be þam wæstmme byð þt treow on-cnawen;

    34 La ge næddrena cynryn. hü magon ge god sprecan þonne ge synt yfele; Soþlice of þære heortan willan se muþ spicþ.

    35 god mann soþlice of godum gold-horde bringþ god forð & yfel mann of yfelum gold-horde bringð yfel forð;

    36 Soþlice ic secge eow þt ælc idel word þe menn specað hi agyldaþ gescead be þam on domes dæge;

    37 Soþlice of þinum wordum þu byst gerihtwisod. & of þinum wordum þu byst genyðerod;

    38 [Note: Ðys sceal on wodnes-dæg on þære forman lencten-wucan. A. ] Þa andswarodun hym sume þa boceras & þa sundor-halgan þus cweþende. Lareow we willaþ sum tacn of þe geseon.

    39 he &swarode hym & cwæð. yfel cneorys & for-liger secð tacn. & hyre ne byð nän tacn geseald buton ionas tacn þæs witegan;

    [Page 104]

    40 Witodlice swa swa ionas wæs on þæs hwæles innoþe þry dagas & þreo niht. swa byþ mannes sunu on eorþan heortan þry dagas & þreo niht;

    41 Niniuetisce weras arïsað on dome mid þysse cneorysse & hig genyþeriað hig. forþam þe hig dydon dæd-bote on ionas bodunge & þes ys mära þonne ionas;

    42 Suþ-dæles cwën arist on dome mid þysse cneorysse. & heo genyþerað hig forþam ðe heo cöm fram landes gemærum to gehyranne salomones wisdom. & þes is mara þonne salomon;

    43 Soþlice þonne se unclæna gast ut-færþ fram menn. he gæð geond drige stowa secende reste & he ne gemet.

    44 þonne cwyþ he ic gecyrre on min hus þanon ic ut-eode. & cumende he gemet hyt æmtig & geclænsod mid besmum & gefrætwod;

    45 Ðonne gæþ he & him tö-genymþ seofun oþre gastas wyrsan þonne he & ingangende hig eardigeað þær. & þonne wurðaþ þæs mannes ytemestan wyrsan þonne þa ærran. & swa byð þysse wyrrestan cneorysse;

    46 Ða he þas þing þa gyt spæc to þam mænegum. þa stöd hys modor & his gebroðra þær-üte sëcende spæcon to him;

    47 Soþlice þa cwæþ sum to him. witodlice þin modur & þine gebroþra standaþ her-üte þe sëcende;

    [Page 106]

    48 & hë andswarode hym secgendum & cwæð; Hwylc ys mïn modur & hwylce synt mine gebroþra;

    49 & he aþenede hys hand on his leorning-cnihtas & cwæð;

    50 Witodlice swa hwylc swa wyrcþ mines fæder willan þe on heofenan is. he is min broþur & min swustor & mödor;


    1 On þam dæge þam hælende üt-gangendum of hüse he sæt. wiþ ða sæ.

    2 & mycle mænigeo wæron gesamnode to hym. swa þt he eode on scyp & þær sæt. and eall seo mænigeo stod on þam waroþe.

    3 & he spræc to hym fela on big-spellum cweþende; Soþlice ut-eode se sædere hys sæd to sawenne

    4 & þa þa he seow. sume hig feollon wiþ weg. & fuglas comun & æton þä;

    5 Soþlice sume feollon on stænihte þær hyt næfde mycle eorþan. & hrædlice up-sprungon for-þam þe hig næfdon þære eorþan dypan;

    6 Soþlice upsprungenre sunnan hig adruwudon & forscruncon. for þam þe hig næfdon wyrtrum;

    7 Soþlice sume feollon on þornas. & þa þornas weoxon & for-þrysmudon þa.

    [Page 108]

    8 sume soþlice feollon on gode eorþan & sealdon weastm. sum hund-fealdne. sum sixtig-fealdne. sum þrittig-fealdne;

    9 Se þe hæbbe earan to gehyrenne gehyre.

    10 & þa genealæhton his leorning-cnihtas & cwædon to hym. for hwig spycst þu to hym mid big-spellum;

    11 Ða andswarode he hym forþam þe eow is geseald to witanne heofena rices gerynu. & him nys na geseald;

    12 Soþlice þam þe hæfþ. him byþ geseald & he haefð. Soþlice se þe næfð & þt þe he hæfð him bið ætbroden.

    13 forðam ic spece to him mid big-spellum. forþam þe löciende hig ne ge-seoþ. & gehyrende hig ne gehyraþ. ne ne ongytaþ.

    14 þt on him si gefylled esaïas witegung; Of gehyrnysse ge gehyraþ & ge ne ongytaþ & löciende ge ge-seoþ & [ge] ne ge-seoð;

    15 Soþlice þises folces heorte is ahyrd. & hig hefelice mid earum gehyrdon. & hyra eagan beclysdon. þe læs hig æfre mid eagum geseon & mid earum gehyron. & mid heortan ongyton. & sïn gecyrrede & ic hig gehæle;

    16 Soþlice eadige synt eowre eagan forþam þe hig geseoþ. & eowre earan forþam þe hig gehyraþ;

    [Page 110]

    17 Soþlice on eornust ic eow secge þt manega witegan & rihtwise gewilnudon þa þing to ge-seonne þe ge geseoþ & hig ne ge-sawon; & gehyran þa þing þe ge gehyrað. & hig ne gehyrdon;

    18 Ge-hyre ge soþlice þæs sawendan bigspell;

    19 Ælc þæra þe godes wurd gehyrð & ne ongyt. þonne cymþ deoful & bereafað þt on hys heortan asäwen is. þt is se þe wiþ ðone weg asawen is;

    20 Soþlice se þe ofer þone stan asawen is. þt is seþe þt godes wurd gehyrð. & hrædlice þt mid blisse onfehþ.

    21 Soþlice hyt næfþ þone wyrtrum on him. ac is hwilwendlic; Gewordenre gedrefednesse & ehtnesse for þam wurde hrædlice hig beoð geüntreowsode.

    22 Soþlice þt þe asäwen is on þornum. þt is se þe þt wurd gehyrþ & þonne eornfullness þisse worulde & leasung þissa woruld-welena forþrysmiaþ þt wurd & hit is butan weastme geworden;

    23 Soþlice þt þe asawen wæs on þt gode land þt is se þe þt wurd gehyrþ & ongyt & þone weastm bringð & þonne deþ sum hund-fealdne sum sixti-fealdne sum þritti-fealdne;

    24 He rehte him þa oþer bigspel & þus cwæð. heofona rïce is geworden þam men gelic þe seow god sæd on his æcyre;

    [Page 112]

    25 Soþlice þa þa men slepon þa com his feonda sum & ofer-seow hit mid coccele on middan þam hwæte & ferde þanon;

    26 Soþlice þa seo wyrt weox & þone weastm brohte þa æt-eowde se coccel hine.

    27 þa eodon þæs hlafordes þeowas & cwædon. hlaford hü ne seow þu god sæd on þinum æcere. hwanon hæfde he coccel

    28 þa cwæþ he þt dyde ünhold mann þa cwædon þa þeowas wylt þu we gäð & gadriað hig.

    29 þa cwæð he nese þe læs ge þone hwæte awurtwalion. þonne ge þone coccel gadriaþ;

    30 Lætað ægþer weaxan oð rip-timan. & on þam riptiman ic secge þam riperum gadriaþ ærest þone coccel & bindaþ sceaf-mælum to for-bærnenne. & gadriaþ ðone hwæte into minum berne.

    31 He rehte him þa gyt oþer big-spel þus cweþende. heofena rice is ge-worden gelic senepes corne þt seow se man on hys æcre

    32 þt is ealra sæda læst; Soþlice þonne hit wyxþ hit is ealra wyrta mæst & hit wyrþ treow swa þt heofnan fuhlas cumaþ & eardiaþ on his bogum;

    33 He spræc to him oþer big-spel & þus cwæð. heofena rice is gelic þam beorman þone þt wif onfeng & behydde on þrim gemetum melwes oð he wæs eall ahafen;

    [Page 114]

    34 Ealle þas þing se hælend spræc mid big-spellum to þam weredum. & nan þing ne spræc he butan big-spellum

    35 þt wære gefylled. þæs witegan cwyde ic atyne minne muþ mid big-spellum. ic bodige digelnesse fram middaneardes gesetednesse;

    36 He for-let þa ða mænegeo & com to his inne & þa genealæhton to him his leorning-cnihtas & cwædon arece us þt big-spell þæs hwætes and þæs cocceles.

    37 þa and-swarude he him seþe seow þt gode sæd së is mannes sunu.

    38 Soþlice se æcyr is þes middangeard þt gode sæd þt synt þæs heofonlican rices bearn. Se coccel synt soþlice þa manfullan bearn.

    39 Se ünholda man seþe þone coccel seow þt is deoful; Soðlice þt rip is worulde endung þa riperas synt englas.

    40 eornustlice swa swa se coccel byþ gegaderud & mid fyre forbærned swa byð on worulde endunge.

    41 mannes sunu sent his englas & hi gadriað of his rice ealle gedrefednesse & þa þe unrihtwisnesse wyrceað

    42 & asendað hig on fyres öfen þær byþ wöp & toþa gristbitung.

    43 þonne scinað ða rihtwisan swa swa sunne on hyra fæder rice;

    [Page 116]

    44 [Note: Ðys godspel sceal to sancta agnan mæssan. Simile est regnum celorum thesauro. A. ] Heofona rice is gelic gehyddum gold-horde on þam æcere þone behyt se man þe hyne fint & for his blysse gæð & sylþ eall þt he ah & gebigþ þone æcer;

    45 Eft is heofena rice gelïc þam mangere þe sohte þt gode mere-grot

    46 þa he funde þt än deorwyrðe mere-grot þa eode he & sealde eall þt he ahte & bohte þt meregrot;

    47 Eft is heofena rice gelic. asendum nette on þa sæ & of ælcum fisc-cynne gadrigendum.

    48 þa hi þa þt nett üpp-atügon & sæton be þam strande. þa gecuron hig þa godan on hyra fatu. þa yflan hig awurpon üt;

    49 Swa byþ on þisse worulde en

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    Introductory matter

    Title page






    Preface i
    Description of the MSS. v
    Description of the printed editions xiv
    Plan of the present volume xxii
    Argumentum 1
    Capitula Lectionum 2
    Euangelium: Cap. I. 8
    Euangelium: Cap. II. 16
    Euangelium: Cap. III. 20
    Euangelium: Cap. IV. 26
    Euangelium: Cap. V. 34
    Euangelium: Cap. VI. 42
    Euangelium: Cap. VII. 52
    Euangelium: Cap. VIII. 58
    Euangelium: Cap. IX. 66
    Euangelium: Cap. X. 76
    Euangelium: Cap. XI. 86
    Euangelium: Cap. XII. 92
    Euangelium: Cap. XIII. 102
    Euangelium: Cap. XIV. 108
    Euangelium: Cap. XV. 122
    Euangelium: Cap. XVI. 130
    Appendix: Collation of the Latin texts of the Lindisfarne and Rushworth MSS. 137
    Critical Notes 141
    Corrigenda et Addenda 144

    Title page






    1 [Note: Initium euangelii ihesu christi filii dei uiui sicut scriptum est in esaia propheta. Ecce mitto angelum meum ante faciem tuam. A. ] [H]er ys godspellys angyn Hælyndes cristes godes suna.

