Bye bye stress and hello happy employees thanks to Nutrisystem

Hello! I am Paula and I work as a cashier at BuyBuy’s Philadelphia branch. BuyBuy is one of the most successful supermarket chains here in the East Coast and has been in business for over 32 years and my being located in one of the busiest cities of the country, my workplace is always filled with customers. Currently has around 30 employees and most of us work spend hours either working at the cashier desk, stocking the shelves, or packing groceries. We will get to Nutrisystem coupon codes after sharing our journey with you on how we shed so many pounds easily.

Because of our busy work schedules, we have very short breaks and feel fatigued by the end of the day. I’ve noticed that a lot of my co-workers being very grumpy and grouchy during mid afternoons while working. Tired of seeing the workers look so un-enthusiastic at work, our manager called us all in for a meeting. He asked us what was bothering us and since we’re 30 different individuals, we all had our own stories (even Debra mentioned how she lost 25 pounds) but what I heard a lot was that their lunch made them sleepy after work, they didn’t have long enough breaks from their shifts, they weren’t getting enough fresh air etc and I agree with them too. Our manager said that he’d do something about it and the very next day he announced that our breaks were now going to be 20 minutes long and that we were all getting a special meal plan. He then told us that BuyBuy was going to sponsor our meals from now on and that we’d all have to go to Nutrisystem’s website and pick a meal plan.


After Using Nutrisystem

Packed so thoroughly!

After our shifts were over for the day, me and a few other girls stayed in and picked what meals we wanted. I ended up ordering Nutrisystem’s basic meal plan because it sounded like a pretty decent option whereas some ordered customized meal plans. Next day, a big box of Nutrisystem Meals arrived at work for each one of us and we were beyond excited to see all the meals inside our boxes. Each meal and snack was packed in a separate package and had details about how many calories, total fat, dietary fiber and protein each food item had. What I loved was that all the meals could be frozen and that made it very easy for us all to just grab our lunches and snacks from the staff room fridges whenever we wished to.

A longer break time calls for a quick workout session

Most of us barely spend any time exercising at home and we usually just sit and work in one place for a long time at work too, hence we don’t move around a lot. Most of us spend out break times either scrolling through our phones or gathering Nutrisystem discount codes from old newspapers. Since we are all trying to do our best to stay dedicated to our jobs, stay energetic and work in a good mood, a group of us decided that we’ll make use of our breaks wisely and do some aerobics. Lucie, one of the other cashiers is very conscious about how her body looks and called the customer service at Nutrisystem to ask how she can look even fit and they suggested that while we continue our meal plans, we also do a few minutes of exercise everyday for a better result. Nowadays a group of us load a 15 minute cardio workout video online and get moving! It’s only been a few weeks since we started doing this and I can tell you that I already feel better than before.

Irregular work shifts don’t necessarily mean irregular lunch shifts anymore

Due to my long work shift, I always come to work at 8am and my shift only ends at 1pm. Because I only have one small break in between, I never really got the chance to eat properly and had to work with an empty stomach. I used to completely skip breakfast and dive right into a large fast food meal, only regretting it later when I had to sluggishly work for another lengthy shift.  However that’s not the case anymore. Nowadays, I come in to work 15 minutes early, heat up my Nutrisystem turkey ham & cheese omelet in the microwave and eat it before my 8am shift. I even have time to grab a quick chocolate cupcake from my stash of Nutrisystem snacks. This way I am able to work better and by lunch, I don’t feel too famished. Shunning fast-food from my daily life has definitely helped me a lot in terms of losing weight and feeling healthy in general. If I were you, I’d get rid of all that unhealthy junk food, join Nutrisystem and stock up on some tasty, nutritious meals right now.

As employees at BuyBuy who’ve been eating Nutrisystem meals for a couple of months now, we’ve gathered some pros and cons to give you a deeper insight about Nutrisystem:


  • Don’t need to buy groceries and prepare meals before or after work anymore
  • Offers quick snacks to munch on even during very short breaks during work
  • Lets you customize your meal plan before ordering
  • Very helpful customer and counseling service


  • Need to order meals online and can’t buy it from a supermarket directly
  • Not suitable for pregnant women or people who are allergic to soy, peanuts, or latex

Currently, Nutrisystem meal plan is only offered to employees at Philadelphia’s BuyBuy, but from our experience, we’d definitely encourage all BuyBuy branches as well as other companies and workplaces to go with Nutrisystem meal plans too. We’ve also talked to our manager about how we should start selling Nutrisystem meals at BuyBuy Supermarket and hopefully in the near future buying your meals will be even more convenient!

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