    2 Swa äwriten is on þæs witegan bëc isaiam. nu ic asënde minne engel be-foran þinre ansyne. Se ge-gearwað þinne weg be-foran ðe.

    3 clypiende stefn on þam westene ge-gearwiað drihtnes weg. doð rihte his siðas;

    4 Iohannes wæs on westene fulligende & bodiende dædbote fulwiht on synna for-gyfenesse.

    5 & to him ferde eall iudeisc rice. & ealle hierosolima-ware. & wæron fram him gefullode. on iordanes flode hyra synna anddetenne;

    6 And iohannes wæs gescryd mid oluendes hærum. & fellen gyrdel wæs ymbe his lendenu. & gærstapan & wudu hunig he æt.

    7 & he bodude & cwæð. strengra cymð æfter me. þæs ne eom ic wyrðe þt ic his sceona þwanga bugende uncnytte.

    8 Ic fullige eow on wætere. he eow fullað on halgum gaste.

    [Page 10]

    9 [Note: Et factum est in diebus illis uenit ihesus a nazareth. A. ] & on ðam dagum cöm se hælend fram nazareth galilee & wæs ge-fullod on iordanë fram iohanne.

    10 & sona of ðam wætere he geseah opene heofonas. & haligne gast swa culfran astigende & on him wunigende.

    11 & þa wæs stefn of heofenum geworden. þu eart min ge-lufoda sunu on þe ic gelicode;

    12 And sona gast hine on westen genydde.

    13 & he on wëstene wæs feowertig daga & feowertig nihta. & he wæs fram satane gecostnod. & he mid wilddeorum wæs & him englas þenodon;

    14 [Note: Venit ihesus in galileam predicans euangelium. ] Syððan iohannes geseald wæs. com se hælend on galileam godes rices. godspell bodigende

    15 & þus cweðende. witodlice tïd is gefylled & heofena rïce genealæcð. doð dæd-bote & gelyfaþ þam godspelle.

    16 [Note: Et preteriens secus mare galileæ. A. ] & þa he ferde wið þa galileiscan sæ. he geseah simonem & andream his broðor hyra nett on þa sæ lætende. Soðlice hi wæron fisceras;

    17 And þa cwæð se hælend cumað æfter me & ic dö inc þt gyt beoð sawla onfonde.

    18 & hi þa hrædlice him fyligdon. & for-leton heora net.

    19 & ðanon hwön agän he geseah iacobum & zebedei & iohannes his broðor. & hi on heora scype heora nett logodon.

    20 & he hi sona clypode. & hi heora fæder zebedeo on scipe forleton. mid hyrlingum.

    [Page 12]

    21 & ferdon to cafarnaum & sona reste-dagum he lærde hi on gesamnunge. ingancgende

    22 [Note: Erat enim docens eos quasi potestatem habens. A. ] & hi wundredon be his läre; Soþlice he wæs hi lærende swa se þe anweald hæfð. næs swa boceras.

    23 & on heora gesamnunge wæs sum man. on unclænum gaste & he hrymde

    24 & cwæð eala nazarenisca hælend hwæt is us & þe. com ðu us to for-spillanne. ic wat þu eart godes halga;

    25 Ða cidde se hælend him & cwæð adumba. & gä of þisum men.

    26 & se unclæna gast hine slitende & mycelre stefne clypiende him of eode;

    27 Þa wundredon hi ealle swa þt hi betwux him cwædon. hwæt ys þis. hwæt is þeos niwe lär. þt he on anwealde unclænum gastum bebyt. & hi hyrsumiað him.

    28 & sona ferde his hlïsa to galilea rice;

    29 [Note: Et protinus egredientes de sinagoga uenerunt in domum symonis et andreæ. A. ] Hrædlice of hyra gesamnunge hi comon on simonis & andreas hus. mid iacobe & Iohanne;

    30 Soðlice þa sæt simonis swegr hriðigende & hi him be hyre sædon.

    31 & ge-nealæcende he hi up ahöf hyre handa ge-gripenre. & hrædlice se fefor hi forlet. & heo þenode him;

    32 Soðlice þa hit wæs æfen geworden þa sunne to setle eode. hi brohton to him ealle þa unhalan. & þa ðe wöde wæron.

    33 & eall seo burh-waru wæs ge-gaderod to þære duran.

    [Page 14]

    34 & he manega gehælde þe missenlicum ädlum gedrehte wæron. & manega deofol-seocnyssa he ut adraf. & hi sprecan ne lët. forþam hi wiston þt he crist wæs;

    35 And swiðe ær arisende he ferde. on wëste stowe & hine þar gebæd

    36 & him fyligde simon. & þa ðe mid him wæron.

    37 & þa hi hine gemetton hi sædon him. eall þis folc ðe secð;

    38 Þa cwæð he fare we on ge-hende tünas & ceastra. þt ic ðar bodige. witodlice to ðam ic com.

    39 & he wæs bodigende on heora ge-samnungum & ealre galilea. & deofol-seocnessa ut adrifende;

    40 [Note:

    Ðys sceal on wodnes-dæg on þære fifteoðan wucan ofer pentecosten A. B.

    Et uenit ad eum leprosus deprecans eum et genu flexo dixit domine si uis potes me mundare. A.
    ] And to him com sum hreofla hine biddende. & gebigedum cneowum him to cwæþ; Drihten. gif þu wylt ðu miht ge-clænsian me;

    41 Soðlice se hælend him ge-miltsode. & his hand aþenode & hine æt-hrinende & þus cwæð; Ic wylle. beo ðu geclænsod.

    42 & þa he ðus cwæð sona seo hreofnys him fram ge-wät. & he wæs geclænsod.

    43 & sona he bead him

    44 & cwæð. warna þt ðu hit nanum men ne secge. ac gä & æt-yw ðe þara sacerda ealdre. & bring for ðinre clænsunga þt moyses bebead him on ge-witnesse.

    45 & he þa ut-gangende ongan bodian & widmærsian þa spræce; Swa þt he ne mihte openlice on þa ceastre gän. ac beon üte on westum stowum & hi æghwanon to him comon.

    [Page 16]


    1 & eft æfter dagum he eode into cafarnaum. & hit wæs ge-hyred þt he wæs on huse

    2 & manega togædere comon. & he to heom spræc.

    3 & hi comon anne laman to him berende. þone feower men bæron.

    4 & þa hï ne mihton hine inbringan for þære mænigu. hi openodon þone hröf þar se hælend wæs. & hi þa in-asendan. þt bed þe se lama on læg;

    5 Soðlice ða se hælend geseah heora geleafan. he cwæð to þam laman; Sunu þe synt þine synna for-gyfene.

    6 Þar wæron sume of ðam bocerum sittende. & on heora heortum þencende

    7 hwï spycð þes þus. he dysegað. hwa mæg synna for-gyfan buton god äna;

    8 Ða se hælend þt on his gaste oncneow. þt hi swa betwux him þohton. he cwæð to him. hwi ðence ge þas ðing on eowrum heortan.

    9 hwæðer is eðre to secgenne to þam laman. þe synd ðine synna forgyfene. hwæðer þe cweðan arïs nim ðïn bed & gä.

    10 þt ge soðlice witon þt mannes sunu hæfð anweald on eorðan; synna to for-gyfanne; He cwæð to þam läman

    11 þe ic secge arïs. nim þin bed. & gä to þinum huse

    12 & he sona aras. & be-foran him eallum eode; Swa þt ealle wundredon & þus cwædon. næfre wë ær þyllic ne ge-sawon.

    [Page 18]

    13 eft he ut eode to ðære sæ. & eall seo menigeo him to com & he hi lærde.

    14 & þa he forð eode he ge-seah leuin alphei. sittende æt his cep-setle. & he cwæð to him folga më. þa aras he & folgode him.

    15 & hit gewearð þa he sæt on his hüse þt manega manfulle. sæton mid þam hælende & his leorning-cnihtum; Soðlice manega þa ðe him fyligdon wæron

    16 boceras & farisei. & cwædon. witodlice he ÿtt mid mänfullum & synfullum. & hi cwædon to his leorning-cnihtum. hwi ytt eower lareow & drincð. mid manfullum & synfullum;

    17 Þa se hælend þis ge-hyrde he sæde him. ne beþurfon na ða halan læces. ac ða þe untrume synt; Ne com ic na þt ic clypode riht-wise ac synfulle.

    18 & þa wæron Iohannes leorning-cnihtas & pharisei fæstende. & þa comon hi & sædon him; Hwi fæstað iohannes leorning-cnihtas & phariseorum. & þine ne fæstað;

    19 Ða .[quoth]. se hælend. cweðe ge sceolan þæs brydguman cnihtas fæstan swa lange swa se brydguma mid him is. ne magon hi fæstan swa lange tïde swa hi ðone brydguman mid him habbað;

    20 Soðlice þa dagas cumað þonne se brydguma him bið fram acyrred. & þonne hi fæstað; On þam dagum

    21 nän man ne sïwaþ nïwne scÿp to ealdum reafe elles he afyrð þone nïwan scyp. of þam ealdan reafe. & biþ mare slite.

    [Page 20]

    22 & nän man ne deð niwe win on ealde bytta. elles þt wïn tobrycð þa bytta. & þt wïn bið agoten. & þa bytta forwurðaþ; Ac niwe wïn sceal beon gedon on nïwe bytta. þonne beoð butu gehealden;

    23 Eft wæs geworden þa he reste-dagum þurh æceras eode. his leorning-cnihtas ongunnon þa ëär pluccigean.

    24 þa cwædon pharisei to him. loca nu hwæt þine leorning-cnihtas doð. þt him alyfed næs. on reste-dagum;

    25 Þa sæde he him ne rædde ge næfre. hwæt dyde dauid þa hine hingrode. & þa ðe mid him wæron.

    26 hu he in godes huse eode. under abiathär þara sacerda ealdre. & he æt þa ofrung-hlafas. þe him ne alyfede næron to etanne. buton sacerdon anum. & he sealde þam ðe mid him wæron.

    27 & he sæde him. reste-dæg wæs geworht for þa men. næs se man for ðam reste-dæge;

    28 Witodlice drihten is mannes sunu eac swylce reste-dæges;


    1 And eft he eode on ge-samnunge & þar wæs än man for-scruncene hand hæbbende

    2 & hi gymdon hwæþer he on reste-dagum gehælde. þt hi hine gewregdon;

    3 Ða cwæð he to ðam men þe for-scruncene hand hæfde. arïs gemang him.

    [Page 22]

    4 þä cwæð he alyfð reste-dagum wel to dönne hweþer ðe yfele. sawla ge-hælan. hweþer ðe for-spillan. & hï suwodon.

    5 & hi besceawiende mid yrre ofer hyra heortan blindnesse ge-unrët cwæð to þam men; Aþene þine hand. & he aþenede hi. þa wearð his hand ge-hæled sona;

    6 Þa pharisei mid herodianiscum utgangende þeahtedon ongen hine. hu hi hine fordon mihton.

    7 & þa ferde se hælend to þære sæ. mid his leorning-cnihton. & mycel menigeo him fyligde fram galilea. & iudea.

    8 & hierusalem. & fram iudea & be-geondan iordane & to him com mycel menegeo ymbe tïrum & sidöne gehyrende þa ðing þe he worhte.

    9 & he cwæð to his cnihtum þt hi him on scipe þenodon. for þære menigu þt hi hine ne ofþrungon;

    10 Soþlice manega he ge-hælde; Swa þt hi æt-hrinon his. & swa fela swa untrumnessa

    11 & unclæne gastas hæfdon; Þa hi hine gesawon. hi to-foran him astrehton. & þus cweðende clypedon. þu eart godes sunu.

    12 & he him swyðe forbead. þt hi hine ne ge-swutelodon.

    13 & on anne munt he ferde & to him ge-clypode þa ðe he wolde & hi to him comon

    14 & he dyde þt hi twelfe mid him wæron. & he hi asende godspell to bodigenne.

    [Page 24]

    15 & he him anweald sealde untrumnessa to hælanne. & deofol-seocnessa üt to adrifanne.

    16 & he nemde simon petrum

    17 & iacobum zebedei. & iohannem his broðor & him naman onsette. boaneries þt is ðunres bearn.

    18 & andream. & philippum. & bartholomeum & thomam. & iacobum alphei. & taddeum. & simonem chananeum.

    19 & iudam scarioth. se hine sealde.

    20 & eft him to com. swa micel menigu. þt hi næfdon hlaf to etanne

    21 & þa hi hine gehyrdon hi ferdon þt hi hine namon & þus cwædon; Soðlice he is on hat-heortnesse gewend.

    22 & þa boceras þe wendon fram hierusalem cwædon; Soþlice he hæfð beelzebub & on deofla ealdre he deoful-seocnessa ut adrïfð.

    23 & he hi togædere geclypode. & on bigspellum him to cwæð; Hu mæg satanas satanan ut adrifan.

    24 & gif his rice on him sylfum bið to-dæled hu mæg hit standan

    25 & gif þt hus ofer hit sylf ys to-dæled. hu mæg hit standan

    26 & gif satanas winð ongen hine sylfne he bið to-dæled & he standan ne mæg ac hæfð ende;

    27 Ne mæg man þone strangan his æhta & his fatu be-reafian & on his hus gan, buton man þone strangan ærest gebinde. & þonne his hus reafige;

    [Page 26]

    28 Soðlice ic eow secge þt ealle synna synd manna bearnum forgyfene. & bysmorunga þam ðe hi bysmeriað;

    29 Soþlice ic eow secge se þe ðone halgan gast bysmerað. se næfð on ecnysse forgyfenesse; Ac bið ëces gyltes scyldig.

    30 forþam þe hi cwædon he hæfð unclænne gast.

    31 Þa com to him his modor & his gebroðra. & þar-ute stodon & to him sendon. & to him clypedon.

    32 & mycel menigu ymb hine sæt and to him cwædon. her is þin modor & þine gebroðra üte & secaþ þe;

    33 He þa him andswarode & cwæð. hwylc is min modor & mine gebroþru.

    34 & he cwæþ ða behealdende þe him abuton sæton. her is min modor & mine gebroðru;

    35 Soðlice se ðe dëþ godes willan se is min modor & min broðor & swustor.


    1 & eft he ongan hi æt þære sæ læran. & him wæs mycel menegu togegaderod; Swa þt he on scip eode. & on þære sæ wæs. & eall seo menegu ymbe þa [sæ] wæron on lande.

    2 & he hi fela on bigspellum lærde. & him to cwæð on his lare.

    3 gehyrað; [Note: Ðis sceal on þære wucan æfter þam þe man be-lycð alleluia. ] + Ut eode se sædere his sæd to sawenne.

    4 & þa he sew sum feoll wið þone weg. & fugelas comon & hit fræton;

    [Page 28]

    5 Sum feoll ofer stan-scyligean þar hit næfde mycele eorðan. & sona üp eöde. & forþam hit næfde eorþan þiccnesse.

    6 þa hit up-eode. Seo sunne hit forswælde. & hit forscranc. forþam hit wyrt-ruman næfde.

    7 & sum feoll on þornas. þa stigon ða þörnas & forðrysmodon þt. & hit wæstm ne bær.

    8 & sum feoll on god land & hit sealde upp-stigende & wexende wæstm; & än brohte þritig-fealdne; Sum syxtig-fealdne; Sum hund-fealdne;

    9 And he cwæð. gehyre se ðe earan hæbbe to gehyranne.

    10 & þa he ana wæs hine axodon þt bigspell þa twelfe þe mid him wæron.

    11 & he sæde him. eow is geseald to witanne godes rïces gerÿnu; Þam þe üte synt ealle þing on bigspellum gewurþað.

    12 þt hi geseonde geseon & na ne ge-seon & gehyrende gehyren & ne ongyten þe læs hi hwænne sÿn gescyrede. & him sïn hyra synna forgyfene;

    13 Ða sæde he him. ge nyton þis bigspell. & hu mage ge ealle bigspell witan;

    14 Se þe sæwð. word he sæwð;

    15 Soðlice þa synt wið þone weg þar þt word is gesawen. & þonne hi hit gehyrað; Sona cymð satanas & afyrð þt word þe on heora heortan asawen ys.

    16 & þa synt gelice þe synt ofer þa stan-scylian gesawen; Sona þænne hi þt word gehyrað. & þt mid blisse onfoð.

    [Page 30]

    17 & hi nabbað wyrtruman on him. ac beoð unstaðolfæste. & syþþan upcymð deofles costnung & his ehtnys for þam worde;

    18 Hi synd on þornum gesawen. þt synd þa ðe þt word gehyrað.

    19 & of-yrmðe & swicdome worold-welene. & oðra gewilnunga þt word of-þrysmað. & synt buton wæstme gewordene.

    20 & þa ðe gesawene synt ofer þt gode land. þa synd þe þt word gehyrað & onfoð. & wæstm bringað. Sum þritig-fealdne. sum syxtig-fealdne. & sum hund-fealdne;

    21 He sæde him cwyst þu cymð þt leoht-fæt þt hit beo under bydene asett. oððe under bedde. witegere þt hit sy ofer candel-stæf asett;

    22 Soðlice nis nan ðing behydd þe ne sy geswutelod; ne nis digle geworden. ac þt hit openlice cume;

    23 Gehyre gif hwa earan hæbbe to gehyranne.

    24 & he cwæð to him warniað hwæt ge gehyran. & on þam gemete. þe ge metað eow bið gemeten & eow bið ge-ict.

    25 þam bið geseald þe hæfð & þam ðe næfð. eac þt he hæfð him bið æt-broden.

    26 & he [quoth]. godes rice ys swylce man wurpe god sæd on his land

    27 & sawe & arise dæges & nihtes. & þt sæd. growe & wexe þonne he nat;

    28 Soðlice sylf-willes seo eorðe wæstm berað ærest gærs syððan ear. syþþan fullne hwæte on þam eare;

    [Page 32]

    29 And þonne se wæstm hine forð-bringð. sona he sent his sïcol forþam þt rip æt is.

    30 & eft he cwæð. for hwam geanlicie we heofena rïce. oððe hwylcum bigspelle wið-mete we hit;

    31 Swa swa senepes sæd. þonne hit bið on eorðan gesawen. hit is ealra sæda læst þe on eorðan synt.

    32 & þonne hit asawen bið hit astihþ. & bið ealra wyrta mæst & hæfð swa mycele bögas þt heofenes fugelas eardian magon under his sceade.

    33 & manegum swylcum bigspellum he spræc to him þæt hi mihton gehyran;

    34 Ne spæc he na butan bigspelle. eall he his leorning-cnihtum asundron rehte.

    35 & sæde him þonne æfen bið uton faran agen;

    36 And þas menigu forlætan; hi onfengon hine swa he on scipe wæs. & oþre scipu wæron mid him.

    37 & þa wæs mycel ÿst windes geworden. & yþa he awearp on þt scyp þt hit gefylled wæs

    38 & he wæs on scipe ofer bolster slapende. & hi awehton hine & cwædon. ne be-limpð to þe þt we forwurþað.

    39 & he aräs & þam winde bebead. & cwæð to ðære sæ; Suwa & gestille. & se wind geswac þa. & wearð mycel smyltnes.

    40 & he sæde him hwi synt ge forhte. gyt ge nabbað geleafan.

    [Page 34]

    41 & hi micclum ege him ondredon. & cwædon ælc to oðrum hwæt wenst þu hwæt is ðes þt him [wyndas &] sæ hyrsumiað;


    1 [Note: Ðis sceal on frige-dæg on þære seofeðan wucan ofer pentecosten. Venit ihesus in regionem gerasenorum & exeunte ei de naui statim occurrit ei de monumentis. ] Ða comon hi ofer þære sæs muðan on þt rïce. hierasenörum

    2 & him of scipe gangendum him sona agen ärn än man of þam byrgenum on unclænum gaste;

    3 Se hæfde on byrgenum scræf & hine nän man mid racenteagum ne mihte gebindan.

    4 forþam he oft mid fot-coppsum & racenteagum gebunden. toslat þa raceteaga & þa fot-coppsas tobræc. & hine nän man gewyldan ne mihte.

    5 & symle dæges & nihtes he wæs on byrgenum and on muntum. hrymende & hine sylfne mid stanum ceorfende;

    6 Soðlice ða he þone hælend feorran geseah. he ärn & hine gebæd.

    7 & mycelre stemne hrymende & þus [quoth]. eala mæra hælend godes sunu hwæt is me & þe. Ic halsige þe ðurh god þt ðu me ne þreage;

    8 Þa cwæð se hælend. eala unclæna gast. ga of ðysum men;

    9 Ða ahsode he hine hwæt is þin nama. þa cwæð he min nama is legio. forþam we manega synt.

    10 & he hine swyðe bæd þt he hine of þam rice ne dyde.

    11 þar wæs embe þone munt mycel swyna heord læsgende.

    [Page 36]

    12 & þa unclænan gastas hine bædon & cwædon; Send üs on þas swyn þt we [on] hi gegän.

    13 & þa lyfde se hælend sona. & ða eodon þa unclænan gastas on þa swÿn. & on myclum hryre seo heord wearð on sæ besceofen. twa þusendo & wurdon adruncene. on ðære sæ;

    14 Soþlice þa ðe hi heoldon flugon & cyddon on þære ceastre & on lande & hï ut eodon þt hi ge-sawon hwæt þar gedön wære.

    15 & hi comon to þam hælende & hi gesawon þone ðe mid deofle gedreht wæs. gescrydne sittan. [&] hales modes. & hi him ondredon.

    16 & hi rehton him þa ðe hit gesawon hu hit gedön wæs. be þam ðe deofol-seocnesse hæfde & be þam swynum.

    17 & hi bædon þt he of hyra ge-mærum fore;

    18 Þa he on scip eode hine ongan biddan se ðe ær mid deofle gedreht wæs. þt he mid him wære;

    19 Him þa se hælend ne getiðode. ac he sæde him ga to þinum huse to þinum hïwum & cyð him hu mycel drihten gedyde & he ge-miltsode þe;

    20 And he ða ferde & ongan bodigean on decapolim hu fela se hælend him dyde. & hig ealle þæs wundredon;

    21 And þa se hælend eft on scype ferde ofer þone muþan him com to mycel menigu & wæs ymbe þa sæ.

    [Page 38]

    22 & ða com sum of heah-gesamnungum iäirus hatte; & þa he hine geseah he astrehte hine to his fotum

    23 & hine swyðe bæd. & he cwæð; Min dohtor is on ytemestum siðe. cum & sete þine hand ofer hi þt heo hal sy & lybbe;

    24 Ða ferde he mid him & him fyligde mycel menigeo & þrungon hine;

    25 & þa þt wïf ðe on blodryne twelf winter wæs.

    26 & fram manegum læcum fela þinga þolode. & dælde eall þt heo ahte. & hit naht ne fremode. ac wæs þe wyrse;

    27 Þa heo be ðam hælende gehyrde heo com wið-æftan þa menigu & his reaf æt-hrän;

    28 Soðlice heo cwæð gif ic fürþon his reafes æt-hrïne ic beo häl;

    29 And þa sona wearð hyre blodes ryne adruwod. & heo on hire gefredde þt heo of þam wïte gehæled wæs;

    30 And þa se hælend on-cneow on him sylfum þt him mægen of-eode. he cwæð bewend to þære menigu; Hwa æthran mines reafes.

    31 þa cwædon his leorning-cnihtas þu ge-syxst þas menigu þe ðringende. & þu cwyst hwa æt-hran me;

    32 And þa beseah he hine þt he ge-sawe þæne ðe þt dyde;

    33 Ðat wïf þa ondrædende & forhtigende com & astrehte hi be-foran him & sæde him eall þt riht;

    [Page 40]

    34 Þa cwæð se hælend. dohtor þin geleafa þe hale gedyde. ga þe on sibbe & beo of ðisum hal;

    35 Him þa gyt sprecendum hi comon fram þam heah-gesamnungum & cwædon; Ðïn dohtor is dead. hwi drecst þu leng þone lareow;

    36 Þa he ge-hyrde þt word þa cwæð se hælend ne ondræd þu ðe gelyf for än;

    37 And he ne lët him ænigne fyligean. buton petrum. & iacobum. & iohannem. Iacobes broðor

    38 & hi comon on þæs heah-ealdres hus. & he ge-seah mycel gehlyd wepende & geomriende;

    39 And þa he ineode he [quoth]. hwi synd ge gedrefede & wepað. nis þis mæden na dead ac heo slæpð;

    40 Ða tældon hi hine; He þa eallum üt adrifenum. nam petrum & þæs mædenes modor. & þa ðe mid him wæron. & inn-eodon suwiende þar þt mæden wæs.

    41 & hire hand nam & cwæð. thalim-tha cumi. þt is on ure geþeode gereht. mæden þe ic secge arïs;

    42 & heo sona aras & eode; Soðlice heo wæs twelf wintre. & ealle hi wundredon mycelre wundrunge.

    43 & he him þearle bebead þt hi hyt nanum men ne sædon & he het hire etan syllan;

    [Page 42]


    1 And þa he ðanon eode he ferde on his eðel. & him folgodon his leorning-cnihtas;

    2 & gewordenum reste-dæge he ongann on gesamnunge læran & manege gehyrdon & wundrodon on his läre & cwædon; Hwanon synd þyssum ealle þas ðincg and hwæt is se wisdom þe him ge-seald is. & swylce mihta þe ðurh his handa gewordene synd;

    3 Hu nys [þys] se smið marian sunu. iacobes broðor. & Iosepes. & iude [&] simonis. hu ne synt his swustra her mid üs. & þa wurdon hi gedrefede.

    4 þa cwæð se hælend; Soðlice nis nän witega buton wurðscipe. buton on his eðele & on his mægðe. & on his hüse;

    5 And he ne mihte þar ænig mægen wyrcan. buton feawa untrume on-asettum his handum he ge-hælde.

    6 & he wundrode for heora ungeleafan; He ða lær[en]de þa castel be-ferde.

    7 & him twelfe togeclypode. & agan hi sendan twam & twam. & him anweald sealde unclænra gasta.

    8 & him bebead þt hi naht on wege ne namon. buton gyrde äne. ne codd ne hlaf. ne feoh on heora gyrdlum;

    9 Ac ge-sceode mid calcum & þt hi mid twam tunecum gescrydde næron;

    10 And he cwæð to him; Swa hwylc hüs swa ge ingað. wuniað þar oð þt ge üt-gan.

    [Page 44]

    11 & swa hwylce swa eow ne ge-hyrað. þonne ge þanon üt gað äsceacað þt dust of eowrum fotum. him on ge-witnesse;

    12 And üt-gangende hi bodedon þt hi dædbote dydon

    13 & hi manega deofol-seocnessa üt-adrifon. & manega untrume mid ele smyredon & gehældon;

    14 And þa gehyrde herodes se cyng þæt; Soþlice his nama wæs swutol geworden & he cwæð; Witodlice Iohannes se fulluhtere of deaðe aras. & on him synd forþam mægenu geworht;

    15 Sume cwædon he is elias. sume cwædon he is witega swylce än of þam witegum;

    16 Ða herodes þt ge-hyrde he cwæð; Se iohannes þe ic be-heafdode se aras of deaðe;

    17 [Note: Ðys godspel sceal innan hærefeste to sce iohannes mæssan. Misit herodes & tenuit iohannem. A. B. ] Soðlice herodes sende & hët iohannem gebindan on cwerterne. for þære herodiadiscan his broðar läfe philippus. for þam ðe he nam hi;

    18 Þa sæde Iohannes heröde. nys þe alyfed to hæbbenne þines broðer wïf;

    19 Ða syrwde herodias ymbe hine & wolde hine of-slean & heo ne mihte;

    20 Soðlice herodes on-dred Iohannem & wiste þt he wæs rihtwis. & halig. & he heold hine on cwerterne. & he ge-hyrde þt he fela wundra worhte & he luflice him hyrde;

    21 Þa se dæg com herodes gebrydtïde he ge-gearwode mycele feorme his ealdor-mannum. & þam fyrmestum on galilea.

    [Page 46]

    22 & þa ða þære herodiadiscan dohtor inneode & tumbode. hit licode heröde. & eallum þam ðe him mid sæton; Se cing cwæð þa to ðam mædene. bide me swa hwæt swa þu wylle & ic þe sylle;

    23 And he swör hire. soðes ic þe sylle swa hwæt swa þu me bitst. þeah þu wylle healf min rice;

    24 Ða heo üt eode heo cwæð to hyre meder; Hwæs bidde ic; Þa cwæþ heo. iohannes heafod þæs fulluhteres;

    25 Sona þa heo mid ofste inn to þam cinincge eode. heo bæd & þus cwæð; Ic wylle þt ðu me hrædlice on anum disce sylle iohannes heafod;

    26 Þa wearð se cinincg geunrët for þam aðe. & for þam ðe him mid sæton; Nolde þeah hi ge-unretan.

    27 ac sende ænne cwellere & bebead þt man his heafod on änum disce brohte; And he hine þa on cwerterne beheafdode.

    28 & his heafod on disce brohte & hit sealde þam mædene. & þt mæden hit sealde hire meder;

    29 Ða his cnihtas þt ge-hyrdon hi cömon & his lïc namon. & hine on byrgene ledon;

    30 Soðlice þa ða apostolas togædere comon. hi cyddon þam hælende eall þt hi dydon & hi lærdon.

    31 & he sæde him; Cumað & uton gän onsundron on weste stowe. & us hwon restan; Soðlice manega wæron þe comon & agën-hwyrfdon & fyrst næfdon þt hi æton.

    32 & on scyp stigende. hi föron onsundran on weste stowe.

    [Page 48]

    33 & gesawon hi farende. & hi ge-cneowon manega; And gangende of þam burgum þyder ürnon. & him beforan comon;

    34 And þa se hælend ðanon eode. he geseah mycele menegu. & he ge-miltsode him for þam þe hi wæron swa swa scëp þe nanne hyrde nabbað; And he ongan hi fela læran.

    35 & þa hit mycel ylding wæs. his leorning-cnihtas him to comon & cwædon. þeos stow is wëste & tïma is forð agän.

    36 forlæt þas menegu. þt hi faran on ge-hende tunas. & him mete bicgan. þt hi eton;

    37 Þa cwæð he sylle ge him etan; Ða cwædon hi uton gan. & mid twam hundred penegon hlafas bicgan. & we him etan syllað;

    38 Ða cwæð he hu fela hlafa hæbbe ge. gað & lociað. & þa hi wiston hi cwædon. fif hlafas & twegen fixas.

    39 & þa be-bead se hælend þt ðæt folc sæte ofer þt grene hig.

    40 & hi þa sæton hundredon & fiftigon.

    41 & fif hlafum. & twam fixum onfangenum he on heofon locode & hi bletsode. & þa hlafas bræc. & sealde his leorning-cnihtum. þt hi toforan him asetton. & twegen fixas him eallon dælde

    42 & hi æton þa ealle & gefyllede wurdon;

    43 And hi namon þara hlafa. & fixa lafe. twelf wilian fulle;

    44 Soðlice fif þusend manna þara etendra wæron;

    [Page 50]

    45 [Note: Ðis sceal on sæternes-dæg ær halgan dæge. A. B. ] Ða sona he nydde his leorning-cnihtas on scyp stïgan. þt hi him beforan foron ofer þæne muþan to bethsaida. oþ he þt folc for-lete;

    46 And þa he hi for-let he ferde on þone munt & hine ana þar gebæd;

    47 And þa æfen wæs þt scyp wæs on middre sæ. & he ana wæs on lande

    48 & he ge-seah hi on rewette swincende. him wæs wiðer-weard wind; And on niht embe þa feorþan wæccan he com to him ofer þa sæ gangende. & wolde hi for-bugan;

    49 Þa hi hine gesawon ofer þa sæ gangende hi wendon þt hit unfæle gast wære. & hi clypedon;

    50 Hi ealle hine gesawon. & wurdon gedrefede & sona he spræc to him & cwæð; Gelyfaþ ic hit eom. ne þurfon ge eow ondrædan.

    51 & he on scyp to him eode. & se wind geswäc & hi þæs þe mä betwux him wundredon.

    52 ne ongeton hi be þam hlafon; Soðlice heora heorte wæs ablend;

    53 And þa hi ofer-segledon. hi comon to genesär. & þar wicedon.

    54 & þa hi of scipe eodon. sona hi hine gecneowon;

    55 And eall þt rïce befarende hi on sæccingum bæron þa untruman. þar hi hine gehyrdon;

    [Page 52]

    56 And swa hwar swa he on wïc oþþe on tünas eode. on stræton hi þa untruman ledon. & hine bædon þt hi huru his refes fnæd æt-hrinon. & swa fela swa hine æt-hrinon hi wurdon hale.


    1 [Note:

    Ðys sceal on wodnes-dæg on þære þryddan lencten wucan. A. B.

    Accesserunt ad ihesum. A.
    ] Þa comon to him pharisei & sume boceras cumende fram hierusalem.

    2 & þa hi ge-sawon sume of his leorning-cnihton besmitenum handum þt is ünþwogenum handum etan. hi tældon hi & cwædon;

    3 Pharisei & ealle iudeas ne etað buton hi hyra handa gelomlice þwean. healdende hyra yldrena gesetnessa.

    4 & on stræte hi ne etað buton hi geþwegene beon. & manega oþre synd þe him gesette synt. þt is calicea frymða. & ceaca. & ärfata. & mæstlinga;

    5 And þa axodon hine pharisei & þa boceras. hwi ne gað þine leorning-cnihtas æfter ure yldrena gesetnysse. ac besmitenum handum hyra hlaf þicgað;

    6 Ða andswarode he him; Wel witegod isaias be eow licceterum swa hit awriten is; Þis folc me mid welerum wurðað. soðlice hyra heorte is feor fram me.

    7 on idel hi me wurðiað. & manna läre & bebodu lærað;

    8 Soþlice ge forlætað godes bebod. & healdað manna laga. þweala ceaca & calica. & manega oþre þylce ðing ge doð;

    [Page 54]

    9 Ða sæde he him. wel ge on idel dydon godes bebod þt ge eower laga healdon;

    10 Moyses cwæð. wurða þinne fæder & þine modor. & se ðe wyrigþ his fæder & his modor. swelte se deaþe;

    11 Soðlice ge cweþað. gif hwa segð his fæder & meder corbän þt is on ure geðeode gyfu. gif hwylc is of me þe fremað.

    12 & ofer þt ge ne lætað hine ænig þing dön his fæder oððe meder

    13 toslitende godes bebod. for eower stüntan lage þe ge gesetton. & manega oþre þing ðysum gelice ge doð;

    14 And eft þa menegu he him toclypode & cwæð; Ge-hyraþ me ealle & ongytað;

    15 Nis nän þing of þam men on hine gangende þt hine besmïtan mæge; Ac þa ðing þe of ðam men forð-gað. þa hine besmitað.

    16 gif hwa earan hæbbe gehlyste me;

    17 And þa se hælend fram þære menegu eode his leorning-cnihtas hine än big-spell ahsodon;

    18 Þa cwæð he. & synt ge þus ungleawe ne on-gyte ge. þt eall þæt utan cymð on þone man gangende. ne mæg hine besmitan.

    19 forþam hit ne gæð on his heortan. ac on his innoð. & on forð-gang gewïteð ealle mettas clænsigende;

    20 Ða sæde he him þt ða þing ðe of þam men gað. þa hine besmitað;

    [Page 56]

    21 Innan of manna heortan. yfele geþancas cumað. unriht-hæmedu. & forligeru. manslihtas.

    22 [stala.] gytsung. män. facnu. sceamleast. yfel gesihð. dysinessa. ofer-modignessa. stuntscipe.

    23 & ealle þas yfelu of þam innoðe cumað & þone man besmitað;

    24 Ða ferde he þanon on þa endas tïri & sidönis. & he in-agän on þt hüs. he nolde þt hit ænig wiste. & he ne mihte hit be-miðan;

    25 Sona þa än wif be him ge-hyrde. þære dohtor hæfde unclæne gast. heo ineode. & to his fotum hi astrehte;

    26 Soðlice þt wïf wæs hæðen. sirofenisces cynnes. & bæd hine þt he ðone deofol of hyre dehter adrife;

    27 Þa sæde he hire; Læt ærust þa bearn beon gefylled. nis na göd þt man nime þara bearna hlaf. & hundum worpe;

    28 Ða &swarode heo & cþ; Drihten þt is soð; Witodlice þa hwelpas etað under þære mÿsan. of ðara cilda cruman;

    29 Þa sæde he hyre for þære spræce; Ga nü. se deofol of ðinre dehter gewït;

    30 And þa heo on hyre hus eode heo gemette þt mæden on hyre bedde licgende. & þone deofol ut-gän;

    31 [Note:

    Ðis godspel sceal on þære þrytteoðan wucan ofer pentecosten. A. B.

    Exiens ihesus de finibus tyri uenit per sidonem ad mare galileæ. A.
    ] And eft he eode of tïra gemærum & com þurh sidönem to þære galileiscan sæ betwux midde endas decapöleos.

    [Page 58]

    32 & hi læddon him ænne deafne & dumbne. & hine bædon þt he his hand him on sette;

    33 Ða nam he hine onsundran of þære menigu. & his fingras on his earan dyde & spætende his tungan onhrän;

    34 & on þone heofon behealdende geömrode & cwæð; Effeta. þt is on ure geþeode sy þü ontyned;

    35 And sona wurdon his earan geopenode. & his tungan bend wearð unslyped & he rihte spræc;

    36 And he bead him þt hi hit nanum men ne sædon; Soþlice swa he him swiþor bebead. swa hi swiðor bodedon.

    37 & þæs þe ma wundredon & cwædon; Ealle þing he wel dyde. & he dyde þt deafe gehyrdon. & dumbe spræcon;


    1 [Note: Ðis god-spel ge-byrað on þære ehtoðan wucan ofer pentecosten. A. B. ] Eft on þam dagum him wæs mid micel menigu & næfdon hwæt hi æton; Þa cwæþ he to-somne geclypedum his leorning-cnihtum;

    2 Ic ge-miltsige þysse menegu. forþam hi þry dagas me ge-anbidiað & nabbað hwæt hi eton;

    3 Gif ic hï fæstende to hyra husum læte. be wege hi ge-teorigeað; Sume hi comon feorran.

    4 & þa &swarodan him his leorning-cnihtas; Hwanon mæg ænig man þas mid hlafum on þisum westene gefyllan;

    [Page 60]

    5 Þa axode he hi hu fela hlafa hæbbe ge. hi cwædon seofan;

    6 Ða het he sittan þa menegu ofer þa eorþan; And nam þa seofon hlafas & gode þancode. & hi bræc & sealde his leorning-cnihtum þt hi toforan him asetton. & hi swa dydon;

    7 And hi næfdon buton feawa fixa & he þa bletsode. & het beforan him settan.

    8 & hi æton & wurdon gefyllede & hi nämon þt of þam brytsenum beläf. seofon wilian fulle;

    9 Soðlice þa ðe þar æton. wæron fif þusend & he hi þa for-lët;

    10 [A]nd sona he on scyp mid his leorning-cnihtum astah. & com on þa dælas dalmanuða;

    11 And þa ferdon ða pharisei. & ongunnon mid him smeagean & tacen of heofone sohton & his fandedon;

    12 Þa [quoth]. he geomriende on his gaste. hwi secð þeos cneoris tacen; Soþlice ic eow secge ne bið þisse cneorisse tacen geseald.

    13 & hi þa forlætende eft on scyp astah. & ferde ofer þone muðan.

    14 & hi ofergeton þt hi hlafas ne namon. & hi næfdon on scype mid him buton ænne hläf.

    15 & he him bead & cwæð; Lociað & warniað fram pharisea & herodes hæfe;

    [Page 62]

    16 Þa þohton hi betwux him & cwædon; Næbbe we näne hlafas.

    17 þa se hælend þt wiste. he cwæð. Hwæt þence ge forþam ge hlafas nabbað. gÿt ge ne oncnawað ne ne ongytað. gyt ge habbað eowre heortan geblende;

    18 Eagan ge habbað & ne ge-seoð. & earan. & ne gehyrað. ne gë ne þencaþ

    19 hwænne ic bræc fïf hlafas & twegen fixas & hu fela wyligena ge namon fulle; Hi cwædon þa twelfe;

    20 And hwænne seofon hlafas feower þusendum. & hu fela wyligena. brytsyna ge namon. hi sædon seofon;

    21 Ða sæde he him hwi ne ongyte ge gÿt;

    22 And hi comon þa to bedzaida & hi brohton him þa ænne blindne & hine bædon þt he hine æthrine.

    23 & þa æthran he þæs blindan hand & lædde hine butan þa wïc. & spætte on his eagan. & his hand onasette & hine axode hwæþer he aht gesawe;

    24 Ða cwæð he þa ða he hine beseah. ic ge-seo men swylce treow gangende;

    25 Eft he asette his handa ofer his eagan & he geseah þa. & wearð ge-edniwod. swa þt he beorhtlice eall geseah;

    26 Ða sende he hine to his huse. & cwæð gä to þinum huse. & ðeah þu on tün gä nænegum þu hit ne sege;

    [Page 64]

    27 [Note: Ðys god-spel sceal on sce petres mæsse-dæge. A. B. ] Ða eode he & his leorning-cnihtas on þt castel cesareæ philippi. & he on wege his leorning-cnihtas ahsode. Hwæt secgað men þt ic sy;

    28 Þa andswarodon hi. sume Iohannem þone fulluhtere. sume heliam sume sumne of þam witegum;

    29 Ða cwæð he hwæt secge ge þt ic sy; Þa andswarude petrus him & cwæð; Ðu eart crist.

    30 & ða bead he him. þt hi nænegum be him ne sædon;

    31 Ða ongan he hi læran þt mannes sunu gebyreð fela þinga þolian & beon aworpen fram ealdormannum. & heahsacerdum & böcerum & beon ofslegen. & æfter þrim dagum arïsan.

    32 & spræc þa openlice. & þa nam petrus hine & ongan hine þreagean

    33 þa be-wende he hine & cidde petre & cwæð; Gä on-bæc satanas forþam þu nast þa ðing þe synd godes. ac þa ðing þe synd manna;

    34 Þa cwæð he togædere geclypedre menegu mid his leorning-cnihtum; Gif hwa wyle me fyligean wið-sace hine sylfne & nime his cwylminge & folgige më;

    35 Se ðe wyle his sawle hale gedon se hi for-spilð; Se ðe for-spilð his sawle for me. & for þam godspelle se hi ge-hælð;

    36 Hwæt fremað men ðeah he eallne middan-eard gestryne. & do his sawle forwyrd.

    [Page 66]

    37 oþþe hwylc gewryxl sylð se man for his sawle;

    38 Soðlice se þe me for-syhð & mine word on þisre unriht-hæmedan & synfulran cneorisse. ðone mannes sunu for-syhþ; Ðonne he cymð on his fæder wuldre mid halgum englum;


    1 Þa sæde he him soðlice ic secge eow. þt sume synt her wuniende. þe deað ne onbyrigeað. ær hi ge-seon godes rice on mægne cuman;

    2 [Note: Ðis sceal on sætern-dæg on þære forman fæsten wucan. A. B. ] Ða æfter syx dagum nam se hælend petrum & iacobum & iohannem & lædde hi sylfe onsundran on sumne heahne munt & wearð beforan him ofer-hiwud.

    3 & his reaf wurdon glitiniende swa hwite swa snaw. swa nan fullere ofer eorðan ne mæg swa hwite gedön;

    4 Þa æt-ywde him helias mid moyse & to him spræcon;

    5 Ða andswarode petrus him & cwæð. lareow göd is þt we her beon & uton wyrcan her þreo eardung-stowa. þë ane. & moyse ane. & helie ane;

    6 Soðlice he nyste hwæt he cwæð. he wæs afæred mid ege;

    7 And seo lyft hi ofer-sceadewude. & stefn com of þære lyfte & cwæð. þes is min leofesta sunu gehyrað hine;

    [Page 68]

    8 And sona ða hi besawon hï nanne hi mid him ne gesawon buton þone hælend sylfne mid him;

    9 And þa hi of þam munte astigon he bead him þt hi nanum ne sædon þa ðing þe hi ge-sawon buton þonne mannes sunu of deaðe arïse;

    10 Hi þa ðæt word geheoldon betwux him & smeadon hwæt þt wære þonne he of deaðe arise;

    11 And hi hine ahsodon þa. hwæt secgað pharisei & þa boceras. þt gebyrað ærest helias cume;

    12 Ða sæde he him andswariende; Helias ealle þing ge-edniwað þonne he cymð. swa be mannes suna awriten is þt hë fela ðolige & si ofer-hogod;

    13 Ac ic secge eow þt helias com & hi dydon him swa hwæt swa hi woldon swa be him awriten is;

    14 And þa he com to his leorning-cnihtum he ge-seah mycele menegu abutan hi & boceras mid him sprecende.

    15 & sona eall folc þæne hælend geseonde wearð afæryd & forht. & hine gretende him to urnon;

    16 Þa ahsode he hi. hwæt smeage ge betwux eow;

    17 [Note:

    Ðis sceal to þam ymbrene innan hære-feste on wodnes dæg.

    Respondens unus de turba dixit. magister attuli filium meum ad te. A.
    ] Him &swarode än of þære menigu; Läreow. ic brohte minne sunu dumbne gast hæbbende

    [Page 70]

    18 se swa hwær swa he hine gelæcð forgnit hine. & toðum gristbitað & for-scrincþ. & ic sæde þinum leorning-cnihtum þt hi hine ut adrifon & hi ne mihton;

    19 Ða &swarode he him. eala ungeleaffulle cneorys swa lange swa ic mid eow beo. swa lange ic eow þolige; Bringað hine to me.

    20 þa brohton hi hine. & þa he hine geseah sona se gäst hine gedrefde & on eorðan for-gnyden fæmende he tearflode;

    21 And þa ahsode he his fæder. hu lang tid is syððan him þis gebyrede; Þa cwæð he of cildhade.

    22 he hine gelömlice on fyr & on wæter sende þt he hine for-spilde; Ac gif þu hwæt miht gefylst us ure gemiltsud;

    23 Ða cwæð se hælend. gif þu gelyfan miht ealle þing synd gelyfedum mihtlice;

    24 Ða sona hrymde þæs cildes fæder. & wepende cwæð; Drihten ic gelyfe. gefylst minre ungeleaffulnysse;

    25 And þa se hælend geseah þa to-yrnendan menegu. he bebead þam unclænan gaste þus cweðende; Eala deafa & dumba gast. ic beode þe gä of him & ne ga þu leng on hine;

    26 He ða hrymende & hine swyþe slitende eode of him. & he wæs swylce he dead wære; Swa þt manega cwædon soðlice he is dead;

    [Page 72]

    27 Þa nam se hælend his hand & hine up ahöf & he aras þa;

    28 And þa he into þam huse eode his leorning-cnihtas hine digollice ahsodon. hwï ne mihton we hine ut adrifan;

    29 Ða sæde he þis cynn ne mæg of nanum men üt gän buton þurh gebedu & on fæstene;

    30 Þa hi þanon ferdon hi forbugon galileam. he nolde þt hit ænig man wiste;

    31 Soðlice he lærde his leorning-cnihtas & sæde; Soþlice mannes sunu bið geseald on synfulra handa þt hi hine ofslean. & ofslagen þam ðriddan dæge he arist;

    32 Ða nyston hi þt word. & hi adredon hine ahsiende;

    33 Þa comon hi to capharnaum & þa hi æt ham wæron he ahsode hï hwæt smeade gë be wege.

    34 & hi suwodon; Witodlice hi on wege smeadon hwylc hyra yldost wære;

    35 Þa he sæt he clypode hi twelfe & sæde him. gif eower hwylc wyle beon fyrmest. beo se eaðmodust & eower ealra þen;

    36 Þa nam he anne cnapan & ge-sette on hyra middele. þa he hine beclypte he sæde him;

    37 Swa hwylc swa anne of þus geradum cnapum on minum naman onfehð. se onfehþ me; And se þe me onfehð he ne onfehþ me. ac þone þe me sende;

    [Page 74]

    38 [Note: Ðis sceal on wodnes dæg on þære nygoðan wucan ofer pentecosten. Dixit iohannes ad iesum. Magister uidimus quendam in nomine tuo eicientem demonia. A. ] Ða &swarode iohannes & cwæð; Lareow sumne we ge-sawon on þinum naman deofol-seocnessa ut adrifende. se ne fyligð us. & we him forbudon;

    39 Þa cwæð he ne for-beode ge him nis nän þe on minum naman mægen wyrce & mæge raðe be me yfele specan;

    40 Se þe nis agen eow se is for eow;

    41 Soðlice se ðe sylð drinc eow calic fulne wæteres on minum naman forþam ge cristes synt. ic eow soþ secge. ne forlyst he his mede;

    42 And swa hwa swa ge-drefð ænne of þyssum lytlingum on me gelyfendum. betere him wære þt än cweorn-stan wære to his swuran gecnyt & wære on sæ beworpen;

    43 And gif þin hand þe swicað ceorf hi of; Betere þe is þt þü wanhal to life ga. þonne þu twa handa hæbbe & fare on helle. & on unacwencedlic fÿr

    44 þar hyra wyrm ne swylt & fyr ne bið acwenced;

    45 And gif ðin fot swicað þe ceorf hine of. betere þe is þt þu healt gä. on ëcë lif þonne þu hæbbe twegen fet & si aworpen on helle un-acwencedlices fyres.

    46 þar hyra wyrm ne swylt ne fyr ne bið adwæsced;

    47 Gif þin eage þe swicað weorp hit üt. betere þe is mid anum eagan gän on godes rïce þonne twa eagan hæbbende sy aworpen on helle fyr.

    [Page 76]

    48 þar hyra wyrm ne swylt. ne fyr ne bið acwenced;

    49 Soðlice ælc man bið mid fyre ge-sylt & ælc offrung bið mid sealte gesylt;

    50 Göd is sealt gif þt sealt unsealt biþ on þam þe ge hit syltað; Habbað sealt on eow. & habbað sibbe betwux eow;


    1 And þanon he com on iudeisce endas of iordane; Þa comon eft menigu to him & swa swa he ge-wunode he hi lærde eft sona;

    2 Ða ge-nealæhton him pharisei & hine axodon. hwæþer alyfð ænegum men his wif forlætan. his þus fandigende;

    3 Þa &swarode he him. hwæt bead moyses eow.

    4 hi sædon; Moyses lyfde þt man write hiw-gedales boc. & hi for-lëte;

    5 Ða cwæð se hælend. for eower heortan heardnesse he eow wrat þis bebod;

    6 Fram fruman gesceafte god hi ge-worhte wæpned-man & wimman

    7 & cwæð. for þam se mann forlæt his fæder & modor & hine his wife geþeot.

    8 & beoð twegen on anum flæsce. witodlice ne synt na twegen ac än flæsc;

    9 Þæt god ge-samnode ne syndrige þt nän man;

    10 And eft innan huse his leorning-cnihtas hine be þam ylcan ahsodon;

    [Page 78]

    11 Ða cwæð he swa hwylc mann swa his wif forlæt & oþer nimð unriht-hæmed he wyrcð. þurh hi;

    12 And gif þt wif hire were forlæt & oþerne nimð. heo unriht-hæmð;

    13 [Note: Ðys sceal on frige dæg on þære syxtan wucan ofer pentecosten. Offerebant iesum paruulos ut tangeret eos. A. ] And hi brohton him hyra lytlingas þt he hi æthrine. þa ciddon his leorning-cnihtas þam ðe hi brohton;

    14 Þa se hælend hi ge-seah unwurðlice he hit for-bead & sæde him; Lætaþ þa lytlingas to me cuman & ne for-beode ge him; Soðlice swylcera is heofona rïce;

    15 Soþlice ic secge eow swa hwylc swa godes rice ne onfehð swa lytling ne mæg he [on] þt;

    16 Ða beclypte he hï. & his handa ofer hi settende bletsode hi;

    17 [Note: Ðis sceal on wodnes dæg on þære seofeðan wucan ofer pentecosten. Cum egressus esset iesus in uia percurrens quidam genu flexo ante eum rogabat eum. A. ] And þa he on wege eode sum him to arn & gebigedum cneowe toforan him cwæð. & bæd hine; La göda lareow hwæt do ic. þt ic ëce lif age;

    18 Þa cwæð se hælend. hwi segst þu me godne. nis nan mann god buton god ana;

    19 Canst þu ða bebodu. ne unriht-hæm þu. ne slyh þu. ne stel þu. ne sege þu lease gewitnesse. facen ne do ðu. wurða þinne fæder & þine modor;

    20 Ða &swarode hë goda lareow. eall ðis ic geheold of minre geoguðe;

    21 Se hælend hine þa behealdende lufode & sæde him; An þing þe is wana gesyle eall þt ðu age & syle hit þearfum. þonne hæfst þu gold-hord on heofonum & cum & folga me;

    [Page 80]

    22 And for þam worde he wæs ge-unret & ferde gnornigende for þam he hæfde mycele æhta;

    23 Þa cwæð se hælend to his leorning-cnihton hine beseonde. swyþe earfoðlice on godes rice gað þa þe feoh habbað;

    24 Ða forhtodon his leorning-cnihtas be his wordum; Eft se hælend him &swariende cwæð. eala cild swyðe earfoðlice þa ðe on heora feo getruwigeað gað on godes rice;

    25 Eaþere ys olfende to farenne þurh nædle þyrel þonne se rica & se welega on godes rice gä;

    26 Hi þæs ðe ma betwux him wundredon & cwædon & hwa mæg beon hal

    27 þa beheold se hælend hi & cwæð; Mid mannum hit is uneaþelic ac na mid gode; Ealle þing mid gode synt eaðelice;

    28 Þa ongan petrus cweþan; Witodlice we ealle þing for-leton & folgodon þe;

    29 Ða &swarode him se hælend. nis nan þe his hus for-læt. oððe gebroþru. oþþe geswustra. oððe fæder. oþþe modor. oððe bearn. oþþe æceras for me & for þam god-spelle

    30 þe hund-feald ne onfö. nu on þisse tide. hus & broðru & swustru. fæder & modor. & bearn. & æceras. mid ehtnessum & on toweardre worulde ëce lif;

    31 Manega fyrmeste beoð ytemeste & ytemeste fyrmyste;

    [Page 82]

    32 Soþlice hi ferdon on wege to hierusalem & se hælend him beforan eode & hi adredon him hine & him fyligdon. & eft he nam hi twelfe & ongan him secgan þa ðing þe him towearde wæron

    33 þt we nu astigað to hierusalem & mannes sunu bið ge-seald sacerda ealdrum & bocerum & ealdrum. & hi hine deaðe genyþeriað. & hi hine þeodum syllað.

    34 & hi hine bysmriað & hi him on spætað & hine swingað & of-sleað hine. & he arist on þam þriddan dæge;

    35 Him þa ge-nealæhton to. iacobus. & Iohannes Zebedeis suna & cwædon; Lareow. we wyllað þt þu us do swa hwæt swa we biddað;

    36 Þa cwæð he hwæt wylle gyt þt ic inc dö.

    37 þa cwædon hi; Syle unc þt wyt sitton on þinon wuldre. än on þine swyðran healfe & oþer on þine wynstran;

    38 Ða cwæð se hælend. gyt nyton hwæt gyt biddað; Mage gyt drincan þone calic. þe ic drince & beon gefullod on þam fulluhte þe ic beo gefullod;

    39 Þa cwædon hi wyt magon; Ða cwæð se hælend gyt drincað þone calic þe ic drince. gyt beoð gefullode þam fulluhte ðe ic beo gefullod;

    [Page 84]

    40 Soðlice nis hit na min inc to syllene þt gyt sitton on mine swyðran healfe oððe on þa wynstran. ac þam þe hit ge-gearwod ys;

    41 Þa ge-bulgon þa tÿne hi be Iacobe & Iohanne;

    42 Ða clypode se hælend hi & [quoth]; Wite ge þt þa ðe on þeodum ealdor-scype habbað þt hyra ealdras anweald ofer hi habbað;

    43 Soðlice on eow hit nis swa. ac swa hwylc swa wyle mid eow yldest beon se byð eower þen.

    44 & se ðe wyle on eow fyrmest beon. se byþ ealra þeow;

    45 Soðlice ne com mannes sunu. þt him man þenode. ac þt he þenode. & his sawle sealde for manegra alysednysse;

    46 [Note: Ðys ge-byrað on sunnan dæg ær halgan dæge. A. ] Þa comon hi to gericho & he ferde fram gericho & his leorning-cnihtas & mycel menegu. timeus sunu bartimeus sæt blind wið þone weg wædla.

    47 þa he ge-hyrde þt. hit wæs se nazareniscea hælend. he on-gan þa clypian & cweðan; Hælend. dauides sunu gemiltsa me;

    48 Þa budon him manega þt he suwode. he clypode þa þæs ðe ma miltsa me dauides sunu;

    49 Ða æt-stod se hælend & het hine clypian; Þa sædon hi þam blindan. beo geheortra & arïs. se hælend þe clypað;

    [Page 86]

    50 He þa awearp his reaf & forð ræsde. & to him com;

    51 Ða cwæð se hælend. hwæt wylt þu þt ic þe dö; þa cwæð he. lareow þt ic geseo.

    52 þa cwæð se hælend to him. gä þin geleafa þe halne gedyde. & he sona geseah & him fyligde on wege;


    1 [Note: Ðys ge-byrað feower wucon ær myddan wintran. A. ] Ða he ge-nealæhte hierusalem & bethanïa to oliuetes dune. he sende his twegen leorning-cnihtas.

    2 & cwæð to him. faraþ to þam castele þe [ongean] ïnc ys and gyt þar sona gemetað assan folan getigedne. ofer þæne nän man gyt ne sæt. untigeað hine & to me gelædað;

    3 And gyf hwa to ïnc hwæt cwyð. secgað þt drihten hæfð his neode. & he hine sona hider læt.

    4 & þa hi ut-ferdon hi gemetton þone folan ute on twycenan beforan dura. getigedne. þa untigdon hi hine

    5 & sume þe þar stodon þus sædon him; Hwæt do gyt þone folan untigende.

    6 þa cwædon hi; Swa se hælend unc bead & hi leton hi þa;

    7 Ða læddon hi þone folan to þam hælende & hi hyra reaf on ä-ledon & he on sæt;

    [Page 88]

    8 Manega hyra reaf on þone weg strehton. sume þa boceras of þam treowum heowon & streowodon on þone weg.

    9 & þa ðe beforan eodon & þa ðe æfter folgodon cwædon þus osannä sy gebletsod se þe com on drihtnes naman;

    10 Si gebletsod þt rïce þe com ures fæder dauides osannä on heahnessum;

    11 [Note: Ðis sceal on þone feorðan frige-dæg ofer pentecosten. Cum introisset iesus hierosolimam in templum. A. ] And he eode þa on hierosolima templ & ealle þing he be-sceawode; Þa æfen tima wæs he ferde to bethanïam mid his twelf leorning-cnihtum;

    12 And oþrum dæge þa hi ferdon fram bethanïa hine hingrode;

    13 Ða he feorran geseah an fic-treow þe leaf hæfde he cöm & sohte hwæþer he þar on aht funde þa he him to cöm ne funde he þar buton leaf äne; Soðlice hit wæs þæs fic-treowes tima;

    14 Þa [quoth] he. heonon forð on ecnesse ne ete ænig mann wæstm of þe. & his leorning-cnihtas þæt gehyrdon;

    15 Þa comon hi eft to hierusalem & þa he on þt templ eode he ongann drifan of þam temple syllende & bicgende. & mynetera þrocu. & heah-setlu þe þa culfran cypton he to bræc.

    16 & hë ne geþafode þt ænig man ænig fæt ðurh þt templ bære

    17 & he þa lærende ðus [quoth] to him; Nis hit awriten þt min hus fram eallum þeodum bið ge-nemned gebed-hus. soðlice ge dydon þt to sceaðena scræfe;

    [Page 90]

    18 Ða þæra sacerda ealdras & þa boceras ðis ge-hyrdon. hi þohton hu hi hine for-spildon. þeh hi him adredon hine. forðam eall seo menigu wundrode be his läre;

    19 And þa hit æfen wæs he eode of þære ceastre;

    20 On merigen þa hi ferdon. hi gesawon þt fic-treow for-scruncen of þam wyrt-ruman;

    21 Þa cwæð petrus. lareow. loca hu for-scranc þt fic-treow þe ðu wyrigdest;

    22 Ða cwæð se hælend him and-swarigende. habbað godes truwan.

    23 ic secge eow to soðe. swa hwylc swa cwyþ to ðisum munte. si þu afyrred & on sæ aworpen. & on his heortan ne twynað ac gelyfð swa hwæt swa he cwyð gewurðe þis. þt gewyrð;

    24 Forþam ic eow secge swa hwæt swa ge gyrnende biddað gelyfað þt ge hit onfoð. & hit eow be-cymð;

    25 And þonne ge standað eow to gebiddenne. forgifaþ gif gë hwæt agën ænigne habbað. þt eow eower synna forgyfe eower heofonlica fæder se ðe on heofonum ys;

    26 Gif ge ne forgyfað ne eow. eower synna ne forgyfð eower heofonlica fæder;

    27 Ða com he eft to hierusalem. & þa he on þam temple eode him to genealæhton þa heah-sacerdos & boceras & ealdras

    [Page 92]

    28 & þus cwædon; On hwylcum anwealde dest þu ðas þing. & hwa sealde þe ðisne anweald þt þu ðis dö;

    29 Þa cwæð se hælend & ic ahsige eow änre spræce &swariað me. & ic secge eow þonne on hwylcum anwealde ic þis dö;

    30 Hweðer wæs iohannes fulluht þe of heofone. þe of mannum &swariað me;

    31 Ða þohton hi & cwædon betweox him. gif we secgað of heofone. he segð üs hwi ne ge-lyfde ge him.

    32 gif we secgað of mannum. we on-drædaþ þis folc. ealle hi hæfdon iohannem þt he wære soðlice witega;

    33 Þa &swaredon hi þam hælende & cwædon we nyton; Ða cwæð se hælend. ne ic eow ne secge on hwylcum anwealde ic þas þing dö;


    1 Ða ongan he him big-spell reccan. sum mann him plantode wingeard & be-tynde hine. & dealf anne seað & getimbrode ænne stypel & gesette hine mid eorð-tilium. & ferde on elþeodignysse;

    2 Þa sende he to þam tiligum his þeow on tide þt he þæs wïngeardes wæstm onfenge;

    3 Ða swungon hi þæne. & forleton hine idel-hende;

    4 And eft he him sende oðerne þeow. & hi þone on heafde gewundodon & mid teonum geswencton;

    [Page 94]

    5 And eft he him sumne sende & hi þæne of-slogon. & manega oþre. sume hi beoton. sume hi of-slogon;

    6 Þa hæfde he þa gyt ænne leofostne sunu. þa sende he æt nehstan him þæne & cwæð; Witodlice minne sunu hig for-wandiað;

    7 Ða cwædon þa tilian him be-tweonan; Her is se yrfe-numa. uton ofslean hine. þonne bið ure seo yrfeweardnes;

    8 Hi þa ofslogon hine. & wurpon wið-utan þone wïn-geard;

    9 Hwæt deð þæs wïngeardes hlaford. he cymð & fordeð þa tiligean. & sylð oþron þone wïngeard;

    10 Ne rædde ge þis gewrit. Se stän þe þa wyrhtan awurpon þes ys geworden on þære hyrnan heafod.

    11 þis ys fram drihtne geworden & hit is wundorlic on uron eagum;

    12 Þa smeadon hi þt hi gefengon hine & hi ondredon þa menigu. hi on-cneowon þa þt he þis bigspell to him sæde hi ferdon þa & hine forleton;

    13 [Note: Ðys sceal on þære xxiiii. wucan ofer pentecosten. A. ] Þa sendon hi to him sume of phariseum & herodianum þt hi befengon hine on his worde;

    14 Ða comon hi & þus mid facne cwædon; Lareow. we witon þt þu eart soðfæst & þu ne recst be ænegum menn. ne besceawast þu manna ansyne. ac þu godes weg lærst on soð-fæstnysse; Alyfð gaful to syllanne þam casere

    [Page 96]

    15 hwæðer þe we ne syllað; Þa cwæð he & heora lot-wrenc-ceaste wiste. hwi fandige mïn bringað më þone pening þt ic hine geseo.

    16 þa brohton hi him þa sæde he him; Hwæs is þeos anlicnys & þis ge-writ. hi cwædon. ðæs caseres;

    17 Ða cwæð se hælend to him. agyfað þam casere þa ðing þe þæs caseres synd. & gode þa ðe godes synd. þa wundrodon hi be þam;

    18 Þa comon him to sad[u]cei þa secgað þt ærist ne sÿ & hine ahsodon & þus cwædon;

    19 Lareow. moyses us wrat. gif hwæs broðor dead bið & læfð his wïf & næfð nan bearn. þt his broðor nime his wïf & his broðor sæd wecce;

    20 Eornostlice seofon gebroþru wæron. & se æresta nam wïf & wearð dead nä læfedum sæde;

    21 And þa nam se oðer hi. & wearð dead. ne së sæd ne læfde; Gelice se þridda

    22 & ealle seofon hi hæfdon & sæd ne læfdon; Ealra æftemest þa forð-ferde þt wif;

    23 On þam æriste. hwylces þara seofona bið þt wïf. hi ealle hi hæfdon;

    24 Þa &swarode him se hælend hu ne dweligað ge. forþam þe ge nyton þa halgan gewritu ne godes mægen;

    [Page 98]

    25 Soðlice þonne hi of deaðe arisaþ. ne wifiaþ hi. ne ne gyftigeað. ac hi synt swylce godes englas on heofonum;

    26 Be þam deadum þt hi arïson. ne rædde ge on moyses bec hu god to him cwæþ. ofer þone gorst-beam; Ic eom abrahames god. & isääces god. & iacobes god.

    27 nis god deadra ac he hys lybbendra; Soðlice swyþe ge dweligeað:

    28 [Note: Ðys godspel sceal on frigedæg on þære twelftan wucan ofer pentecosten. Interrogauit iesum unus de scribis quid esset primum omnium mandatum. A. ] Ða genealæhte him än of þam bocerum þe he gehyrde hi smeagende & geseah þt he him wel andswarode. & ahsode hine hwæt wære ealra beboda mæst;

    29 Þa &swarode he him. þt is þt mæste bebod. ealra israhel gehyr urne drihten god. he is [an god]

    30 and lufa þinne drihten god. of ealre þinre heortan. & of ealre þinre sawle. eallum þinum möde. & of eallum þinum mægene. þt is þt fyrmeste bebod;

    31 Soðlice is oðer þissum gelic; lufa þinne nehstan swa þe sylfne. nys oðer märe bebod;

    32 Ða cwæþ se bocere. lareow. well þü on soþe cwæde. þt an god is. & nis oðer butan him

    33 & ðæt he si gelufod of ealre heortan. & of eallum andgyte. & of ealre sawle. & of ealre strengðe. & lufigean his nehstan swa hine sylfne. þæt is mare eallum on-sægdnyssum & offrungum;

    [Page 100]

    34 Ða se hælend geseah þt he him wislice andwyrde he sæde him ne art þu feorr fram godes rïce. & hine ne dorste nan mann ahsian;

    35 Ða cwæþ se hælend on þam temple lærende; Hu secgað þa boceras þt crist sy dauides sunu;

    36 Dauid sylf cwæþ to þam halgan gaste. drihten cwæþ to minum drihtne. sïte on mine swyðran healfe. oð ic þïne fÿnd asette to fot-sceamole þinra föta;

    37 Dauid sylf nemde hine drihten. & hwanon is he his sunu; And mycel menegu hine luflice gehyrde.

    38 þa sæde he him on his lare; Warniað fram bocerum. þa wyllað on ge-gyrlum gän & beon on straætum grete.

    39 & on fyrmostum lareow-setlum. sittan on ge-samnungum & þa fyrmestan setl on ge-beor-scipum

    40 þa ðe wudewena hus for-swelgað mid heora langsuman gebede. þa onfoð lengestne döm;

    41 Ða sæt se hælend ongën þone toll-sceamol & geseah hu þt folc hyra feoh. torfude on þone toll-sceamul. & manega welige torfudon fela;

    42 Þa com än earm wuduwe. and wearp twegen feorð-lingas;

    43 Ða clypode he his leorning cnihtas & sæde him; Soðlice ic eow secge. þt þeos earme wuduwe eallinga mæst sealde þara þe on toll-sceamul sealdon;

    [Page 102]

    44 Ealle sendon of þam þe hi genoh hæfdon; Soðlice þeos of hyre yrmþe eall þt heo hæfde sealde ealle hyre and-lyfene;


    1 Ða he of þam temple eode þa cwæð än of his leorning-cnihtum to him. lareow loca hwylce stanas her synt & hwylce getimbrunga þisses temples;

    2 Þa cwæð se hælend. ne ge-seoge ealle þas mycelan getimbrunga. ne bið her læfed stan ofer stan þe ne beo toworpen;

    3 Þa hi sæton on oliuetes düne ongen þt tempel synderlice hine petrus & iacobus. & iohannes. & andreas. ahsodon;

    4 Sege us hwænne þas þing ge-wurdon & hwylc tacen bið þænne ealle þas ðing onginnað beon ge-endud;

    5 Þa ongan se hælend him &swarigende to cweðan; Warniað þt eow nan mann ne be-swice;

    6 Soþlice manega cumað on minum naman. & cweþað. ic eom crist & beswicað manega

    7 & þonne ge gehyrað gefeohtu. & gefeohta hlisan. ne ondræde ge eow. hit gebyrað þt hit gebelimpe. ac þonne gyt nis ende;

    [Page 104]

    8 Soðlice þeod arist ägën þeode. & rice ongën rice & beoð eorþan styrunga geond stowa & hungor. þis synd sara angin;

    9 Warniað eow sylfe. hi syllað eow on geþeahte & swingað on gesamnungum. & ge standað beforan demum & cyningum. for minum naman him on ge-witnesse

    10 & on ealle þeoda; Ærest ge-byrað beon þt godspel gebodud.

    11 & þonne hi syllende eow læþað ne fore-smeage ge hwæt ge specan. ac specað þt eow on þære tide ge-seald bið; Ne synd ge na specende ac se halga gast;

    12 Soðlice se broðor þone broþor to deaðe sylð. & se fæder his sunu. & þa bearn arisað agën hyra magas. & mid deaðe hi ge-wæceað.

    13 & ge beoð eallum on hatunge for minum naman; Soðlice se bið hal se þe oð ende þurh-wunað;

    14 Ðonne ge ge-seoð þære toworpednysse asceonunge standan þar heo ne sceal. þonne ongyte se þe ræt. fleon þonne on muntas þa ðe synt on iudea

    15 & se ðe is ofer þëcene ne stige he on his hüs ne he in ne ga þt he aht on his huse nime.

    16 & se ðe bið on æcere ne cyrre he ongean þt he his reaf nime;

    17 Wä cenne

  20. Suzanne McCarthy
    Posted March 1, 2007 at 9:35 pm | Permalink

    Thank you. That should keep me busy for a while! Unfortunately there is only one complete page of text uploaded at that British library site, and not much more in Backhouse’s book. The focus is all on the ornamental pages.

    However, this will make an interesting study. I have already noticed that although this is a ‘literal’ translation, it is not concordant, at least two Latin words are sometimes translated as the same Anglo-Saxon word, so I imagine the vocabulary did not correspond exactly. Quelle surprise!

    I was in Northumbria as a teenager and went to Lindisfarne but of course did not see the manuscript as it is in London.

  21. Suzanne McCarthy
    Posted March 1, 2007 at 10:58 pm | Permalink

    Okay, this is what is puzzling me. In the copy you posted, in Luke 2:8 the word for ‘country’ η χωρα is rïce In the manuscript I can see it is lond. The image of this page is here and on lond are the first words as far as I can see. It is above inregione in Latin.

    Wulfila’s text also has ‘landa’ here.

    Overall, the text you posted has been a huge help to me since there are so many abbreviations and variations in the vowel forms in the manuscript. Of course, the word order is different also, it would have to be.

    But I am still puzzled that every so often there is a completely different word visible in the manuscript. More later.

  22. anonymous
    Posted March 2, 2007 at 12:47 am | Permalink

    Although all I have is the documents I uploaded here, there is a substantially fuller document available at Google Books. For example, search at for “skeat luke”.

    The textual situation appears is more complicated than I originally understood. Skeat’s work is not, after all, direct transcriptions of the Lindisfarne.

    Luke, John, and Mark are easily available at Google Books; I have not yet located a version of Matthew.

  23. Suzanne McCarthy
    Posted March 2, 2007 at 2:10 am | Permalink

    Ah. The plot thickens. I’ll take a look.

  24. Suzanne McCarthy
    Posted March 2, 2007 at 3:03 am | Permalink

    I was able to view about 20 pages of Skeat on Luke at Amazon. However, that included only the preface and contents and the first half of the first chapter, not a match with the Luke 2:8-17 which is what I have as an image.

    But the first few words in Luke, which are in the image of the initial page of Luke are also not an exact match.

    Do you mean that the inside of the book can be viewed at or just the info? I seem to go around in circles there.

    I can’t find the book at the local university library either but I suppose more research or asking a prof in this field might clear this up. Hmm.

  25. anonymous
    Posted March 2, 2007 at 6:30 am | Permalink

    The entire book can be viewed and downloaded from Google books for free.

  26. Suzanne McCarthy
    Posted March 2, 2007 at 7:23 am | Permalink

    I couldn’t figure that out. Maybe tomorrow I’ll try again.

  27. anonymous
    Posted March 2, 2007 at 10:22 am | Permalink

    I would give you a URL, but Google Books always changes it for each user. If you go to (not and search for skeat and luke, it will come up first. On the right hand side, just below “summary” is a button that says Download in bold face followed by “PDF – 24.7M”. Click the button and you are all set.

  28. Suzanne McCarthy
    Posted March 2, 2007 at 7:26 pm | Permalink

    I’m not having any luck. Google isn’t displaying the download button for me.

  29. Suzanne McCarthy
    Posted March 3, 2007 at 4:54 pm | Permalink

    Got it. Thanks very much.

  30. Estel
    Posted April 2, 2007 at 2:46 am | Permalink

    There seems to be a little confusion over the texts that Anonymous posted. While they are indeed an authentic Old English translation of the Gospels, they aren’t the gloss that shows up in the Lindisfarne Gospels, but rather a later West Saxon version. The Lindisfarne Gospels version does also appear in Skeat’s edition that Anonymous cited, and can be seen in the Google Books versions that Anonymous referenced, aligned with the Latin text that it glosses. (And by the way, Anonymous, thanks for that! I was trying to find out more about Skeat’s edition, and I’d likely never have known I could find it on Google Books without your pointer.)

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